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paul sosnowski

[2019-05-19-WWE-Money in the Bank] Seth Rollins vs A.J. Styles

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They had the usual Seth Rollins workrate match w/ bombs, counters & nearfalls galore, but I'll give credit where it's due, as they made it look a lot more interesting than oh so many others. Rollins actually surprised me with how impactful & vicious he made his usually-shitty offense look - he definitely matched AJ in that department here, and that is something I wasn't expecting. I even really liked that inverted superplex -> falcon arrow spot that I always dislike when he does it normally. AJ of course brought it on the offense too & made all of Rollins' stuff look extra good w/ his legendary bumping & selling. So yeah, technically this match was pretty great indeed, but I just didn't care about its layout at all. Like I said, it was your usual Rollins workrate match, and matches of that & this kind just don't do it for me, unless I am truly invested in the participants or something, I guess. That is why I can't give it much love, but I acknowledge & appreciate the fact (in my eyes anyway) that they took a very dull match layout & made it look more interesting than it would've been in most other cases. **1/4

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