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  1. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    I got through TakeOver: Blackpool, and I didn't love the show. I couldn't really dislike the show, because it was clear every single worker on the show was treating it like a big deal and busted their ass. But I also think some of the matches went on far longer than necessary and they would have been better with some editing. But hey, first big show, I get the need for title matches to go unnecessarily long. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/12/nxt-uk-takeover-blackpool-11219.html And then I did my NXT UK 50 thru the first 25 episodes. I stated in my post that I don't actually know if any of the rankings are against consensus, though I assume Dunne and Mustache Mountain would be a lot higher if others did a ranking. 1. Jordan Devlin 2. Dave Mastiff 3. Wild Boar Mike Hitchman 4. Noam Dar 5. Ligero 6. Wolfgang 7. James Drake 8. Jinny 9. Mark Coffey 10. Zack Gibson 11. Tyson T-Bone 12. Toni Storm 13. Eddie Dennis 14. Rhea Ripley 15. Pete Dunne 16. Isla Dawn 17. Saxon Huxley 18. Tyler Bate 19. Joe Coffey 20. Trent Seven 21. Ashton Smith 22. Kenny Williams 23. Mark Andrews 24. Fabian Aichner 25. Dakota Kai 26. Flash Morgan Webster 27. Joseph Connors 28. Dan Moloney 29. Marcel Barthel 30. Sam Gradwell 31. Tucker 32. Nina Samuels 33. Xia Brookside 34. Finn Balor 35. Primate Jay Melrose 36. Danny Burch 37. Jamie Ahmed 38. Charlie Morgan 39. Amir Jordan 40. Travis Banks 41. Jake Constantinou 42. Josh Morrell 43. Eddie Ryan 44. Damien Weir 45. Deonna Purrazzo 46. Millie McKenzie 47. Candy Floss 48. Jack Starz 49. Sid Scala 50. Killer Kelly
  2. EricR

    WWE TLC - The Last Chance for 2020

    Was helping my sister pack so getting a late start to TLC. But I'm excited for Sasha/Carmella, and the 8 man tag on the Kickoff was fired up fun. Doing a late blog. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/12/wwe-tlc-2020-late-blog.html
  3. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    I added a Gallus tag I really liked, and the first Mastiff/Eddie Dennis match (which was exactly what I wanted it to be). https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/12/nxt-uk-worth-watching-mastiff-gallus.html After I get through TakeOver: Blackpool I'll be doing an NXT UK 50, ranking the 50 wrestlers who appeared on the brand during the first 25 episodes. After that I'll be keeping an overall UK 50, and do a new 50 for every 25 episodes. Really the wrestler ranking is the part of this project I'm most excited about, because I have zero idea how closely my rankings will hew to consensus.
  4. EricR

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    Yeah you don't typically see that level of miscommunication in a match. Butcher, Blade, and Fenix all looked like they were somewhere else entirely. Kingston clearly motioned AND yelled got B&B to get in the ring at least three times and they both just stood frozen, about to enter the ring. Fenix has looked completely wrong since that really bad match against his brother where they had to stall after he took a backdrop bump on his head. Kingston is the best in the world, but only so much you can do when that many guys in a match are that far gone.
  5. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    Added 3 more matches to the Recommended Matches list. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/12/nxt-uk-worth-watching-devlin-mastiff.html Jordan Devlin/Pete Dunne was one of the best matches of the brand so far. Devlin vs. Flash Morgan Webster was something different, and I'd been looking for a reason to write up a Webster match. Also, obviously Mastiff/Wild Boar was going to be worth watching. It's like Mastiff vs. a smaller Mastiff.
  6. EricR

    NXT TakeOver: WarGames - Two Matches Beyond

    That main was 20 minutes too long. They kept building to something and then starting over and they did not need to do that.
  7. EricR

    NXT TakeOver: WarGames - Two Matches Beyond

    I am excited for this show, think it could be really good, doing a live blog: https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/12/nxt-takeover-wargames-2020-live-blog.html Also, this women's WarGames is backwards in the most baffling way. Dakota Kai is clearly positioned as the top babyface for much of it and Shotzi - the person who is getting revenge, the person who is leading this team - is the biggest afterthought in the whole match. I don't get it!
  8. EricR

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    That women's elimination match was bad. This PPV has been incredibly underwhelming.
  9. EricR

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    Just watched the battle royal, and wished battle royals felt as well worked as they were in the early 90s. Need more guys teaching battle royal storytelling. This card could really deliver, I'm most excited for Sasha/Asuka, and I'm doing a live blog: Live Review
  10. EricR

