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Steven Watching Joshi (from every era, including current)

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I've loved Syuri the last few years and I think she is one of the best, if not the best, wrestler(s) in the world today. I watched a bunch of matches and I will talk about them below.

Even though she started wrestling in 2008 that is not the whole story. From 2009 to 2015 she was a champion kick boxer going 13-1. From 2016 to 2019 she competed in MMA, winning a title in Pancrase and having 4 fights in UFC with an overall record of 6-3. I do think it's a little difficult to be great at pro wrestling, while also being great at MMA/kick boxing at the exact same time. That's why I haven't looked at her past before, but let's see what this group of matches says.


Syuri vs Meiko Satomura (SMASH 1, 2010-03-26)

This is from the debut of Tajiri's promotion. It's weird how many idiots on twitter make the argument that women and men's wrestling never appear on the same show in Japan, eh?

She's so small and young here, all that said she still had awesome kicks! This is a holds and kicks matches and it's really damn fun. Meiko is the veteran and bigger, so she is able to keep the advantage. Syuri gets a huge rana here, something I don't see her do anymore.


Syuri vs Kana (SMASH 4, 2010-06-25)

Syuri gets into the main event of this show and the hype video for this rules. Syuri seems to challenge Kana who is on commentary, Kana kind of laughs it off, but then gets pissed and chases Syuri down backstage and kicks her ass. Kana walks away, and Syuri comes from the back and does the same into a pull part. UFC style sit down interviews intertwined. I loved this!

Kana, aka Asuka, is a lock for my list at this point. If you've only seen her in WWE/NXT then you are missing out. 

Both of these two have amazing strikes, they have amazing matwork, and work that shoot style. This match is intense and it rules. Just go watch it. [7.0]


Syuri vs Serena Deeb (WNC, 2013-08-10)

This is a good match and it wasn't really a contrast in styles at all. It is more of a Deeb match though, as Syuri tones down her real fighting style. She's versatile at least.


Syuri vs Yumiko Hotta (WNC, 2013-10-13)

Syuri is MEGA OVER and gets a million streamers. Hotta has two seconds and they cheat and use weapons to basically gain advantage the whole match. Hotta with a chain dragging her all over the arena, they used a chair and flimsy table. Lots of triple teaming. We did get an awesome moment of Syuri fighting them all off and getting the win. Not much of a match.


Syuri, Dark Angel, & Estrellita vs La Amapola, La Comandte, & Tiffany (CMLL, 2014-04-21)

Syuri fits into lucha decently well! Dark Angel was treated and booked as the star. There was an old school Star move, and Commandate did a giant swing, so some big pluses. Final fall ends with the tecnicos (including Syuri) all hitting magistral cradles.


Syuri vs Tsukasa Fujimoto (REINA, 2015-11-03)

Fujimoto is someone else I love that people need to check out. It's a solid and normal match, mostly Fujimoto on top, but about 2/3 in it really picks up with Syuri's comeback. Really hot finish, and Syuri excels at that big time!


Syuri Kondo vs Minna Grusander (Pancrase 284, 2017-02-05)

I watched a MMA fight. I was curious. Solid grappling, Syuri kicks are awesome. She wins an unanimous decision.


Syuri & Hikaru Shida vs Meiko Satomura & Hana Kimura (Sendai Girls, 2017-06-10)

Syuri is a lot more like she is today in terms of looks and style and confidence. Her and Shida seem like a great team, they fit in so well together. Meiko is a master at letting everybody get their shine and putting everyone over. This builds very well into a hot finish. [7.0]


I will need to go back and watch more, but it seems like Syuri's case is building the last few years and going forward and not the first half of her career. It's fun watching those matches though. She was never bad, always good.

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Cool! I wanna watch that singles match with Fujimoto! Looking at my recommended Joshi matches list, I've got these two additional Syuri matches that I'd recommend: 

Kana & Kagetsu vs Syuri & Arisa Nakajima (MAKOKANAPRO 11/9/2012)

Kana & Arisa Nakajima vs Syuri & Hikaru Shida (Kana Pro - 2/25/15)

They should be easy to find. Bonus points because Kana AND Arisa Nakajima are in both matches. 

