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[1982-11-07 AWA, St Paul MN] Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan vs Bobby Duncum, Ken Patera, Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Heenan


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The crowd is hot here. Hogan/Andre is a dream team for the AWA. Going against the groups top heel group in the Heenan Family. Andre calls them the Weasel family. Leo Nomellini is the ref. Former NFL star. Andre saves Hogan right off the bat from a quadroople team. Hogan and Andre are standing tall. Hulk's clothesline on Duncum looked nasty. Big time shine from the faces. Heels bumping and stooging for the faces. Andre has some pep in his step here. None of the heels want a piece of Andre. Bock's butt spot with Andre popped the crowd. Loved the tug of war spot over Bock. Such a great spot that needs to be lifted. A big boot by Patera and sets up the heat on Andre. The heels are like a pack of wolves on Andre.  Match breaks down with 2 heels on each face. Patera and Duncum double slam Andre. Heenan gets caught and is bumping huge for the faces. Now Bock gets his ass handed to him. Andre just squishing Heenan.  Finally the heels use the number game and just destroy Hogan's arm.  The heat segment is really focused. Crowd rallying the Hulk. Hot tag and Andre is on fire busting out headbutts. Andre was a wrecking crew. Tags Hogan back in. Big boots for all the heels. Andre slams Hogan onto Duncum for the win. What a blast. It was so much fun. A lot of energy in the building. Followed the AWA tag formula.  Pre yellow Hogan is so much fun. Faces standing tall makes the crowd happy. With the right dynamic you can make this work.  3 1/4*

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