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Who is everyone's favorite "Slob" worker, past or present? I'm not exactly sure how to define slob, so I'll leave it open to your own interpretation. In my view, a slob is a fat, out of shape, jiggly, wobbly goof who blows up after two minutes and generally has no business in the ring. However, I've heard some folks refer to workers like Vader or Jerry Blackwell as slobs simply because they're fat. I happen to disagree with that view, but that's why I want to leave the definition open.


My all-time favorite slob has to be Kamala (or Kimala if you prefer). His schtick as an African headhunter always cracked me up and his facial expressions seemed to suck me into his matches (or maybe just distract me from his complete lack of ability). Whenever he would start patting his tummy like he's ready for his next meal, I'd roll on the floor laughing. I recently listened to one of his shoot interviews and the old stories he told were entertaining, especially the bit about how Mid-South fans would surround his van when he pulled into the arena. In order to get the crowd to disperse, Kamala once killed a live chicken and started throwing feathers and chicken parts at the mob. If true, that's hillarious. I can't pinpoint a favorite match or moment involving Kamala, but I think the same can be said about a lot of slobs. Nothing truly stands out, but over time you develop a fondness for their work for some unknown reason.

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How slobby do you have to be to count as a slob? Stan Hansen and Dick Murdock looked like they never set foot in a gym with their beer guts and such, but still didn't seem out of place in a wrestling ring.


My favorite's probably Mick Foley. Never looked even remotely athletic, to the point where slobbiness a part of his gimmick. But put him in a brutally physical street fight that lasted for the better part of half an hour, and strangely he never seemed to run out of gas.

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or maybe just distract me from his complete lack of ability

Kimala isn't a guy who lacked ability at all.


Really mobile super heavyweight. Big bumper. That second and occasionally top rope splash was a pretty big crazy move. He’s got an excellent Sano/Ringo Mendoza back savate kick. I remember Jewett praising him for his moveset for the time Really like his WWF cage match with Andre. He’s credited with bringing the cage to Arena Mexico. A lot of his matches had shitty finishes but a guy who I normally looked forward to in Mid South main events when we were putting together the Midsouth set (he was really dull when working a scientific midcard matches built around nerve holds but in a main event with big spots he entertained).


My favorite thing was that Joel Watts was clearly embarrassed about the racism and would call all of Kimala’s matches as though Kimala was a “cerebral” worker playing mind games. “Kimala is a real thinking man’s wrestler”…” Comes from educated royalty”..”He does this to confuse and intimidate his opponents”.

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