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  1. EricR

    WWE Clash of Champions 2020 SHIRTLESS ROMAN TIME

    I'm having a bleh day and just want to do nothing, so figured I would throw this show on in the background and see if anything jumps out at me. I don't totally know what the card is now that I heard the women's stuff has been changed or removed, but Reigns/Jey could be good. I'll still write some stuff. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/09/wwe-clash-of-champions-disinterested.html
  2. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    Wild Boar delivers every time. I'm excited to do Top 50 lists for this because it exposes someone like him a bit, because he's someone I never seen talked about. I've never heard anyone recommending Wild Boar matches. But I am going to do that. Noam Dar vs. Zack Gibson NXT UK 7/28 (Aired 10/31/18) (Ep. #3) ER: I really liked this, while also wishing it wasn't 21 minutes. I don't think any guys actually need 20+ minutes to tell their story, but that said this match didn't actually feel 21 minutes and that's in its favor. We had a story of Dar going after Gibson's left leg while Gibson just focused on attacking Dar anyway he could. Dar's leg work was really good, at first working a tight grapevine and Indian deathlock, and I think Dar's submission work is among the strongest in NXT UK. He doesn't skip steps and knows how to shift his body slightly to add different leverage, and I loved how he was adding twisting to keep Gibson's selling honest. Dar immediately kicking Gibson right in the shin as he escaped the hold was sweet icing. The leg was never a major sticking point during the match, but it was always Dar's key back inside, and I liked that. He had a couple of really high profile attacks to that leg, including a wild running dropkick off the entrance ramp, and a double stomp off the top while Gibson's leg was hung over the ropes. I don't know if I would trust somebody to do either of those things, where the margin of error for *actually* destroying my knee was that slim. But the spots come off really well and are great ways to slow down Gibson for long stretches. My favorite moment was Gibson going for a dropkick off the middle rope, but Dar lightly sidestepping and hooking that left leg on the way down, then locking in a tight kneebar. Usually in a moment like that both guys will make it a bit too obvious that they are planning for a reversal to happen, but this felt very unexpected. It looked like Gibson was honestly throwing the dropkick, and Dar had to put in the honest work of grabbing the leg, it wasn't being hung out for him. Gibson has stronger strikes than Dar, while Dar attacks more in quantity, so Gibson was the one rocking him with elbows and hitting a big powerbomb on the entrance ramp. And Dar's selling can be a bit melodramatic, but he focuses on more interesting kind of selling drama than most modern workers. Most overdramatic wrestling selling is done exclusively with the face, and since most wrestlers are terrible actors, you just end up with stupid wide eyed open mouth facials to sell everything. Dar focuses his selling on selling his body, and while it can come off as a bit much, I appreciate someone stiffening their body in pain, selling muscle pain and a man getting the wind taken from him. I thought Gibson's knee selling was good, as it wasn't the overall focus of the match but he paid enough lip service to it to create openings. The finish was tidy and didn't send us through a long series of nearfalls with shocked faces, which was a contributing factor in this long match not feeling as long. Ligero vs. James Drake NXT UK 7/29 (Aired 11/7/18) (Ep. #5) ER: Ligero is really great at these 5-6 minute showcase sprints, really knows how to keep the selling respectable while keeping the action near constant. He really leans into beatings and that always makes a flier type more interesting to me, because snapping off a tight Code Red is cooler after that guy got his face kicked in. Drake is good at throwing sharp elbows to the jaw, and his corner dropkick really looked decapitating. Ligero sold a sore jaw throughout, and it wouldn't shock me if he was just a man reacting to getting kicked in the face. Drake works quick and hits hard when he gets there, and I kept being surprised at how Ligero would lean into it all. The nearfalls were good and I genuinely had no idea who was going to win, a competitive match without ever feel like they were taking turns. I love Ligero's tornado DDT finish, and the roster is filled with guys who can make sure the DDT looks like a finish.
  3. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    Noam Dar vs. Pete Dunne NXT UK 7/28 (Aired 10/17/18) (Ep. #1) Strong title match to main event their first TV episode. Dar is someone I feel made a lot of improvements in the time between his 205 Live stint and the start of NXT UK. I disliked him on 205 but enjoy him more often than not in his post 205 work. He played underdog against Dunne here, leaning into all of Dunne's stiff elbow strikes and standing lariats (and one real monster of a running clothesline early in the match) while trying to catch Dunne whenever Dunne went too far. Dunne gets it in him to do too much offense sometimes (and go too over the top with finger breaks), so I loved when Dar took his knees out and tripped him during a rope run, and I loved even more when he kicked Dunne right in the shins when Dunne hopped to the middle turnbuckle. Dar's selling was smart, appropriately selling finger damage as it was happening, kicking Dunne in the head on the apron after the shock wore off then hitting a fisherman's buster; or, the excellent triangle spot where Dunne worked over Dar's fingers while in the triangle, and Dar had the presence of mind to put a stop to that by quickly holding down Dunne's shoulders for a pin, then rolling through to an ankle lock when Dunne was forced to kick out. Dar catching the kneebar was a good moment too, building to a suitably dramatic rope break. I wish Dunne was a bit more interesting about going back on offense (he tends to just stand up and go back to it), but his strikes play big and Dar was a great foil for his high end offense. Wild Boar Mike Hitchman vs. Ligero NXT UK 7/29 (Aired 10/24/18) (Ep. #2) What a fun 5 minute sprint. I think this project is going to wind up with me putting more words about Wild Boar out on the internet than we currently have. He's a guy I liked enough to start this NXT UK project in the first place, and it's cool to say he was fully formed from his arrival on the Network. They work a fast flyer vs. wrecking ball match, which is fun to see from a 170 lb. tiny flier and a 5'6" wrecking ball. Boar is like an even MORE compact Taz, and he is a little wrecking ball. He's like Dick Togo working as Otis. Ligero is a guy who I think is better the more grounded he stays, as he has too good a clothesline to think he needs to do a bad standing moonsault. I recently watched a Taka Michinoku/Dick Togo Raw match of similar length, and this is a better version of that match. Ligero doesn't have the grace of Michinoku, not close, but Wild Boar hits him harder with strikes and flying offense than Togo hit Taka. Ligero hits a rana as smooth as any I've seen Taka throw, and Boar is a great base (he should be, he has an incredibly low center of gravity). Boar hits a super impactful spear in the corner, a great and unexpected pop up powerbomb, and looks like he just murders Ligero with a cannonball. It looked like his full closest-man-to-actual-size-and-impact-of-real-cannonball, and Ligero looked like he absorbed it all with his face. Ligero came off tougher to me for the rest of the match because he can clearly take a beating. If I wasn't viewing Boar as Togo enough, it should also be noted that Wild Boar has a very good standing senton, and he uses it here. The match has satisfying nearfalls, and Ligero makes the finish violent enough to work, kicking out Boar's leg with a hard mule kick to the knee, then running him up the ropes with one of the best tornado DDTs I've seen.
  4. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    So, the timing of this isn't great as the brand is filled with sex pests, but over the past year I've come to really enjoy NXT UK. I didn't watch a single episode until Hero started showing up, but as I cherry picked through Hero appearances I found a lot of people on the roster I really liked. The show isn't watched by WWE fans, and doesn't seem to be enjoyed by UK wrestling fans, so its existence in and of itself is odd. But since they've had less than 100 episodes (throwing out all the best of episodes over the past several months) I figured I'd start at the beginning and highlight all the best matches. I'll get a list of recommended matches, and every 25 episodes do a DVDVR style Top 50 (while keeping an overall Top 100) going. Here's where the project links will reside: Complete Guide to NXT UK And I'll post all recommended match reviews down below, as I review them.
  5. EricR