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8 hours ago, elliott said:

Cool! I wanna watch that singles match with Fujimoto! Looking at my recommended Joshi matches list, I've got these two additional Syuri matches that I'd recommend: 

Kana & Kagetsu vs Syuri & Arisa Nakajima (MAKOKANAPRO 11/9/2012)

Kana & Arisa Nakajima vs Syuri & Hikaru Shida (Kana Pro - 2/25/15)

They should be easy to find. Bonus points because Kana AND Arisa Nakajima are in both matches. 

Syuri Part 2 will be done at some point, I'll include these!

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Stardom Cinderella Summer Tour in Tokyo (2021-07-17)

Here we are, at the show where Mayu can win Starlight Kid's freedom!

1) AZM vs Starlight Kid vs Hina

Kind of unfair of Stardom to put Queen's Quest teammates against Kid. They do team up a bit, but Hina wants to win. This was fun and fast. Hina fit in, which is impressive. Kid keeps getting more heelish and does a fucking eye poke, that ruled! You don't need to go out of your way to see this one, but it's fun and you don't need to skip it if you are watching this show.

2) STARS (Hanan & Koguma) vs Lady C & Tam Nakano

One of my favourite stories in Stardom is that Lady C is happy to team with anyone. Heel, face, whoever.

Koguma and Hanan come out to remix of "When the Saints Come Marching In!" WTF? Tam and Lacy C come out to Tam's music next, and it's the best in wrestling so that counteracts it!

This is an okay match, Lady C is still not good, but... one day. Maybe...  I'm rooting for her. Koguma wrestles with so much joy, so that means I'm starting to dig her. Also, Lady C and Tam pulled out the Kawada-Taue double choke slam and back suplex move! I want to see more Koguma vs Tam.

3) Donna del Mondo (Giulia, Maika, & Syuri) vs Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe, Saya Kamitani, & Utami Hayashishita)

Maik's unrequited love for Momo makes me sad. Maika move on to someone who will love you back, you deserve more! Momo is no good for you! Maika sings about her love for Momo, while Giuila laughs her ass off. Syuri sings to end this promo and it rules! Queen Quest come back with Momo deadpanning: "Maika's been trying to recuit me, like some love call, but I'll keep rejecting her" had me in stitches. I love this angle.






Wrestling is good!

This match was all about teasing future awesome stuff. Mostly Utami-Syuri, but also Saya-Giuilia, and Momo-Maika. It was really good for a 15 minute draw. The stare off between Syuri and Utami was fucking epic, with Syuri shoving the SWA Title in her face! Giulia and Saya fight and fight post match too. Maika and Momo disappear, I hope to a nice quiet place.

4) Future of Stardom Champion Mina Shirakawa vs Unagi Sayaka

The Future of Stardom Title can only have less than 3 years experience, so Mina will be in for a short run. That makes for an interesting story, and her first defense is against her teammate, who she beat in the finals a few weeks back.

Unagi continues her hot streak, she's improving so quickly, and this is another good match which she WON! Odd booking to do it so quickly, but Unagi is a perfect champion.

The post match stuff rules, with the emotions of Mina saying she lost, but will not let down the other Cosmic Angels and will keep the Trios titles for them. They hug it out, after some recent tension. Unagi is great her, she can hold the title until next year, on her 3rd anniversary. She'll do her best! Rina comes out and calls her a creepy old hag. LOL! Rina is 14, Unagi is 31, for the record.

Unagi is a symbol for outcasts and says we will all get eccentric with her! Let's go!