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Aiden English was one of my favorite C show in ring workers in WWE the past few years, and I thought he was great in NXT. For two guys who looked and wrestled similarly, I really liked English and Ascension Viktor. I get why they aren't employed, but their style of work was one I was more interested than a lot of the C show regulars now. Viktor has had two indy matches since leaving WWE 18 months ago.
  11. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    Made some good adds to the NXT UK Matches Worth Watching, especially liked Jinny/Storm. Jordan Devlin vs. Ligero NXT UK 8/25 (Aired 11/21/18) (Ep. #9) ER: This was a good modern indy main event, that perhaps went a bit too long. It was well timed, well executed, and hammier than I wished it would be, but it built nicely, had a bunch of stiff strikes from Devlin, and a couple strong nearfalls. Ligero is someone with good comebacks who can take a beating, so a lot of this would be Devlin cutting him off with surprisingly hard strikes (I am not always into Devlin's offense, but the Devlin in this match was easily the most agreeable to my wrestling taste sensibilities). Ligero throws a really tight headscissors and always throws a nice honest Code Red, making it look like he's actually bumping his opponent rather than his opponent bumping for him. Devlin is great at taking these and then firing back with hard elbows and a great back elbow smash, or cutting Ligero off with a uranage, or a nice backdrop driver. Ligero would make inroads and then hit a brick wall, and it was always compelling. There's a great moment where Ligero gets ambitious and goes for a big splash off the top, only to land directly on Devlin's knees, with Devlin perfectly rolling him into a pin in one motion. I thought that was the finish. This managed to be practically 75/25 for Devlin (maybe more) but it never felt like it because Ligero was active, he was just cut off a lot. Going on a run and suddenly eating a quick Spanish Fly, fighting on the floor and suddenly finding himself eating ring steps. It always felt competitive even if one guy was always farther ahead on points, and they made it work very well. Tyson T-Bone vs. Dave Mastiff NXT UK 8/26 (Aired 11/21/18) (Ep. #10) ER: These are the kind of hot short sprints that NXT UK has been better at than any other WWE weekly program. There's no reason the 4-7 minute matches on Main Event, NXT, or 205 Live can't be as good as this match. There are talented people used on all brands, but none of their short matches entertain me as much as the ones on NXT UK. This is a nearly 5 minute match that feels like it's 2 minutes, as T-Bone starts rocking Mastiff with punches to start and we don't let up until T-Bone is dumped with a German and squished by a cannonball. I like British boxer turned street fighter as a gimmick, and T-Bone pulls it off great, mixing up hard right hands to Mastiff's cheekbone with big thundering shots to the stomach. Mastiff would get backed into a corner and outclassed on strikes, then respond the only way he could, by just barreling into T-Bone. T-Bone worked a really awesome cravat, yanking on Mastiff's hair and beard while also forcing the chin, and I dug how Mastiff powered up and stayed in close, getting distance with a couple of different violent headbutts. The quick sequence where Mastiff hoisted T-Bone up in a fireman's carry, only to see T-Bone squirm out into a nice sunset flip attempt, ending with Mastiff slamming the garage door down with a butt splash, was really well done and the kind of thing I like to see in a big man battle. Guys are very good at filling time on this brand, which seems like such a far cry from the bloated epics of NXT US. Just give me something like this every week or two and I'll be a satisfied customer. Jinny vs. Toni Storm NXT UK 8/26 (Aired 11/21/18) ER: UK wrestling fans are no stranger to this pairing, as this is a match that's been run several times over the past few years. This one came just a couple weeks after their Mae Young Classic match (though it aired a couple months later), and that match was one of my favorite first rounders of the 2nd MYC. This is very similar to that match, but I think it's the tighter version. They work a lot of nice tough grappling and collar elbows, both looking like they're actually struggling through lock-ups. The struggle peaks with Storm locking in a great Indian deathlock and choking Jinny after hooking her in a side headlock around the chin. Storm really looked like she was cranking it in and Jinny is great at selling while in holds. Jinny's fight to get her fingers on the bottom rope was a good one, and I love how Jinny punishes Storm for it with hard stomps. Jinny has great force on her stomps, and her stomps are just one of the parts of her game that benefit from her long limbs. She's 5'6" but has long legs and arms that make her look like she's 5'10, so when she's throwing stomps it really looks like she's rearing back with force. The limbs also really contribute to her bumping, as she really ragdolls on a pair of suplexes, limbs flying around and folding over her body in cool ways. There was an elbow exchange that started on the knees and built up to them standing, and it actually looked earned and not just something that has to be in every main event epic. Jinny especially looked like she was fighting off balance to her feet while throwing stiff elbows, and she was really great at selling her jaw to fill downtime after delivering offense. Jinny has a lot of offense I like that utilizes her limbs, like that nice Japanese uppercut to catch a charging Storm and sending Storm sprawling to the mat after tripping her on an Irish whip. Storm makes her big stuff look really good, like a hard contact running hip attack, or getting dumped on her head off an X-factor. These two know each other, and they only have one singles match after this one so it has that feel of something that's been getting better. I do wish they had worked the match out to build off the MYC match - this felt like it was their touring match worked the next town over - but they have a strong formula and genuine chemistry, so it was still really good.
  12. I'm on the west coast so a few hours (or more) behind everyone else, but I thought I would do a live blog for Halloween Havoc. They suckered me in with the gimmick. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/10/nxt-halloween-havoc-live-blog-102820.html
  13. EricR

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    I really didn't like this PPV a lot, even though Sasha delivering in her match and her win made this a perfectly fine watch for me.
  14. EricR

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    Rare Phil appearance doing a HIAC blog with me tonight. Bummed at how Gulak is being used after the great matches he was putting on earlier this year. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/10/wwe-hell-in-cell-approximately-live.html
  15. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    I know extremely little about any of the NXT roster off camera, hadn't heard a single thing about Drake being nearly run off from wrestling and would be interested in hearing more. If there is background like this on any of the roster moving forward, safe to assume I haven't heard it. Oddly I haven't loved a ton of GYV that I've seen, but I like both of them quite a bit as singles wrestlers?