    Payback 2020 Roman is The Guy

    Yeah MVC is a cooler idea on paper than in execution. There were nights where they clearly just wanted to go in and hold legbars. Ultimo is a guy who I think was the reason a lot of us sought out WAR shows, but now the Ultimo matches are typically the least interesting thing to me on those same WAR shows. 2000s Kanemoto > 1990s Kanemoto.
  6. EricR

    WWE Summerslam 2020 Renee Young is the best

    I'm writing up this show, too, even though without Pat McAfee I'm not as confident any of the matches will be good. I am interested in a couple things (Asuka/Bayley) but again, no McAfee means this likely won't be as good as NXT XXX. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/08/wwe-summerslam-82320-live-blog.html
  7. EricR

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    Yeah I think it's more an indictment on the PC style bleeding into performers who have established themselves elsewhere. Thatcher obviously works the same way he's worked the past several years, but guys like Lee have played against some of their strengths and it feels like the PC style taking over. The PC feels like it took a major turn for the worst in 2018. They need to reboot and take a seriously look at who who is doing the training.
  8. EricR

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    I had no idea, that's awesome. I'm a big Rip Rogers fan. Maybe more NXT guys should train under Rogers, because several of the NXT house style guys looked like trash last night.
  9. EricR

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    I thought McAfee/Cole was really great, and I love non wrestler matches. McAfee kept looking more and more like a natural, and all of the stuff around him using his punting was fantastic.
  10. EricR

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    I just got home and thought I'd run through and write about the TakeOver. I could see this show being decent, and putting Lorcan in the pre-show at least means the show starts with a Lorcan match. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/08/nxt-takeover-xxx-better-late-than-never.html
  11. This one left me a little flat. I thought McIntyre/Ziggler was a real strong title match. I'm glad that they went out and had that match and totally delivered while the cinematic main event was a bust. I thought Asuka/Sasha was great until the super insulting and dumb finish. And I loved Rey's performance despite not really knowing how I feel about the match itself. Feels like I should be more into two really good title matches and a great performance from one of my favorite wrestlers, but I am flat.
  12. I'm excited for the two women's title matches, and not much else! But those are the shows that tend to surprise me so I'm doing a live blog: https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/07/the-horror-show-at-wwe-extreme-rules.html
  13. I really liked the Great American Bash presentation. I didn't watch it on Wednesday but watched it on the 4th while eating a burger. Came off like a cool In Your House show. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/07/nxt-great-american-bash-7120.html
  14. EricR

    Backlash 2020 - The one with the GREATEST MATCH EVER

    I got a late start after driving back from visiting my sister, still thought I would watch the show and read along with you guys. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/06/wwe-backlash-running-quite-late-blog.html
  15. EricR


    I thought Lee/Gargano, Priest/Balor, and Kross/Ciampa made this a worthwhile view. I don't think there was anything great on this show, but a few overdeliveries and big individual moments made this better than I expected.