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lol @ the results of this poll on wwe.com


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Do you agree with Daniel Bryan being ranked the No. 1 NXT Rookie in the first-ever Pros Poll?


Yes. Bryan has proven himself worthy of being the WWE's next breakout star. 32.21 % 1059667 Votes

No. Bryan doesn't have the look or personality to be a top-level WWE Superstar. 67.78 % 2229925 Votes



Total Votes: 3289592

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I wonder if they altered the poll results like they did for Cyber Sunday a few years back.

When was it confirmed that they altered the poll results for Cyber Sunday? I remember Dave claiming they were legitimate.


They were? I'm thinking of the one where allegedly people voted for a Benoit match as one of the best matches they'd seen or something like that. If I'm wrong then I apologize.

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Boo! I dispute this poll's accuracy and authenticity. :angry:

They left out wrestling alongside "look or personality".


Maybe they did the thing they mentioned in the Death of WCW book. Where they did an online poll and the other choices got the votes instead.

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