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    All Elite Wrestling

    {WELCOME TO AEW DYNAMITE! We get open with the events that just happen on Sunday at Full Gear. We have the crowning of the new AEW Tag Team Champions FTR! CM Punk was able to defeat Eddie Kingston in a hell of a brawl and the biggest of all "Hangman" Adam Page became the AEW World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Kenny Omega. We now go straight to Tony and Excalibur who welcome us to this edition of Dynamite! They go over this hot card and that is when we head straight to our opening contest!} Singles Match Andrade El Idolo with Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Malakai Black {This match gets the full opening of the show. It goes the full 20 minutes and ends in a DRAW! This match was made after the loss at Full Gear and the constant fighting between the two. This match gets the big spots and they go all out. The ending comes when Chavo gets the Black Mist from Black across his face. Andrade is setting up for The Hammerlock DDT but Black counters and sends Andrade over the top rope! The fans are buzzing as the timer goes down! Black does a step-up Senton over the top to the floor! The Timer goes off with both men still fighting! Referee Aubrey Edwards has no choice but ends the match with a Draw! Black and Andrade are not happy with the result but they want to keep the fight going until security and referees separate the two! The fans are buzzing as Excalibur and Tony are pushing this. We head to the back where Eddie Kingston is standing in the back!} Eddie Kingston: Last night, I did lose to CM Punk but at the end who really won that match? Cause the way that I see it. I am still here, I am still breathing and you never got that crummy apology that you so desperately wanted. So did I really lose at Full Gear cause from my viewpoint? I really don't see that I lost, cause, unlike you Punk. I am in the Main Event Tonight and not just that but I get a chance to become The TNT Champion. I came so close to winning that championship a couple of months ago and now that I know what it takes to become a champion in AEW. Nobody will stand in my way. Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and even you Brodie better watch your backs because tonight I am going to FINALLY fulfil my goal of holding a championship in AEW. So I guess in some way I must thank you CM Punk because you made me realize that I NEVER have to apologize for anything I do. So tonight I am walking out with that gold! *Commercial* Tag Team Match The Young Bucks vs The Rock n' Roll Express {This match is a dream match. The Rock n' Roll Express gets a nice reaction from the crowd. The Bucks are full-on heels though and make sure to do all their antics to get the crowd upset. This match gets about 13 minutes. Ricky does a beautiful job selling like he always does. The Bucks look dominant in his match but The Express do their great job in bringing the fans into this match. Morton finally gets the hot tag and into the match comes Gibson! He does his hot tag segment. This match looks over when The Rock n' Roll Express nail a Double Dropkick on Matt Jackson. This is when referee Rick Knox makes Morton know he isn't the legal man! The fans are letting him hear it but that is when The Bucks are able to take advantage when Nick Jackson plants Gibson with a Superkick! Morton comes back into the ring but DOUBLE SUPERKICK TO MORTON! Gibson is in trouble here when BTE TRIGGER! The Bucks are smiling as Morton is trying to crawl to his partner when he is planted with a Double Superkick that sends him outside of the ring! The Bucks set up Gibson and MELTZER DRIVER 1.....2....3! The Bucks take the victory as the fans are letting them hear it. That is when The Bucks signal they want the AEW Tag Team Championships!} {We head to the back where The Dark Order is celebrating with Adam Page over his AEW World Championship Victory. As soon as Page walks out of the scene saying he is heading to the ring that is when up to the scene comes Brodie Lee!} Brodie Lee: This is complete BULLSHIT! I was FORCED to take a leave of absence and I come back to see what I have built from utter trash into one of the most dominant factions in not just AEW but in all of professional wrestling. Now, I come back and I see that you four have tried to replace me! I AM THE EXALTED ONE! I AM MR.BRODIE LEE! I am irreplaceable. The Dark Order needs to get their shit together because I REFUSE to be associated with losers. Do you know how sick to stomach it made me see Evil Uno dressed up like a cowboy? Stu dressed up as a video game character. Alex, I don't know what the hell you were and even worse John Silver you dressed up as a freakin' Disney character, and even worse it was a DAMN DEER! You four have made a mockery of the very thing I busted my ass to make mean something and I will NOT put up with that ever again. So take tonight to make up your minds. Are you going to follow me and go back to the top or are you going to some cheap laugh for these fans and the rest of AEW! {Brodie leaves the scene obviously upset and leaves The Dark Order to ponder where their loyalty lies!} *Commercial* {Here comes the AEW World Champion! Adam Page comes out with a MASSIVE reaction from the crowd. Adam is standing in the middle of the ring with the fans making multiple chants for him. Adam cuts his promo and thanks to the crowd for always having his back. He then mentions Bryan Danielson and tells him that he will give him the fight anytime that he wants and that he will happily show The Dragon what Cowboy Shit is all about! Adam Page holds up the AEW World Championship!} {This doesn't end the segment as here comes BRYAN DANIELSON! The fans almost have no idea how to answer this! Adam looks ready though as Bryan is walking with a purpose as he doesn't even care about the chants or anything.