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King Kong Bundy


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mmcoor said - 

"Bundy was a great big man. He was athletic for his size and was a decent seller. He was great at being a monster heel and had a genuinely scary Presence."

Vs Hulk Hogan WM 2 

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Great menacing character work playing the monster. I liked his World Class intro being a rugged babyface from Nome, Alaska- the crowd liked it. Good matches in Memphis.

I was very happy to get his LJN action figure as a kid, and I liked his Saturday Night's Main Event run. Bobby Heenan helped him a lot.

Bundy had limited movements, moves, and mobility in the WWF, so lots of his longer matches were boring compared to his TV squashes. Did not steal the show in WrestleMania 2, as the Hogan match was not as good as the Bulldogs vs Dream Team or Funks vs JYD + Tito.

Did not like his Tony Garea MSG match or any of his Andre matches. His tag team with Big John Studd failed in comparison to later monster combos like The Twin Towers or Natural Disasters, or even the aura of The Colossal Connection.

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