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  1. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Ric Flair

    I think the big Superbrawl buyrate was partly due to Goldberg-Bigelow which was a hot program at the time. Goldberg wasn't on Uncensored and the buys were down by a third. Also should be noted that the week before Uncensored was the infamous Nitro with no wrestling in the first hour.
  2. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Unboxing the 80s

    There's a promo in '95 ECW (which I remember fondly as it was the on first ECW show I ever saw) where Raven and Richards are on the beach in Florida along with Beulah (in a bikini like Nancy here) and Richards talks about how much he loved Florida Championship Wrestling and Kevin Sullivan's stable until Luna ("a moronic, stupid moronic retard who shaved her head right down the middle!") joined. Until now I never knew that it was an homage to an actual Sullivan promo. Raven grew up on the Florida territory and surely remembered this promo many years later. EDIT: Around the 21-minute mark.
  3. Boondocks Kernoodle

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    "Lifetime membership" in the CAC just means Arquette paid them $312. Any one of us could purchase the same membership.
  4. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    I haven't heard it mentioned on the podcast, but this was a line Bobo Brazil used to say as a joke whenever they drew a bad house. "They must have all been at that new all-night gas station." Given Vince's affection for Bobo it's easy to see how that caught on among the WWF front office.
  5. Boondocks Kernoodle


    I was never a big Wyatt fan, but the crowd was incredibly hot for his faceoff with HHH at the Rumble in 2016. They should have done the face turn then. That they finally pulled the trigger on it to make him a preshow act is a pretty big failure on their part.
  6. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I felt the anger in that situation was a bit poorly distributed. It was a dick thing for Rush to say, but I found it very interesting that there was a lot of heat on him for joking about it but no heat whatsoever on management for actually releasing her. I know the wrestlers can't really criticize their bosses, but even something as innocuous as "they made a bad decision in releasing her" is too controversial for any WWE wrestler to say.
  7. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Someone tell Jake Nazar to update his article. He's obviously talking about the implants, same way he talked around Cena's physique change just beforehand (Alvarez: "He's really ripped but he still has a gut." Dave: "Well we know why that is." Alvarez: "Why?" Dave: "...because he's 40.") but his cryptic comments are too easy to misinterpret if taken out of context. If he had just said "she looked better before the boob job" I'm sure some would have still been upset but he wouldn't have sounded like such a body-shamer. Now you're going to see all sorts of prominent people in wrestling jumping in, the Prichard and Russo trolls going after him, it's going to make the front page of Yahoo, and Dave is going to handle the criticism very, very badly.
  8. Boondocks Kernoodle

    The big announcement

    Best of luck on this new project, Loss. I read your comparison to sites like Spotify and Allmovie and it put some ideas in my head. So most of us are probably familiar with ProfightDB. It's a website with a database of wrestlers and cards that shows you a wrestler's entire history of matches. It's a pretty great resource. But what if there was a database for the matches themselves? Like, if you were looking at the card for Summerslam '92 and you clicked on the page for Bret Hart vs British Bulldog and it brought a wealth of content related to the match - Meltzer's star rating, user-submitted reviews, trivia ("According to Hart's autobiography Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling, Bulldog spent the weeks leading up to Summerslam smoking crack with Jim Neidhart"), where to stream the match and where to view it on DVD (for WWE this is easy, but for indies there might be a need for a feature like this). What if you could view a list of all Bret vs Bulldog matches - and narrow it down to singles or tags. What if you could sort certain matches by keyword or keyphrase - for instance if you were on the page for Bret vs Hakushi on Raw in July '95 and one of the keyphrases was "space flying tiger drop" and if you clicked it you saw a list of other matches with that keyphrase. (You know, for all those smarks who think a match isn't good unless it contains a space flying tiger drop.) This is all a bit pie-in-the-sky and it would take a lot of work (and I don't even know what kind of database software would be required to handle it). I don't know if any of these ideas match up to what you're planning but I think there's an opening in the market for a site like what I just described.
  9. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Wrestler's Political Affiliations

  10. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Promos in WWE

    My favorite wrestling closed caption fails: - On a 2003 Raw, Goldberg was called "Smaffles" - During a 1998 Nitro they were playing a clip of Jay Leno doing some Hogan jokes to build up the Road Wild match. Jay said of Hogan, "this guy is so old the only way he can get up is to take Viagra!" Viagra was a new hot topic at the time and we were to understand that "get up" was a double entendre. The closed captioner, evidently unfamiliar with this new wonder drug, quoted Leno as accusing Hogan of taking "vying rafment." - In Flair's TNA debut he was referred to as "The Nature Boy Riki Choshu"
  11. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Dave once said on the F4W Board that he embraced his confrontational online persona a few years ago when he heard from a bunch of his son's friends that they all think it's cool when he owns people on Twitter. So yes, Dave acts the way he does because it impressed a bunch of middle schoolers. Well, that is how you draw money in the business, isn't it?
  12. Boondocks Kernoodle

    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    The lack of any actual unaired WCW matches suggests that they don't have any presentable WCW house show footage in their video library. If they did, you'd think they would have pulled out at least one such match since Savage worked a lot of house shows. Even a Nitro dark match would suffice (like Sting/Luger-Hogan/Savage at the Georgia Dome), but they probably don't have any of those either.
  13. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

    Shane vs Miz, I'm calling it now
  14. Boondocks Kernoodle

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I have heard him on his podcast reference "Zangief from Mortal Kombat" so he is aware that Victor Zangiev inspired a video game character, even if he is mistaken as to which game it is.
  15. Boondocks Kernoodle

    WWE TV October 23 - October 29