} {Bryan and Hangman are not seeing eye to eye here. Bryan comes out and basically calls out Hangman for the way he has been acting. Bryan tells Hangman that he needs to learn how to act like a champion and the first rule is to act like a professional and quit pandering to these fans because at the end of the night they won't be able to fight the match for him. Hangman tells Bryan that he needs to quit talking and pick a date for their AEW World Title Match! Bryan tells Hangman that he has no plan on letting Hangman know but he says that he needs to be ready at all times. Bryan then tells Hangman that if he wants to see what he is in for to watch later tonight when Bryan Danielson will be in action. Bryan leaves the scene telling Hangman that his dream of being champion will soon be coming to an end but he can be happy in knowing that Bryan knows how to be a champion and he will be proud to not only show him but also will show the entire AEW locker room how a champion should act and drinking beer and playing cowboy isn't it!} *Commercial* Singles Match Adam Cole vs 2 Cold Scorpio {This match doesn't last too long. Adam Cole is on a mission here. 2 Cold Scorpio is stepping right out of 1993 WCW. He even comes out to his classic theme and is dancing all over the arena. Cole though is not in the mood tonight as he is able to crotch Scorpio on the buckle. Cole throws him off the ropes and drops Scorpio with THE LAST SHOT! 1....2....3!!! Cole demands a microphone after his match!} Adam Cole: Let's have a little storytime with Adam Cole BAY BAY! At Full Gear, The Superkliq was defeated and you know what. I am man enough to admit that we lost that match but let's be real the ONLY reason we lost that match was simple. We were not ready for a former multi-time World Champion to be in that match. Samoa Joe was a desperate pull from desperate men. Joe, you made mistake getting into my business and I will make sure that you pay for that. Now, that you don't have an element of surprise on your side. I can go ahead and tell you that Joe that you have no idea what you got yourself involved in. Adam Cole Bay Bay is going to show AEW why this is going to be all about The Elite! {Tony and Excalibur hype this up as we now head to the back where Darby Allin is standing by.} {Darby cuts an intense promo on his upcoming match. He mentions that his issues with MJF are not over but for the time being his time is now focused on becoming AEW TNT Champion. Darby says that MJF will get what is coming to him one day but for right now he has a pass because he has other matters to attend to.} *Commercial* SIngles MAtch Bryan Danielson vs Rey Fenix {This is a hard-hitting and beautiful match. These two go all out. Fenix is showing off his aerial skill but Bryan though is able to finally ground Fenix and begins completely tearing apart the knee of Fenix! Bryan is like a complete animal just ripping apart that knee. Fenix is able to get the crowd going for his comeback but that is when Bryan is able to counter a flying attack and just begins to CURB STOMP the face of Fenix before finally locking a Kneebar in the middle of the ring! Fenix can't take the pain and TAPS OUT! Bryan is standing on the ropes and screaming at the camera that Hangman is screwed when Bryan names the date of the AEW World Title Match!} {We head to the back where Christian is going over tonight's AEW TNT Title match. He tells Jungle Boy that he has to learn how to make it in AEW without the help of others and he needs to be able to stand on his own. Jungle Boy tells Christian that he appreciates everything that he has done for him in his time with AEW. Jungle tells Christian that tonight he is going in there by himself and he will be leaving with the AEW TNT Championship!} *Commercial* {CM Punk cuts a passionate promo about AEW. He says that Eddie brought out a side of him that has been waiting to be unleashed. Punk says that at Full Gear was the last time that he ever questioned if he was the man because he realized that he is the man! Punk makes a claim that he wants to become the next in line for the AEW World Championship but that is when a piece of music hits that NOBODY would ever expect.} {It's Kenny Omega! He comes down the ramp and goes right into the face of CM Punk. The two men share a quick promo but they begin arguing. Omega is telling Punk that he would stand no chance against the best wrestler in the world today. Punk though tells Omega that he has faced many talented people but he hasn't stepped into the ring with the true Best in the World. Punk looks at Omega and says that he is ready for the test and then CHALLENGES Kenny Omega to a match. This leaves The Cleaner with something to ponder before he finally says that he will accept the offer of CM Punk but he wants to make sure that CM Punk has what it even takes to challenge someone like himself. He says that he saw something that he believes will be perfect for CM Punk to challenge himself. He says he is going to put CM Punk through a series of matches every week and if he can SOMEHOW manage to overcome then he will accept the challenge but he promises CM Punk that this is the only way that this match will EVER happen. Punk looks out at the crowd and asks their opinion in which the crowd agrees. Punk looks at Omega and shakes his hand. Omega then announces the first match will take place next week on Dynamite when CM Punk will have to face and defeat Ricky Starks of Team Taz and the catch is that CM Punk can not use The GTS or The Anaconda Vice or he will automatically DQ'd! Punk looks at Omega and shakes his hand before telling Omega that he will go through these tests and when he beats whatever roadblock is ahead of him. He will make Omega pay!