4) Starlight Kid Recapture Gauntlet Match: Mayu Iwatani vs Oedi Tai (Fukigen Death, Konami, Rina, Ruaka, and Saki Kashima)

Rules are Mayu goes one by one through the gauntlet and you can be eliminated by pin/submission over being thrown over the top.

a) vs Rina

Mayu does a cool modified dragon sleeper, while holding her in the air and having her legs wrapped up for a short first win.

b) vs Fukigen Death

Some comedy by the Clown and referee, and Mayu dropkicks her over the top for trhe win.

c) vs Saki Kashima

Mayu has a real challenge, finally. Saki kicks her ass, and cheats with her partners, but a lucky roll up by Mayu eliminates her.

d) vs Konami

Here we fucking go! Mayu is fighting like hell to try to save Kid, but Konami is a bad ass! This is competitive and can go either way. However, Konami ends up on the apron from the top rope and Ruaka's interference with the briefcase misfires and she goes to the floor.

e) vs Ruaka

The last segment, quickly turns into 5 on 1 with the referee being taken out. Pipes, chains, and chairs. They beat the shit out of Mayu, however the referee gets back in there and sees it. Oedi Tai is DQ'ed and Kid is free!!!!!!!!!!

We then get one of the best angles in years!


Mayu: Kid, do you want to stay with these guys always cheating and using weapons? Please tell me clearly.

Kid: Mayu-san, my answer is...

(Kid grabs Mayu's face)

Kid: Mayu Iwatani, I'm gonna to stand against you and surpass you!

(Kid shoves Mayu down)

Kid: It's been a month, since I was forced to go to Oedi Tai, and what have you done? Even if I were to come back, I don't want to be Starlight Kid, Mayu's companion. When I'm on equal footing with you, maybe you can stand next to me. That's why I want to build a name for myself with Oedi Tai and become stronger! I'm going to become Mayu Iwatani's biggest rival!

Kid: This is my answer.

(Mayu looks sad)

Mayu: Do you remember what I said at Korakuen? Kid, you might be my enemy... But I'll always be waiting for you. We can fight as enemies, and rivals, but we can always come back together. Until we meet again.

Wrestling is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Stardom reminds me of that sometimes.

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Meiko Satomura Watch Party

Every Saturday we get together at noon EST to spotlight a different wrestler for about two hours. This week was the wonderful Meiko Satomura. I've mostly seen her in the last 3 years ish and a mix and match of prior years. She's been so great for so long, so she's a high contender for me, but I need to watch more of a mix through out the years. That means I was pretty excited for this day.

Meiko Satomura & Chigusa Nagayo vs Eagle Sawai & Keiko Aono (GAEA, 1995-05-14)

She's 15 here and it's her 3rd match. Already she is a great house of fire babyface! Chigusa rules, as always. Sawai is fun and Aono is fun for someone I never heard of. Meiko doing John Cena shoulder blocks is fucking fascinating! Meiko wins with an awesome cross armbreaker! Fun shit already into her career!

Meiko Satomura vs Kyoko Inoue (GAEA, 1997-09-20)

I love Kyoko Inoue and I even smile if I see her work on a late Friday night on youtube in her current form. Meiko is now a few years in, so she's a grizzled veteran it seems!

Meiko is already very vicious and does one of those jumping into a cross armbreaker from the apron to the fucking floor! She later one ups it taking her from the top rope to the ring! She also has those kicks and forearms. The selling of the shots by Inoue, where she is checking to see if her jaw is broken was excellent! Of course, Inoue will never be topped in a match with offense. Her lariats are killer, she has a spot I will talk about next, an insane backdrop driver suplex, her Niaga Ndriver, and even hits a super gourdbuster! You all know the spot where a heel puts on an armbar on the apron, while his partner feeds him opponents, until eventually his own partner gets his arm taken off? They do this here in a singles match! It ends with Inoue countering it into a reverse vertical suplex taking Meiko from the apron to the ring! This was fucking awesome! [7.0]

Meiko Satomura vs Dynamite Kansai (GAEA, 2001-01-27)

Here are two bad asses, doing bad ass things! Dynamite always blows me away with quick strike counters. This starts off hot with Dynamite kicking ass and builds and builds to a blistering finish. Meiko hit one too many DVDs for a little excessive nearfall, but it's a match to elevate Meiko so that's justifiable. This match is a joy! [8.0]

Meiko Satomura vs Akira Hokuto (GAEA, 2001-04-29)

