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How many tapes do you have...


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Seeing as how most of my tape collection is compilations of the work of individual wrestlers, I wondered...


How many tapes do you have, devoted to a single wrestler?


Last I counted, I had 18 Steve Austin tapes/DVDs and 14 Chris Benoit tapes/DVDs. And I still don't have everything available.

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I used to know all this, but it's hard to tell now. At one time, I had over 600 tapes in my collection, but my apartment flooded almost two years ago, and some of the tapes were dust afterwards. I was able to salvage some of them, although most of my tapes no longer have cases. But without doing a quick inventory (I'm reorganizing things as we speak) and knowing for sure what I still have:


* 5 Midnight Express comps

* 6 Ric Flair comps

* 1 Steve Austin in WCW comp

* 5 Tiger Mask comps

* 3 Chris Benoit comps

* 2 Chris Jericho comps

* 6 Jushin Liger comps


I'm including stuff like Samurai TV specials as comps.


GH also recently sent me some other stuff, so if you count TV specials, I guess I also have Terry Funk, Mitsuharu Misawa, Genichiro Tenryu, Stan Hansen and Riki Choshu, along with a Dynamite Kid comp. Those are on DVD. My whole collection will be eventually.

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Guest Some Guy

I have:


7 Mick Foley tapes (5 DVDs and 2 tapes) with one more on the way

6 Steve Austin tapes (5 DVDs and 1 tape)

3 Samoa Joe comps (with another on the way)

5 Hogan tapes (1 DVD and 4 tapes, 6 if you count the nWo DVD)

2 Benoit comps (1 DVD and 1 tape, I bought another tape from RF, it was the last thing I ever bought there. The quality was shit [unwatchable, it looked like a dub of a Disney movie] and they wanted me to jump through flaming hoops to return it, I told them to fuck off and never visted the site again)


The rest of my collection is pretty much PPVs, CHVs, shoots, Raws, and comps with multiple guys (which are listed in the "I Just Copped" thread.

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