} *Commercial* AEW TNT Championship Match Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match Brodie Lee vs Eddie Kingston vs Jungle Boy vs Darby Allin {Here we go! The Main Event! This match is a hard-hitting, fast-paced match! They get 29 minutes and they take ALL of it! These men are going all out to become the TNT Champion. The first elimination happens when Eddie Kingston plants Jungle Boy with a Backhand to the Future that leads to a 3 count!} Jungle Boy is Eliminated {The second elimination happens when Wardlow makes an appearance and drills Darby with a stiff chair shot! Darby is bleeding as Brodie plants him with a Sitout Powerbomb! 1....2....3! Darby gets cheated out of the TNT Championship by MJF. Darby is being checked on as we are down to the final two!} Darby Allin is Eliminated {We are now to the final two of this match! It's now Brodie and Eddie and they are battling it out for the final 10 minutes! It's a complete brawl. They are going back and forth with many near falls but that is when The Dark Order shows up at the top of the ramp. Brodie is smiling as The Dark Order seems to have made their choice as Eddie is about to take the victory but as he makes the cover Evil Uno hops on the ring apron. Stu slides into the ring but that is when Brodie Lee is handed the TNT Championship. Eddie turns around and is blasted with the TNT Championship by Brodie! The Dark Order have made their decision! Alex and Silver tell the referee to turn around 1.....2.....3!!! Brodie Lee has become the NEW TNT Champion! We see The Dark Order make their pledge in the middle of the ring with Brodie Lee holding p the TNT Championship!}
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    WWF Team League

    I love those Survivor Series Match-ups. Also, it's cool seeing a draft take place. I always loved a good draft and this was a cool one to see.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Dark Announcers: Excalibur and Taz Date 11/22/21 Results Jungle Boy and Christian Cage defeats The Butcher and The Blade VIA The Snare Trap Darby Allin defeats Daniel Garcia Via Coffin Drop The Dark Order (Uno and Grayson) defeats Private Party VIA Fatality (Gory Bomb Diving Cutter combination) Eddie Kingston defeats Joey Janela VIA Backfist to the Future Orange Cassidy defeats Colton Gunn VIA Orange Punch Main Event Adam Cole defeats John Silver VIA The Last Shot! COMING UP THIS WEEK ON DYNAMITE! Tag Team Match The Young Bucks vs The Rock n' Roll Express Singles Match Adam Cole vs 2 Cold Scorpio Singles Match Malakai Black vs Andrade El Idolo Singles Match Bryan Danielson vs Rey Fenix TNT World Championship Elimination Fatal Four-Way Brodie Lee vs Darby Allin vs Eddie Kingston vs Jungle Boy Plus We will hear from new AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page CM Punk will speak
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    All Elite Wrestling

    Thanks for all the feedback guys I really appreciate it. I probably should have written a little backstory for each match. That's my bad but hopefully, this episode was a nice place to start and just follow along the ride from there.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    Thanks, I really appreciate that. I am glad you enjoyed it and liked the Samoa Joe debut.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Presents AEW Full Gear November 13th, 2021 Minneapolis, Minnesota {Welcome to Full Gear! We are live from The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota this building is sold out and it's jam-packed to the rafters. The fans are live and we see all the opening promos that built to this big PPV but none bigger than the biggest prize in all of professional wrestling. The AEW World Championship is on the line as Hangman Adam Page will challenge what many consider to be the greatest wrestler on the planet in "The Big Bout Machine" Kenny Omega! We have other big matches as well as Bryan Danielson will meet The returning leader of The Dark Order Mr.Brodie Lee. Both men have gone through the tournament to make it to the finals and the winner will get a future AEW World Title Shot at a future date. We have CM Punk "The Best in the World" facing off against a man that doesn't even begin to know the word surrender in Eddie Kingston it will be a war for the ages. We have much more to go but let's head at the top of the ramp where Tony Schaivonie and Excalibur are at the broadcast booth.} Excalibur: Welcome to FULL GEAR! Tony: We are live from The Target Center in Minneapolis and Excalibur what a night this is going to be. Excalibur: You have that right Tony. We have titles on the line, we have grudge matches, street fights. Tonight is going to be a game-changer in the world of professional wrestling as a whole. Tony: Well, let's no waste anytime and let's head to ringside where Justin Roberts is standing by! FTW Championship Match Ricky Starks with Taz vs Orange Cassidy {This opening contest goes about 12 minutes. They get a lot going in this match. Starks has a lot of heat in this match and the longer the match goes the more he is getting. Taz is showing some concern with Ricky though who seems more obsessed with his looks than defending this title. Cassidy is OVER with this crowd and the fans LOVE him. He does a beautiful job in selling the offense of Ricky but the tide turns when the hands of Cassidy go into the pockets. Starks is pissed as he proceeds to just slap the taste out of the mouth of Cassidy. This makes Cassidy show a more aggressive side which really gets the crowd going. Starks is taken by this and instantly overwhelmed! Cassidy is headed to the top rope where Taz is there to hold onto the leg which gives Starks enough time to climb up after Cassidy. Both men are on the top rope and Cassidy is grabbed and dropped with a superplex off the very top rope by Starks! Both men crashed and burned! Cassidy is slow to get to his feet as Starks grabs Cassidy and is looking for the Buster Keaton but Cassidy though is able to push him back. Starks bounces off the ropes and ORANGE PUNCH! Cassidy just flattened Starks in the middle of the ring. Cassidy hooks the leg! 1....2...shoulder up! Cassidy thought for sure that was it. Taz is looking worried here as Starks is dazed. Cassidy is climbing to the top rope and CROSSBODY! Starks though ROLLS THROUGH! STARKS GRABS THE PANTS FOR EXTRA LEVERAGE 1.....2....3!!! Ricky Starks retains the FTW Championship as Taz is all smiles! Orange Cassidy is upset but it falls on deaf ears as Starks and Taz have hightailed it to the back already!