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Dave Meltzer's match quality analysis


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So the newest Observer says this in a FCW TV recap:


TV main was a 2/3 fall match with D.H. Smith & T.J. Wilson, managed by Natalya, winning the FCW tag titles from Sebastian Slater & Joe Hennig. Not only the best match on FCW TV since it started by a wide margin, but this was better than 85% of the matches on Raw and Smackdown. People kind of lost interest because they really didn’t get into the three fall thing, but they booked a great finish and these guys executed it perfectly. Athletically, all four of these guys are ready today, which, given how little time Hennig has been in, is saying a lot for him. Slater has the prelim guy look that will be hard to overcome in WWE. Wilson & Smith both have to be a tag team because Wilson is very good but on the small side, and Smith is solid, but lacks charisma. Natalya is the most charismatic part of the act, but based on what I’ve seen, I’m not sure she’s the great promo the act will need to make it in WWE. Just because he’s advanced so far so fast, Hennig may have the most potential of all. Hard to say because in OVW you’d get interviews and angles and here you just get matches, so it’s harder to get over and harder to ascertain if they can make it in WWE. But Hennig works exactly like his father, doing all his father’s spots, and his timing is great. He doesn’t have his fathers’ “star” look but he may be just as good in the ring at the same stage of development. What is working against him is his age. He’s listed at 29, but they may be a year or two off, and that’s a little older than they would like to have people start, although plenty have started at that age and made it. It’s not like Rico Costantino, who was 37 when he was signed to developmental and had limited indie experience, or Marty Wright, who was 40, and then had to learn from scratch. They did a great spot where Hennig kicked out of the old Hart attack finisher. Match ended with Hennig using a fisherman suplex on Wilson, but Natalya pulled him off, and as he was distracted Wilson got the crucifix pin to take the third fall.

I decided to check out the match and it was a perfectly fine, if dull, generic indy tag match, but nowhere near what Dave said. Usually, I wouldn't care, but this match made me wonder, as normally, one can see why Dave rated a divisive match a certain way: He liked it because it had a lot of cool well-executed highspots, or MMA spots, or a hot run of nearfalls, or something else that he always likes. This didn't have any of that other than what I'd agree was a great finish (Hennig hits a apron to ring Perfectplex on Wilson, Natalya pulls on his leg to break up the pin, Hennig sits up, and Wilson quickly crucifixes him for the fall), but it was about 10 seconds of a 15 minute match. Anyone who's better at interpreting Meltzer able to figure this out so I can fine-tune how I weigh his recommendations?
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