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[1982-11-28-NWA St. Louis-Wrestling at the Chase] Crusher Blackwell vs Butch Reed (2/3 Falls)

Superstar Sleeze

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Crusher Blackwell vs Butch Reed - St. Louis 11/82

Loved the simplicity of the first fall. It was all about establishing the impressive strength that Butch Reed possesses. He is constantly overpowering Blackwell into the ropes. He even lifts Blackwell into a bearhug which is an incredible feat of strength. Blackwell has to resort to eye gouges. I love when giants cheat. There is something so purely scummy when a dude with a significant size advantage is forced to cheat. On the second eye gouge, Blackwell finally turns the tide and he sticks with good heel wrestling of choking and strangling.  Reed gets a solid kick out out of a elbow drop that shows he doesn’t give up. Nice comeback from Reed before he runs into a big forearm smash in the corner and then he drops down prematurely on a criss cross and Blackwell hits the big splash for the first fall! Reed is only a three year veteran so you can explain those two crucial late mistakes to inexperience whereas Blackwell’s experience allowed him to capitalize. One more thing, Blackwell is the king of heel registering but never bumping to really put himself over as a mountain. He did some really great heel selling. Awesome face/heel dynamics, just pure American wrestling at its most basic and finest.


Per tradition, the second fall is short and this one sure is sweet. Great babyface selling from Butch Reed! I love how he is staggering. Blackwell bullies him in the corner. Just ramming his massive girth into Reed sandwiching him into the corner. Then it is headbutts to the small of the back remember that Big Splash was on the back of Reed. Blackwell bearhug! Reed fights back! Big running forearm knocks the Big Man off his feet for the first time! Holy shit! Fist drop! Leg drop! 1-2-No! Are you shitting me? Reed goes for the powerslam but Blackwell is just too fat and squashes Reed as His Back gives out. 1-2-No! Damn! I bit on that too! Now it is Blackwell trying a bodyslam but it is WM III finish with Reed rolling through with an inside cradle. Blackwell kicks out at three. They put together a really strong, compact fall with lots of drama. 

I had forgotten that one of my favorite Blackwell tropes was that person who can do the most damage to him is himself as he misses the big splash after an eye gouge & Suplex set up Reed. This supercharges the match! Then Reed misses a flying fist drop! Huge heat! Slugfest erupts big & meaty. You can feel the time limit draw. One last nearfall...Reed goes for the crossbody...Blackwell catches...here comes the slam...wait...Blackwell loses him and Reed ends up on top for 2. Liked the tension. Slugfest goes to a draw and Reed keeps fighting. Perfect adequate finish to get Reed over as a contender with a big time heel. So simple but so gratifying. Man I missed pro wrestling! This was great! ****

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