} Tony: By hook or by crook! We should have a new FTW Champion in Orange Cassidy but that lucky son of a gun Ricky Starks was able to grab the tights and steal this victory. Excalibur: Well I am sure that we are going to hear from Taz later about that victory but let's head to the back where Renee Young is standing by with Brodie Lee. Renee: Mr. Lee, in recent months we have seen a sort of friendship happen between your Dark Order and Adam Page. Do you care to comment on that? Brodie: Renee, it's been no secret for the past few months I have been absent and not been able to be contacted but you see all of that has changed because when I came back on AEW Dynamite to be the surprise competitor in the World Title Eliminator Tournament it seems The Dark Order was nowhere to be found. I have had to sit and watch the group that I took from complete obscurity and made them a force in AEW but how do they repay me. They dress up like cowboys and praise a man that has done NOTHING for them. Hangman, you made a HUGE mistake in getting involved with The Dark Order. I am and forever will be the Exhaulted One! NOBODY ELSE! Dark Order I think it's time that we had a serious talk. I have been gone FAR too long and now tonight I take my AEW World Title Shot and I not only show The Dark Order who their rightful leader is but I also stake my claim to the AEW World Championship. Bryan, we have gone to war before but you have NEVER faced this version of Brodie Lee and all I can say is may God have mercy on you because I will not! Darby Allin vs MJF with Wardlow {A hard-hitting 100 mph match here. MJF is the most hated man on the roster and for good reason. Darby is the never-say-die and fights till he has nothing left. These two put on a special match for this crowd and they blow the roof of this place. They do big spots. An apron Coffin Drop, an apron Powerbomb, a Heatseeker Piledriver that should have ended the match but not tonight at Full Gear maybe on Dynamite but tonight is special and we are seeing why. This finish comes at us really fast. MJF counters a coffin drop by getting his knees up at the very last second. MJF turns this into a roll-up with the tights 1.....2...kick out! MJF trying to win like Starks did earlier but it wasn't meant to be. MJF comes charging with a wild lariat attempt but Darby rolls under and bounces off the ropes with a Springboard Coffin Drop to a standing MJF that puts him down. Wardlow hops on the ring apron to distract the referee. Darby though has seen enough and leaps off the top rope with a missile dropkick that plants Wardlow off the apron and down. MJF though has had enough time to put on the DYNAMITE RING! Darby has no idea! MJF throws a wild right hand but Darby though ducks the shot and takes MJF down and locks on his own version of Salt of the Earth! MJF is screaming as Darby is wrenching on the arm! MJF finally manages to get right into the ropes as Darby though sees this and does a roll and RELOCKS ON THE HOLD! MJF though counters this time with a blatant rake of the eyes! Aubrey Edwards is in the face of MJF but gets ignored as MJF grabs Darby and throws him into the buckles with a VICIOUS Buckle Bomb! Darby bounces off the ropes right into a clothesline. Darby lands on the apron but HEATSEEKER PILEDRIVER! 1......2.....DARBY KICKS OUT! MJF IS PISSED! Darby should have been put away there. MJF tells the crowd and Aubrey to screw off. MJF leaves for a steel chair. As soon as MJF gets near the ring Darby has already flown THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Darby though went straight into the chair by complete accident! MJF who should be knocked out is somehow safe! The fans and everyone is shocked but nobody more than MJF who is holding the chair. Aubrey is screaming to DQ him but MJF says he never used the chair it was Darby's fault. Aubrey is letting the match continue with gets MAJOR HEAT! Darby is rolled into the ring by MJF. We see MJF drop the weakest elbow drop of all time. 1........2........SHOULDER UP! MJF is PISSED! He is screaming at Darby to stay down! MJF slaps the piss out of Darby but gets spit on! MJF wipes the spit and almost breaks Darby in half with a Powerbomb! MJF picks up Darby and screams "You should have stayed down Darby" MJF picks Darby up for another but is dropped by a Code Red! Darby with the cover 1.....2.....kick out! Darby comes charging but MJF drags Aubrey in the way which causes Darby to stop in his tracks. MJF has the ring back on! Darby has no clue! WHAM! Dynamite Diamond across the skull! Darby is laid out as MJF hooks the leg! 1.....2....3!!! MJF has stolen this epic match! Darby is knocked out cold as MJF has rolled out of the ring with that smirk on his face. The fans are pissed but it doesn't change the fact that MJF is the winner of this match!