I have now seen this match 4 times in 2021 and everytime I love it more! It's an all time classic filled with intense drama and stiff action. It's beautiful and a MUST WATCH. No spoilers from me! [10.0]

Meiko Satomura vs Kana (Kana Produce Show, 2010-04-19)

These two are kind of made for each other and it's the best kind of shoot style that I will watch. It builds up from the matwork, submissions, and vicious kicks into some of the bigger blows. It's beautiful and very straight forward wrestling, but damn they have some great counters. These two GET wrestling! [8.0]

Meiko Satomura vs Io Shirai (Stardom, 2015-12-23)

The last three matches have all been completely different! This was a Stardom match and builds really well. What I love about it is Io being more than willing to take INSANE bumps to make Meiko look even more bad ass. I'm not sure which of these three was the wildest: doing a moonsault in the crowd going over the steps, going for a springboard but getting kicked and flying to the floor, or her moonsault off the top being stopped by two feet to the face! Nutty stuff by Io, but Meiko ruled in this as well. This buids and builds into an intense finish. Another amazing match! [8.0]

Meiko Satomura vs Aja Kong (Sendai Girls, 2016-04-08)

After their epic feud a decade and a half before this, they renew it here and it still rules, even if Kong is slower now. They have some INTENSE looks pre match, so you get automatically excited! They have a great kick battle and it rules, before Kong gains control and then takes her all over the arena and destroys her! This includes a fucking brainbuster onto the barricade! It builds into a great finish. Definitely worth a watch and I love these lifetime partner matches [7.0]

House Sendai Girls (Meiko Satomura, Dash Chisako, & Cassandra Miyagi) vs House Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, & Tyler Bate) (Chikara King of Trios Finals, 2017-09-03)

This is a lot of fun, but had an odd finish. It built from a traditional fun FIP segment with Dash into a high octane trios match where everyone got to shine. Meiko is clearly the queen in this match and her and Dunne have great chemistry! We get to the ending where it's Dunne and Meiko and Dunne wins? That finish did not fit in with this match at all! I would go 7, but fuck that ending. [6.75]

Meiko Satomura fucking rules and I am always excited to watch more of her! You should all do the same!

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Gutted that I missed this Watch Party. Is this playlist available on YouTube or am I best off looking up the match individually?

No surprise Meiko and Pete had good chemistry, they matched up a few times in the UK in that time frame, and I know Dunne is a huge Meiko fan.

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7 minutes ago, NotJayTabb said:

Gutted that I missed this Watch Party. Is this playlist available on YouTube or am I best off looking up the match individually?

Up as one big video here:


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Thanks Kad for putting together that great list and the link :)

My favourite day of the week is joshi night and it was another fun one!


1) Shinobu Kandori vs Harley Saito, Michiko Nagashima, Mikiko Futagami, Leo Kitamura, & Mika Handa (LLPW, 1993-01-04, Gauntlet Match)

LCO is at ringside as Kandori runs through the LLPW roster in a gauntlet for some reason.

a) vs Harley Saito

This is 18 minutes of a good competitive match. Saito is a lot of fun and had some believable nearfalls, but can't beat Kandori as she is rolled up.

From here everything else is pretty short.

b) vs Michiko Nagashima


Kandori destroys her.

c) vs Mikiko Futagami

The future owner of WAVE, GAMI! Some mat wrestling to start and GAMI is doing well which pisses off Kandori. Kandori even uses a chair and power bombs GAMI to victory.

d) vs Leo Kitamura

Immediately Kitamori attacks. Kandori is exhausted and they battle until the 30 minute time limit ends the match. A fucking time limit draw in a gauntlet match, lol!

Leo wants the match to continue, which was a mistake as Kandori comes back for war and chokes her out.

e) vs Miki Handa

This is an exciting short fall with some big moves including a GIANT POWER BOMB by Kandori. Kandori rolls her up at 44:18 for the win.

Afterwards, Hokuto and LCO come into the ring and LCO brawls their way there. Saito does the talking for LLPW and I love this feud. The match wasn't spectacular but a great intro to the LLPW roster.

