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[2021-03-29-WWE-RAW] Sheamus vs Riddle


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These two have good chemistry together and have put on quality matches throughout the past 8 or so months. While this isn't on par with some of their previous matches, it's still good. The early mat exchanges are quite gritty with Sheamus just grinding his forearms in Riddle's face aggressively and Riddle catching him in a pretty deep rear naked choke that you can see his forearm clearly under Sheamus throat and Sheamus tapping his arm to let him know he needs to loosen up. Thankfully the WWE truly seems to be done with thigh slaps as now folks are more focused on putting a little heat behind their strikes and these two threw some bombs here. I'm usually not sold on big Spanish fly spots as they take forever to setup, but here Riddle just runs up the ropes and flips immediately without them taking forever to coordinate it. I wasn't big on Riddle's brief comeback as a lot of his strikes looked somewhat flimsy during that segment, but the finish with the big White Noise on the ring apron looked brutal and the finish made sense as they can build to a rematch. Not a MOTYC or anything but still another quality RAW heavyweight TV match.

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