} Tony: The boil on professional wrestling has just gotten bigger tonight at Full Gear. I can't believe this. Excalibur: The salt of the earth just showed the world he will do whatever it takes to get his hand raised in victory. Tony: I am sick to my stomach. Darby Allin gave his body and soul tonight and that jerk MJF just took it all away just like that. Excalibur: I agree Tony but Bryce Remsburg's decision is final. So that is just all there is to it. Tony: I think Tony Khan needs to do something about this but in any event let's head to the back where FTR has some words for The Lucha Bros ahead of their Tag Title Match tonight! Dax: It's really this simple. Cash and I have tasted that gold before and tonight we get our chance to get it back. Lucha Bros, you two are good with the flips and all the high flying but tonight you are going into the ring with two of the very best in this business. We are not here in AEW to wow the fans with our skills. We are here in AEW to cement our legacy as the very best tag team in this business. Cash: You know it's funny. You have a promotion that all they are doing is promoting tag team wrestling but yet the best tag team in all of professional wrestling is right here. We are going to beat The Lucha Bros tonight and we are going put our staple in being the very best this sport has ever seen. FTR: TOP GUYS OUT! Tag Team Match The Rhodes Dynasty (Cody and Dustin) vs Malakhi Black and Andrade El Idolo with Chavo Guerrero Jr. {This match is a solid tag match for what it is. The Rhodes brothers look good in the ring and their moves look crisp. Black and Andrade in this mesh of a tag team have their issues but they keep the match competitive due to their impressive singles runs. You can tell that Black and Andrade don't have a lot of chemistry together but their hatred of The Rhodes family seems to fuel them and they keep the attack on in the early going. Cody is getting mixed reactions from the crowd as his brother is getting the crowd on his side more little by little. This match is hard-hitting and we see Dustin getting worked over as Black and Andrade are keeping him away from the tag! Dustin is selling like a champ here as the crowd is actually looking forward to the hot tag cause of Dustin's selling! Dustin is caught with Black Mass across the jaw and this move actually hits with so much authority that Dustin spins right into the tag! Cody leaps straight into the ring with a springboard double ax handle to Black. Andrade comes charging right into a power slam! Black is back up and dropped with a power slam as well. Cody is firing up here as Dustin is back to his feet. The brothers start unloading with right hands before finally dropping back Black and Andrade both with Bionic Elbows! Andrade and Black are to the outside of the ring as both Dustin and Cody head to the top rope. Each man leaps and takes out their opponents! The fans are cheering as Cody is trying to pump this crowd all the way up. Cody slides Black into the ring as Cody slides into the ring though he is met with a BLACK MASS! Cody is laid out in the middle of the ring! 1.....2.....broken up by Dustin! Black is pissed and throws Dustin against the buckles with some stiff kicks. Andrade comes charging into the ring with a cartwheel back elbow but Dustin though moves out of the way. Andrade is in the corner now as Black attempts Black Mass but it NAILS ANDRADE! This makes him fall out of the ring as Chavo is PISSED! He is checking on his client as Black screams that Andrade is stupid and caused the accident. Black turns around though and Cody with a Disaster Kick that gets a MIXED reaction! Black stumbles right into a BULLDOG from Dustin! Black is dazed when he is quickly dropped with a CROSS-RHODES! 1......2....3!!! The Rhodes Dynasty has won this match! Andrade and Chavo are already at the top of the ramp obviously upset about what transpired! Black is on the outside of the ring holding his neck and pointing at Andrade! Needless to say, this tag team won't be having any more tag matches. Tony: What a tag match that was. It looks like The Rhodes Family were able to keep this threat of Black and Andrade at bay once and for all. So the big question now is what is next for The Rhodes Dynasty. Excalibur: It might be too soon to say something but I could see these two brothers challenging for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Tony: I agree Excalibur. These two could be a force in the already stacked Tag Team Division we have here in AEW. Excalibur: Tony, I have gotten word that Adam Cole and The Young Bucks standing by. Adam Cole: That's right bay bay! You are looking at the most dangerous three-man team in all of professional wrestling today. The Superkliq! Now, Jungle Boy since I have come into AEW. You have been nothing but a pain in my side. Tonight The Young Bucks and I are going to make examples out of Christian Cage and you. It doesn't matter who your mystery partner is. You could bring out Chuck Norris and I would slap the taste out of his mouth. The one thing you don't do is mess with The Elite. Tonight, after we get rid of you three then we are going to sit back and watch our best friend Kenny Omega tear it up tonight in the Main Event and retain that beautiful AEW World Championship. So I hope you boys are ready because tonight is going to be able The Elite! Nick Jackson: I don't really have anything to add to that. What about you Matt? Matt Jackson: Nah, I am good. Seeya soon losers! AEW Heavyweight Championship Number 1 Contender Finals Bryan Danielson vs Brodie Lee {Here comes Brodie Lee! He comes out first and he looks determined to get the next shot. We see The Dark Order is nowhere to be found though as Brodie has done this whole run all by himself. The Dark Order has been distracted with Adam Page and the return of Brodie hasn't been addressed YET! Bryan Danielson comes out next and the fans are rocking for this man! Bryan is completely over with this crowd. This match is a BEAUTIFUL contest of just sheer brutality these two men beat the HELL out of each other. Bryan's chest is blood red! Brodie even sports a busted nose from this hard-hitting affair. We see it all in this match. Bryan with those stiff kicks and chops. It looks like every move that Brodie hits is just complete violence. These two men go all out and it shows in what each man looks like during this war. Brodie lays out a charging Bryan with a NASTY Discus Lariat! This makes