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The ALL PURPOSE Necro Butcher Thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

Necro Butcher is on track to become one of the best workers of this decade, and certainly to become the best garbage worker of this decade. Like Foley before him, he's proven himself as both an out-of-control monster heel and as a lovable lunatic babyface, and in terms of pure talent, I think he has what it takes to make it big. There are lots of other factors that could easily prevent that, of course, but talent-wise, he's got it down pat.


Some of your better Necro Butcher matches include....


*Necro Butcher vs. Toby Klein (6/25/2004 - IWA:M-S)

"Fans Bring the Weapons" Match from the 1st round of the annual "King of the Death Matches" tournament. The gateway match for a lot of Necro fans. Considered by many at the time to be the best death match ever, though I don't know if that opinion still stands. The finish always ruined it for me, but what can you do?


*Necro Butcher vs. Samoa Joe (6/11/2005 - IWA:M-S)

Rob Naylor's greatest achievement. Probably solidified Necro's standing in the minds of indy wrestling fans at large as a guy who you should be paying attention to.


*Necro Butcher vs. Tank (11/19/2005 - IWA:M-S)

*Necro Butcher vs. Bull Pain (11/19/2005 - IWA:M-S)

The Quarter and Semi-Finals of the 2005 KOTDM tournament. The finals were pretty darn good, too, for that matter, but these were the highlights of one of the best one-night performances in the recent history of wrestling


*Necro Butcher/Chris Hero/Super Dragon vs. Samoa Joe/BJ Whitmer/Adam Pearce (4/22/2006 - ROH)

*Necro Butcher/Chris Hero/Claudio Castognoli/Nate Webb/Eddie Kingston vs. Samoa Joe/BJ Whitmer/Adam Pearce/Ace Steele/Bryan Danielson/Homicide (7/15/2006 - ROH)

Point/counterpoint in one hell of a feud. Necro is a secondary player here, but he's the most prominent secondary player, and he makes the most of it.


*Necro Butcher vs. Super Dragon (9/2/2006 - PWG)

This was about as crazy as you might guess it was.


*Necro Butcher vs. Low-Ki (12/16/2006 - IWA:M-S)


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Almost forgot to mention....


*Necro Butcher vs. Yoshiaki Yago (2/26/2006 - CHIKARA)

A great example of what Necro brings to the table when he doesn't have weapons. Both of these guys just lay into each other in spectacular fashion.

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I have mentioned this before, but I have never been the biggest Necro fan. I've even seen him live (at PWG DDT4 2008), and I was kind of meh -- though the crowd were nuts for him.


However, one day I was watching a pimped match (I don't know now what it was - it's been some years now). It occurred to me what a light touch he had. He was taking all kinds of nasty bumps. But his opponent was totally protected. I respected him a lot for that, especially given I thought was his reputation for being crazy.


I still don't seek out his matches. I don't even know if he's still working. But I appreciate him more now.

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