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[2001-03-30-CMLL-Juicio Final] Perro Aguayo Sr vs Universo 2000 (Hair vs Mask)

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This was just as good as I remembered. There was as much action on the outside of the ring as there was inside the ring with the poor commissioner trying to deal with Mascara Ano 2000 constantly interfering. But all that noise added to the theatre. The ringwork was simple yet effective. It reminded me of the big theatrical apuesta matches Perro had in the early 90s except Universo did more of the heavy lifting. Above all, it was gripping. Regardless of how many tricks they used to get Perro through the match, the drama never abated. The really interesting thing about the match was the finish. That finish could have ruined everything but somehow they pulled it off. 

Once again, CMLL delivered an excellent March PPV. This wasn't Villano vs. Atlantis, obviously, but it was the best damn Perro match it could be. I don't have access to the undercard matches right now,  but based on the top three matches alone, this was easily the best show of 2001 to date. And CMLL was once again the best company in the world from Jan through March. We'll see if they can maintain that momentum better than they did in 2000. Because right now, the only company that's close to them is IWRG.

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