Bryan do a flip as Brodie hooks the leg! 1.....2.....shoulder up! Brodie can't believe it! He is right in the face of referee Bryce Remsberg and given him the business has Bryan is starting to get back to his feet. Brodie grabs Bryan and sets him up for a powerbomb. Brodie lifts him in the air but Bryan is able to sway the momentum and land behind Brodie who turns around straight into a roundhouse kick across the skull. This brings Brodie down to a knee and Bryan starts planting those stiff kicks across the chest over and over and over. Brodie is dazed badly here as Bryan takes a step back and WHAM! Roundhouse kick across the skull. Bryan grabs both arms of Brodie as the crowd is cheering. Bryan starts unloading with stomp after stomp. Brodie is in some serious trouble as Bryan is just a man on a mission. Brodie is trying to get his wits back but Bryan is against the ropes and the fans are SOLID behind him. Bryan runs full speed and drives the flying knee MISSES! Brodie is able to swat Bryan out of the air! Bryan takes a nasty spill into the corner buckles. Brodie though knows this is his time DISCUS LARIAT! SITOUT POWERBOMB! 1....2....shoulder up! Brodie can't believe it! Brodie grabs Bryan off the mat and goes for another Discus Lariat but Bryan counters right into the Crossface! Brodie is fighting with all he has and gets close to the ropes but Bryan though kicks off the ropes and forces Brodie to the middle of the ring! Bryan reapplies the hold and Brodie is REFUSING TO TAP! Bryan though is putting more and more force on the hold! Finally, Brodie just PASSES OUT! Bryan has defeated this monster Brodie Lee in this hard-hitting match! Bryan is going to face The AEW World Champion whether it's Kenny Omega or Adam Page at a later date. Bryan is playing up the crowd as he heads up the ramp as Brodie is getting checked on by the referee and you can see the anger in his face!} {We get ourselves our first video package of the night and it's promoting The Eddie Kingston/CM Punk coming up soon! The fans are LOUD for that but in the meantime, we head to the back where we see Renee Young is catching up with Christian Cage and Jungle Boy.} Renee: Gentlemen, in just a few minutes you two are going to be facing The Superkliq. Any hints on who your mystery partner is going to be tonight? Christian: Now Renee, where is the fun in that. See, we could tell you and the rest of AEW who our partner is but I mean where is the challenge in that. So The Superkliq can have an idea of who they are going to be facing. The only thing I am going to say is I hope The Young Bucks and Adam Cole Bay Bay are ready for a fight because our partner is just as ready as us to tear this Superkliq apart! Jungle Boy: Adam Cole! I can't wait to rip you limb from limb tonight. You threw me off the stage and tried to end my career. In just a few short moments. I am going to see you in that ring and I promise that I will not stop until I make someone tap out tonight! Renee: Good luck tonight! Tony and Excalibur back to you! Falls Count Anywhere Six Man Tag Match Adam Cole and The Young Bucks vs Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and a Mystery Partner {The Young Bucks come out first and the fans are letting them hear it! The Bucks are full-on heels and just eating up this response. They do their signature pose at the top of the ramp. The streamers come shooting out and here comes Adam Cole BAY BAY! He meets his partners on the ramp and they head down to the ramp. Cole does his pose on the ring apron and gets the crowd to do a loud "ADAM COLE BAY BAY!" The fans are buzzing as The Superkliq is getting ready to fight here but that is when the music hits and here comes Christian Cage! He does the smart thing and waits for his partner Jungle Boy! They are waiting at the top of the ramp and the crowd is buzzing. Tony and Excalibur are giving out guesses as to who is going to be this surprise partner. The Bucks and Cole wait for a few seconds but they are just annoyed and head up the ramp but that is when the music blasts and out comes!} Samoa Joe! {These fans come unglued! Samoa Joe walks out of the curtain and heads right down the ramp on a mission! This match is on! The fans are rocking as all six men are fighting all over the arena! Joe is going right after Adam Cole! The Bucks/Cage and JB are fighting in the crowd! This match is as insane as you would think. They fight all over this arena! They do table spots, chair shots, kendo sticks, even a tacked-up Nike sneaker! This match is a complete war! They are giving the fans exactly what they want! Cole gets color for his team and Cage is sporting a busted lip as well. The finish comes hot and heavy though as Cole catches Cage with the Last Shot that sends him flying out of the ring! The YB catches Jungle Boy with a duel Superkick that sends him flying. That leaves Samoa Joe who is crawling to get back into the ring left. He looks at the three men and dares them to bring it! Joe picks a Kendo Stick and instantly smashes the leg of Nick Jackson with it! Matt comes charging with a leap and Joe sends him crashing with an STO! Adam Cole is all that is left as Joe is pointing the kendo stick right at him! Cole who is a bloody mess is begging for mercy but Joe is the wrong person to ask for that. He stares at Cole and just blasts him across the skull with the kendo stick! Cole is on the mat and Joe keeps the shots coming until the kendo stick is broken into pieces! Joe lets out a primal yell but that is when The Bucks who are back in nail with a Superkick! Joe is dazed as Matt grabs the chair and places it across the face of Joe and Nick nails a Superkick that sends Joe against the ropes. Matt comes charging but Christian out of nowhere nails him with a SPEAR! This sends both of them out of the ring! Nick sees Joe starting to stir and comes charging at him but a backdrop sends Nick over the top