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Bracket #2, Round #4, Match #8


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Vote for the wrestler that you think had the better career in WWE (whether you base that on impact or match quality is your decision), from 1985 to 2005. Voting will end tomorrow morning at the latest. Please give the wrestler's name first and any explanation thereafter. Thanks.

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Guest The Man in Blak

Davey Boy Smith


Though Piper's a bigger draw, Davey's international appeal makes it somewhat of an argument. DBS contributed all over the card, in tags, and as a face and a heel; he probably would rate higher in this tournament, if not for his unfortunate run in the Attitude era.

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I tried looking at this from all angles because I really feel that people voting for Piper aren't looking at it from his entire career. A tough pill to swallow for someone who voted for Ricky Steamboat.


For two years, Piper was the man. I don't argue that. But I do want to look at what he did in and out of the ring while he was there...


Piper's Notable Matches:


Piper & Orndorff v. Mr. T & Hogan: Probably the single most important match for Piper in terms of his worth. Unfortunately, I can't really give any of the credit for this to Piper. He had some good promos. He held up his end but this match was all about Hulkamania. You could have thrown Volkoff and Shiek opposite T and Hogan and had the same electricity.


Piper v. Mr. T: An embarassment. Not something we should remember Piper by.


Piper vs. Adrian Adonis- The match was ok, however, the angle was great. Adonis's Flower shop was such a heatgrabber and seeing Piper redeem himself in his "farewell" match was a sight to behond. And for better or worse, it actually propelled Brutus Beefcake up a notch. One of my favorite moments in wrestling.


Piper v. Bad News Brown Anyone who can watch this and not be offended should be ashamed of themselves. The Fed had a chance to make Bad News the ultimate badass. Instead, they made it a joke.


Piper v. Bret Hart: Another great Piper moment. I think the match is overrated myself but the angle and story surrounding the match was great.



If you have any other Piper matches or feuds of any worht, please remind me because i am shocked people would vote for this guy based on these limited high profile matches.


If it is a matter of drawing money. Piper got lucky. He was placed in a feud with Hulk hogan based on the reputation of his feud with Jimmy Snuka. He was also put in a position that you could have selected ANY heel on the roster (Orndorff, Muraco, Adonis, Honky, DiBiase, etc.) and had some kind of impact since you were fighting the most significant wrestling icon to ever exist at that point.



Now on to Davey Boy...


Davey was never a headliner like Piper. Just like Foley was never a headliner compared to HHH. They were two guys who were put in different positions because of different factors. Again it comes down to doing something with what you are given.


A look at Davey's notable matches....


British Bulldogs v. Dream Team (WM2) : The best match on the card and really a display of how Davey and Dynamite were a near perfect tag team. The dynamic of the team allowed for both guys to bump like pinballs, carry the match with high-impact offense and be smart enough to allow the match to shape itself. While this si the only Bulldog match I will mention, they also had a great run with the Hart Foundation that produced decent matches.


Davey v. Bret Hart: I like this match. I know Bret said Davey was blown up after 3 minutes and he carried the match. Maybe he did. However, Davey still kept going for another 20 minutes and recieved one of the wildest receptions I have ever seen. Did Davey draw? In England, absolutely :) . This was a case of the WWF placing him in a position to succeed and him taking advantage of it. I give him credit for that.


Davey v. HBK (feud): These two had some eally good matches in the mid-90s. Davey was versatile enough to be able to hold his own and run with Shawn while also being big enough to be percieved as a real threat. Compare Davey's professionalism with Shawn's as Shawn throws tamptrums in the middle of the ring while Davey keeps doing his job.


Davey v. Owen (several matches): THe finals of the Euro Title belt is one of the best matches the fed has produced. I'll have a review up late tonight or early tomorrow. These two took a mini-rivalry within thier tag team and let it build to the eventual Bulldog face turn. Although that plan was scrapped, the resulting Hart reunion was great TV and when I finish the Hart Foundation comp, you'll be able to see for yourselves.


Davey v. HBK: The One Night Only Match. I have only seen this in two forms... bad VQ and clipped. BUT one thing stands out. If HBK fights anyone but Davey, the mood of the match and HBK's heelness in England doesn't have as much impact. The country embraced Davey and he delivered. he also did what Bret Hart could never bring himself to do... drop his vanity belt in his home country to put someone else over. Once again, Davey proves hmself to be the ultimate professional.


Davey v Shamrock: Bad angle, bad match, bad idea. Dog food Ruff Ruff :huh:


Davey v. Diesel: Ugh... it's Kevin Nash. But others have gotten a good match with Nash where Davey couldn't. Then again, how would Piper fare against Nash? Maybe worst match ever?


Davey's return: It is hard for me to judge this era because WWF was sort of caught up in post-Russo syndrome but there were also some really absurd angles going out there (Bossman's dad anyone?). However, the Fed had enough faith in him to play with the big dogs and I don't think he embarassed himself.



So, in conclusion, with big angles, you could probably go with Piper although Davey was in some great angles AND feuds. In big matches, Davey destroys Piper. Longevity? Davey again. In drawing money, I would have loved to have seen a Hogan v.Davey match at the height of Hulkamania. Would it have been different for people's perceptions? However, when Davey was called to draw, and set up to succeed, he did. More of a professional? Davey. He put over who he needed to. Piper's feud with Hogan is always mentione dbut it was never settled and Piper never put Hogan over. There was never a satisfying conclusion. That leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Piper, did put over Bret Hart but Bret has poven that you could put most people in the ring with Bret hart and he'll make you find a way to care about it.



once again, gotta go with...


Davey Boy Smith

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I'm sticking with Piper. I think he is far more influential as a character and quite possibly the best heel in the WWE from the timeframe we are considering.

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