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[2021-04-10-WWE-WrestleMania 37] Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre


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Both guys have been really good throughout the year and both guys brought it here and put on together a hot opening heavyweight title match. This didn't have the stiff strikes or potatoes the Drew/Sheamus match had but it had a bunch of big bombs from both guys. There's also a wild dive from Drew in this which unfortunately got brushed off by Lashley and MVP and McIntyre just splatted back first on the outside. That no sell kip up from Drew to the second spinebuster felt very Shawn Michael'ish and was something I could have done without but the crowd went nuts for it so it worked. The drama and false finish with the kimura was a great and the referee stoppage to the Hurt Lock was great as well. Very good match.

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I thought this was really good and both guys worked their asses off. Perhaps a little too long as I thought they briefly lost their way on a couple of occasions late on but it was still an excellent battle. Drew's big dive was the first big holy shit moment of the night. Drew did look like an idiot getting distracted by MVP on the claymore attempt. Lashley retaining was a welcome surprise. I think he deserves more than a short transitional reign just so Drew can have his coronation in front of an audience. 

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