rope to the floor. Joe hits the ropes and Suicide Dive takes them both out! Adam Cole is now left in the ring all by himself. He gets a relief-like smile on his face as the blood is pouring. Cole is looking around and begins doing his taunt in the middle of the ring but what he doesn't notice is that Jungle Boy is right behind him. As Cole does the "Bay Bay" He is instantly nailed with a Steel Chair across the back! Cole falls to his knees as Jungle Boy is standing over him and nails Cole again with the chair! Jungle Boy is showing a side we haven't seen before. He is nailing Cole over and over. Jungle Boy takes the broken Kendo Stick and places it across the mouth of Cole and locks on The Snare Trap! The Bucks are trying to enter the ring but Christian catches Matt Superkick with a Crossface! Nick is about to make the save but Samoa Joe is there and COQUINA CLUTCH! The Superkliq is in a line all locked in holds screaming in pain! Finally, the fans go crazy! The whole Superkliq TAP OUT! All three men just TAPPED OUT! Joe, Jungle Boy, and Christian keep the holds locked on for a few more moments before finally letting go. Joe and Cage give Jungle Boy the shine as they let his music play. Some fist bumps are done and we head to a video package for FTR/Lucha Bros! Which then leads us to CM Punk standing by.} CM Punk: Eddie Kingston, I gave you time to give me my apology. I gave you a chance to do the right thing but just as Eddie Kingston does. He refuses to admit responsibility. He refuses to admit that he is wrong. Eddie, I have known you for a long time and I know that you would rather go through hell than apologize to me and well tonight Eddie. I am going to put you right through that hell and maybe then you will realize that you don't mess with CM Punk. Singles Match CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston {This match is split right down the middle the fans love both of these guys and make no shame about it. CM Punk whose return has changed the whole industry as a whole but now he is stepping into his toughest test to date. The man who doesn't understand the word quit and the man who has promised to give CM Punk the beat he deserves. These two men beat the hell out of each other. We thought Bryan/Brodie was a tough contest these men place that bar even higher. CM Punk gets the best of Eddie in the early going by out wrestling him but just like Eddie said he turns this into a straight-up fight. These men are going all out here tonight. Eddie is using every trick in the book, eye pokes, stiff chops, stiff kicks, he bites CM Punk and even gives him the dreaded back rake! Eddie has no desire to wrestle Punk and doesn't even try. We see a few stiff suplexes by Eddie but everything else is just stiff strikes. Punk though is able to bounce back every time though and these two just give these fans everything they ask for. The fans are split down the middle and they LOVE it! The finish comes when Eddie goes for that spinning back fist but Punk is able to duck down and catches Eddie with a GTS! Eddie bounces off the ropes right into another GTS! Eddie hits the canvas and obviously knocked out. CM Punk hooks the leg 1....2....3!!! CM Punk has defeated Eddie Kingston in a bloody brawl! CM Punk plays this split crowd and raises his hands in the air as Eddie is trying to get his wits back. CM Punk puts out the hand to Eddie and we see the prideful Eddie Kingston head up the ramp obviously upset over the loss but he leaves CM Punk hanging in the middle of the ring with his hand out. CM Punk knows that Eddie is too prideful to admit he lost to the better man tonight but he lets Eddie be. CM Punk plays up the crowd who is rocking as we head to the back to where standing by is Hangman Page!} {The scene closes here with CM Punk telling the crowd he put Eddie to sleep tonight. We now head to the back to hear from the challenger for the AEW Championship! Hangman Adam Page!} Adam Page: Tonight, I know the task at hand. I have to defeat Kenny Omega. I have a lot of history with Kenny. I have gone to war with Kenny and now I have to go to war with Kenny Omega. I am no stranger to fighting. I am no stranger to being the underdog. I know that Kenny Omega is the best wrestler on the planet. There is ZERO debate there. Kenny is on a league of his own but I have to say that tonight when I finally beat Kenny Omega and I realize my destiny of becoming AEW World Champion. I will finally know that it was all for something. Tonight, I need the Dark Order to know that over the past year. I appreciate everything they have done to be there for me but tonight isn't about them. It's about me showing off years of hard work and dedication to this business of professional wrestling means something. I am going to become the AEW World Champion tonight or I will die trying! That is COWBOY SHIT! AEW World Tag Team Championships The Lucha Bros(C) vs FTR {Here we go the AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line! We have two of the best teams in AEW and they are battling tooth and nail tonight. The Lucha Bros control early using their speed but against FTR it just doesn't last long as FTR changes the pace and slows them down. FTR is using every trick they can to take advantage and it works. Fenix has been grounded in the middle parts of this match. Dax and Cash are relentless in tearing apart the knee of Fenix. Penta is trying to get the tag but every time it's either made or about to be made FTR is able to stop it. This match gets a decent amount of time to show off the skills of both teams. We get the impressive tag team moves and sequences from both teams so everyone gets some shine. The finish though comes when Fenix finally gets the hot tag to Penta who comes in and starts showing off some tremendous Lucha. He bounces across the ring with precision and speed that throws FTR off their game completely. Cash is thrown