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[2021-01-31-WWE-Royal Rumble] Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg


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I’ve been big on Goldberg’s returns and brief runs as his matches usually tend to be short and feature some wild big man spots. While this wasn’t on par with the Brock WM or Taker KSA matches and this was much shorter than those matches, I still think this served it’s purpose and was good. That headbutt McIntyre threw to kick this off may have been the best one he’s thrown. That Jackhammer Goldberg threw looked bad, but the fill in spears were great. Unfortunately this didn’t have a live crowd as they would’ve been going nuts and it would have elevated this. I would have also liked this more if it had gone a little longer and we would have gotten a few more big moments. I still think this was perfectly fine and these short matches are the best way to book Goldberg. I wouldn’t mind a rematch at WM that goes a little longer and in front of fans.

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This was exactly what you can expect from Goldberg in this day and age. Two minutes of finishing spamming and then McInyre retains. Although Goldberg screwed his Jackhammer up, this is the best we are going to get from him. I'm glad McIntyre won and it shows that WWE still have a lot of faith in him. I understand why WWE insist on using Goldberg as he brings the casuals in, but I'm past the point of caring about his matches now.



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I can't lie, I still mark out big for Goldberg, and I like that Goldberg matches are short.  Even though he is pretty fucking old and not as ripped as the 90's, he still looks pretty cool.  Oof, that Jackhammer didn't look good.  Definitely no where near as good as the 2nd Lesnar Wrestlemania, but that match hit everything perfectly and looked amazing, even the camerawork was fantastic.  This didn't have any of that, but it was a fine short PPV opener.  Can't complain that much.

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