The rest of the matches are from JWP's show on 1993-01-15


2) Hikaru Fukuoka & Candy Okutsu vs Sumiyo Toyama & Mitsu Kobayashi

Candy debuted a few months before this, Toyama and Kobayashi are rookies who I have never heard of before. Hikari kicked ass and Candy showed a lot of promise but a 19 minute rookie match?


3) Plum Mariko vs Command Bolshoi

This is a ton of fun! Bolshoi is less of a clown already and this was a straight up match with a lot of matwork! A lot of Mariko torturing Bolshoi. Bolshoi has some of the quickest and coolest counters in wrestling with her matwork and flying. The best example was Mariko charing at Bolshoi, only for Bolshoi to sneak the leg and turn it into a leglock and into a pin for a nice nearfall. Bolshoi has great offense outside of the great matwork, including a tombstone and a moonsault. Mariko wins with a mean looking leglock!


4) Devil Masami vs Cuty Suzuki

This match is HOT! I never thought about it before, but what a great combination these two are with Devil's power and bad assery with Cuty's underdog qualities! 

Devil just kicks ass! Just killing her with power bombs and everything it even takes many drop kicks for Cutie to knock Devil down! Devil catches her with a plancha! She ups her gorilla press game to tossing Cutie from inside the ring over the top turnbuckle onto the metal between the post and the buckle! Fucking insane!

The finishing sequence was ridiculous with Devil lariats the shit out of her 4 times and then Cutie kicks out. Power Bomb gets her another nearfall, it leads into a ducked lariat and Cutie hitting a German and then going to the top. Devil gets up though and hits a suplex from the top for the win. [7.0] 

5) Mayumi Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai vs Takako Inoue & Yumiko Hotta

I mentioned before that interpromotional hits different and damn this crowd and this match RULE!!

When it's Hotta and Kansai it's a fucking stiff war of death, but that's not to say the others aren't awesome in this, because they are! The whole thing is an intense battle where everybody is going for it and builds and builds until the home promotion wins! Inoue continues to impress and Ozaki is a fucking break out of the interpromotional wars! She even hits a power bomb pile driver gansai bomb thing! WTF was that? Go out of your way to see this one! [8.5]

Post match there is a begrudging respect between Hotta and Kansai and it's clear they will battle again! I'm all in for that!

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8 minutes ago, Grimmas said:


2) Hikaru Fukuoka & Candy Okutsu vs Sumiyo Toyama & Mitsu Kobayashi

Candy debuted a few months before this, Toyama and Kobayashi are rookies who I have never heard of before. Hikari kicked ass and Candy showed a lot of promise but a 19 minute rookie match?



Candy Okutsu is so good!

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44 minutes ago, elliott said:


Candy Okutsu is so good!

Seeing her in 93 and 2000 is quite the difference, but she seems like I want to watch more!

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As I recall, Candy gets really good really quickly. 

I agree about Devil vs Cutie too. Just a perfect match up stylistically and as far as their characters/presentation goes too. Devil is a master at working against smaller opponents and Cutie is one of the more underrated performers of her generation. Anytime they match up in a singles or on opposite sides in a tag or multi-person match, you're in for some good stuff. 

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This show seems pretty skippable, and I'm excited to get to the Grand Prix, so let's go to the main event only.

Oedo Tai (Konami, Rina & Starlight Kid) vs. STARS (Hanan, Koguma & Mayu Iwatani) (Stardom Cinderella Summer Tour In Tochigi, 2021-07-18)

Starlight Kid is so fucking cool, just sitting on the top turnbuckle fanning herself during STARS entrance.

I think part of the reason I am getting so drawn to Stardom is that there is a big time M-Pro feel going on, especially for the trios. We get some awesome pairings, after a fun brawl all over the place segment. Starlight Kid vs Mayu Iwatani was, obviously, the biggest part of this and they played off each other well. Konami and Kogumi played their roles well, but Rina and her sister Hanan also showed off their judo skills against each other. This was a lot of fun and Hanan gets the win in her hometown. Afterwards she tells the fans to also support her sisters, and says that she is the future ace of Stardom.

