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[2019-03-06-NJPW-47th Anniversary Show] Taiji Ishimori vs Jushin Liger

paul sosnowski

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-03-06-NJPW-47th Anniversary Show] Taiji Ishimori vs Jushin Liger

Remarkable how good Liger looks at 54. He literally looks like he has not lost a single step in the last 30 years. Taiji did a good job but this really felt like more of a showcase for Liger and that's really what it needed to be. The retiring vet getting one of his last moments in the limelight by proving he can keep up with and even surpass the best wrestlers in the world. Great matwork, great selling, and great babyface fire. Again, Taiji did what he needed to but this was the Jushin Liger show.


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Ishimori was great as usual but this was the Jushin Thunder Liger show. Even in his 50's that bad man can still put on a top notch performance. He did everything he could getting people to buy in that he'd might actually win and it worked. Just add this on the list of a top 10 all time great, enjoyed this a lot.

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