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[1983-06-02-NJPW] Antonio Inoki vs Hulk Hogan

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Uhh.. it's Inoki and Hogan working MUGA. And it rules!! The crowd is molten hot, and Hogan does all these awesome technical transitions, totally holding up his end. The hold for hold stuff is basic but effective, with Inoki carrying himself like he could escalate and snap Hogans arm any minute. The Figure 4/Indian Deathlock sequence was great and so was Hogan folding himself up when Inoki threatened to go for the Octopus Hold. No doubt Hogan fully understood how to work this kind of match. I loved Inoki eating the axe bomber and slowly getting up "well, let's get back to wrestling". Add in some really well timed suplexes and a cool finish and you have a great contest. This should've gone longer and you would have a stone cold classic.

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