Stardom Cinderella Summer Tour In Sapporo (2021-07-21)

1) Unagi Sayaka vs Lady C

Unagi is on a hot streak, so is this the night Lady C breaks out? 

I had to watch this match twice. This was a solid match! Lady C's offense, which usually looks like it wouldn't break a weak egg, actually looked like it would break a hard boiled egg. Unagi wins with a Gory Special submission. Credit to C, credit to Unagai who is the the break out star of the last few weeks of Stardom. Blown away! Best Lady C match by a LONG SHOT!

2) Konami vs AZM vs Mina Shirakawa

I know AZM rules at triple threats, but is there some kind of rule that she has to work those every damn show? I was just talking about how much I missed criss crosses and here we get one here! :) Mina does such a good job of getting a live crowd into her, I think I've under rated her, that's a great quality. This is your typical lots of fun and exciting Stardom undercard three way. Konami hasn't been in these in awhile, so she adds an extra element of coolness that put it above the average ones. AZM wins, of course, by rolling up Mina with the AZM Special.

3) Oedi Tai (Ruaka & Saki Kashima) vs STARS (Koguma & Mayu Iwatani)

I'm starting to really like Koguma and Mayu together, they have good chemistry. A really solid tag match, as you would expect. Kashima is able to roll up Koguma for the win. Good but nothing blow away.

4) Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe, Saya Kamitani, & Utami Hayashishita) vs Donna del Mondo (Giulia, Maikia, & Syuri) [2/3 Falls]

Before the match Maika gets on the mic, she does a Jim Cornette intro for the champs (using their opponents tag name) Giulia & Syuri who come out in clown wigs and get the crowd fucking hyped! Then Maika blows Momo a bunch of kisses, Momo rejects her again :( 

Utami and Saya dropkick the wigs off of Giulia & Syuri. The first fall gets 9 minutes and is a lot of awesome action with everyone shinning. Utami is able to reverse a cradle on Syuri to get the first fall. 

Second fall has Syuri out for revenge, but Utami is ready and it's another war between these two! There are some team mate saves here and there, but I don't think either of them tag out. Excellent fall and a satellite schoolboy by Syuri gets the win to even it up.

A lot more tag work in the final fall and Saya hits a rana for the win on Maika. A pretty good match using it to preview the Utami/Saya vs Giulia/Syuri match upcoming and also more hype for the eventually Syuri-Utami rematch.

After the match Maika gives Momo a rice ball, then Momo is pissed and  kicks her ass and then runs away as Maika chases her wanting her rice ball back. The tag opponents share some words, Saya is FUCKING PISSED AT THE WIGS! Giulia says if you want the titles come get them , but be prepared to die! Syuri and Utami have another staredown! When they finally meet is going to be so epic!

5) Wonder of Stardom Champion Tam Nakano vs Starlight Kid

A solid and intense start. Tam bridges out of a pin, Kid just pulls her back down from the hair and then meanly stomps her. Great moment. Kid bails and sits on the floor calmly, I love her as a heel now. Tam is really stiff when she gets on offense and Kid is really mean, and comes up with a new variation on the tarantula where she puts tam between the turnbuckles and the post and hangs off the apron. She also uses her partners to cheat and it's a huge beat down segment on Tam.

Kid has adopted the cockiest slaps and kicks, and I love it. Tam gets a comeback and she might be the best at these forearm exchange segments of anyone, just fighting through the pain while still being hurt great selling at it.

Some great nearfalls and this builds really well to Kid countering a german with pushing Tam into an exposed turnbuckle! This is followed up by a vicious back attack by Kid, Tam's selling is unreal here and the fight she puts in to try to counter a sharpshooter before Kid fights and fights and almost gets it on before they collapse into the ropes.

Tam selling her back in severe pain with Kid doing the most vicious but cocky kicks ever and just standing on her face crushing her is pro wrestling

Tam is able to counter a german with a hop and shoves Kid face first into the exposed turnbuckle and a desperate german by tam has both down!

