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Ohtani's Jacket said:

I think he's clear the lucha WOTY for 2002 and 2003, which makes him a contender for the best wrestler in the world during those years. 2002 might be close with Ultimo Guerrero, but 2003 is Shocker so far. I'm not sure how far his run extends beyond 2003, but he was a pretty decent worker as a masked flyer and has some bright spots in his post prime work. 

Match recs:

Shocker vs. Tarzan Boy, 5/21/2000
Shocker vs. Ultimo Guerrero, 12/13/2002
Shocker vs. Ultimo Gurerrero, 2/7/2003 & 2/14/2003
Shocker vs. Vampiro (hair vs. hair), 4/4/2003

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Shocker is in that 'charismatic but not often very good' mold. He's like an actually competent Cien Caras. His best match is probably the hair match vs Rush but even then he's not lighting the world on fire.

His stuff with Tarzan Boy is passable but not inspiring. If you've got nothing better to do then check it out.

His other big mask/hair matches are also fine. They're all dramatic and have that build to the finish that would send you home happy if you're invested in either guy but the work inside leaves me cold. Basically, his apuesta are a poor man's Ultimo/Atlantis (which is already something I have no time for). 

Maybe he deserves consideration but I can't see him making the top 100.

If we're basing this off charisma and post match dancing then he's top ten.



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