It really looks like a double count out and the crowd is awesome here, but both are up and forearm each other desperately. At the third attempt Kid ducks and SLAPS HER. Tam kicks her head off and then knees her head off for a great nearfall!!

A TIGER SUPLEX BY TAM WAS PERFECT, but a REALLLLY CLOSE TWO!!!!!!!!!!! Tam FIRES THE FUCK UP and struggles and struggles but can't hit her finish, so spin kicks her instead and goes for the knee, but Oedi Tai kick her back, as she runs the ropes, and a rollup by Kid gets two!!!!!!!!

Tam again goes back first into the exposed buckle, but Kid wildly runs in and gets drop toe holed face first into it. Tam can barely stand, but musters up ALL HER STRENGHT TO try to hit her finish, but Oedi Tai distracts and gives Kid a chair but referee is back in. Kick by Tam, Kid goes for a roll up and her own partner accidently hits her with the briefcase. Tam knocks her down and then FINALLY HITS THE TWILIGHT DREAM for the WIN!!!!!!!! This was an awesome main event that built so well to an exciting finish and Kid being so evil and Tam being so sympathetic really put it over the top. [7.75]

Tam tries to offer support but Kid violently swats at her and is helped to the back by Oedi Tai.

Tam, still selling, gets her title and the trophy but can barely stand and hold it. With the grand prix upcoming, no title defenses, but come October she'll go down as the best champion ever!! She is bleeding from the mouth here and invites the Cosmic Angels into the ring to close the show.

Stardom is on such a fucking roll and this show was no different! We are almost at the Grand Prix, let's go!

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Stardom Cinderella Summer Tour In Sapporo (2021-07-22)

The next day back in the same arena!

1) AZM vs Lady C

Lady C did it the day before, can she repeat with two decent matches in her career?

This was okay, so a great outing for Lady C. You would think a smaller quick wrestler would be perfect for Lady C, but.. this match did not work in Lady C's favour. Her Choke Slam is awesome though and the crowd seems to be accepting her. Her selling is getting better. Insanely brutal missile dropkick to Lady C laying on the mat for the finish. Just brutal.

2) Momo Watanabe vs Tam Nakano vs Maika

A three way without AZM? This is different from your usually Stardom three ways, probably because of the lack of AZM. It's more of a traditional match and obviously highly focused on Maika-Momo. Tam does not get lost, because she rules so much. There is literally a spot where Maika saves Momo from a Tam kick! Her loves knows no bounds. Delayed vertical superplex by Maika!!! They battle and it's an even stand still through out leading to a time limit draw. A cool variation on a theme. Post match, Momo rejects Maika again and Maika cries. Tam consoles her and Maika freaks and pushes her away.

3) Oedi Tai (Ruaka & Saki Kashima) vs Cosmic Angels (Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka)

Funny moment during introductions where Unagi thought she was being introduced so she got on the top to pose, then the announcer said Mina who had to get into a pose and laugh.

A solid tag match that Oedi Tai wins by cheating with the briefcase. About what you would expect.

4) Oedi Tai (Konami & Starlight Kid) vs STARS (Koguma & Mayu Iwatani)

This is by far the coolest version of Oedi Tai in a long time! Konami and Starlight Kid? Yes please!

A nice solid tag match which saw Oedi Tai win with Konami tapping out Kogumi. Nothing special, but a fun way to spend your time. The Mayu-Kid segments were good and I can't wait till their eventual singles!

5) Goddesses of Stardom Champions Donna del Mondo (Giulia & Syuri) vs Queen's Quest (Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita)

The clown wigs are back and now with a synchronized dance! I do appreciate how much effort Giulia and Syuri put into becoming a distinct team and having them teaming be different then them singles. 

Early on there was the coolest tag team criss cross segment and I LOVED it so hard! This was all excitement through out, but I was a little distracted watching this one. Seemed like another good tag match filled with action, but had nothing to really make it special and stand out as a big title defense. The champs retain.

The Champs great the crowd only to be attacked by Oedi Tai, Konami and Ruaka want the belts!

An okay show, but totally skippable. Nothing bad, all solid stuff, but nothing special.

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