to the outside of the ring by Penta! Fenix does a step up off the second rope and proceeds to Senton on top of Cash! Penta grabs Dax and is going to put an end to him right now with the Package Piledriver! Dax is able to counter though with a back body drop! Penta comes charging when he gets right back to his feet and Dax counters with a drop toe hold into the ropes! Penta is caught in the middle of the ropes when CASH RIPS THE MASK OFF PENTA! Dax grabs Penta who is trying to hold his identity. Dax doesn't give a shit though as Cash throws Fenix into the steel post and he takes a nasty bump! Cash gets on the apron and Dax with the tag! Penta is still trying to hide his face and can't fight back but FTR hits the Big Rig! 1.....2.....3!!! My God! FTR has just won the AEW World Tag Titles for the 2nd time! The fans are letting them hear it but FTR head up the ramp with the gold in their hands as Fenix finally grabs his brother's mask and Penta is able to put it back on. The Lucha Bros are upset in the ring but FTR couldn't be happier about what just happened!} {Now it's time for the big one! The AEW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Kenny Omega is known to many as The Cleaner, The Big Bout Machine, but more importantly, he is known as the AEW World Champion. He is defending this championship against The master of Cowboy Shit, The Man who won this chance at the AEW World Championship in a Ladder Match. Hangman is ready for this chance and the promo package plays as Tony and Excalibur who have to lead us on this journey are ready to call this Main Event!} {Justin Roberts does the opening entrances for both men and then leads to introduce this AEW World Championship Match} AEW World Championship Kenny Omega (C) vs "Hangman" Adam Page {This match is everything you want out of the Main Event! Omega the AEW World Champion is on his own tonight. He told The Elite to stay behind tonight as Hangman has done the same thing. This match is about two men fighting to show who just is the best wrestler today. This match gets all the time it needs to complete this story. Omega and Hangman spare no expense in putting on a show for this crowd. They do high spots in this match, they are just beating the hell out of each other and showing why each other need to be considered the very best. Hangman and Omega go through all the motions to give this crowd a roller coaster-type experience. They are hitting each other with all they have. Omega ends up countering a Buckshot Lariat right into a V-Trigger! The fans are not happy as that usually means Omega is about to end the match. Hangman takes a nasty bump and goes into the ropes when Omega is there full sprint with another V-Trigger! Hangman isn't moving! Omega is going to put an end to this journey for The Hangman! Omega makes the signal picks up Hangman on his shoulders for The One-Winged Angel but Hangman fights out. Omega seems caught off guard by this as he gets shoved into the ropes. Omega is planted with a stiff boot across the face. Hangman hits the ropes and a big-time Lariat takes Omega down hard on the mat! This gets a near fall! We get a couple more minutes of this back and forth action with many near falls. These two are going all out! The finish happens when Omega goes up top but Hangman is able to counter and send Omega crashing to the outside of the ring. Hangman does a body press over the top rope and lands on Omega. Hangman is pumped up as he slides Omega into the ring. Hangman gets on the ring apron and waits as Omega is out of it and BUCKSHOT LARIAT! Omega is laid out cold! Hangman hooks the leg 1.......2......3!!! Adam Page has done it! Hangman is The AEW World Champion! The fans are GOING CRAZY! Hangman is handed the AEW World Title!} {The confetti is falling! Tony and Excalibur are losing their minds! Hangman has finally become The AEW World Champion! Omega is being checked on by the rest of The Elite! It's The Young Bucks and Adam Cole all three men are checking on Omega but as they are checking on Omega. We see Cole and The Bucks share a look with the new AEW World Champion. Hangman looks at them and offers his hand The Bucks are unsure of what to do here. Omega is leaning against the buckle and Adam Cole just wants to fight. The Bucks and Hangman shake hands which get a nice pop from the crowd. Omega is up to his feet and Hangman shakes his hand as well. Cole is stuck watching what is going on and doesn't look too happy about it but he finally just gives his respect and The Elite head out to give Hangman Adam Page his moment! The AEW Crowd is going crazy as all ends well tonight but what is going to happen on Dynamite in just 4 days!} *END*
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    WWF Team League

    I love the idea of a tag league. So many of the greatest tag teams. Very excited to see what happens and who wins the whole thing. I have my idea of some favorites. The Hart foundation is my early pick to win the whole thing but we will see where it goes.
  8. Perfectly Straightedge

    Extreme Championship Wrestling

    Very excited about ECW. Can’t wait to see this tag title tournament
  9. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    All Elite Wrestling! Prologue This project will start in the year 2021 and the first event will be Full Gear. Now there are some changes to this card compared to what is going down in real life. This is my card for AEW Full Gear and the changes to the card will have a brief explanation to go along with it. The rest have the same storyline as real-life leading to the match. AEW World Championship Kenny Omega (C) vs "Hangman" Adam Page AEW World Tag Team Championships The Lucha Bros(C) vs FTR AEW Heavyweight Championship Number 1 Contender Finals Bryan Danielson vs Brodie Lee {That's right Brodie Lee who THANKFULLY never passed away and was able to make the finals of the tournament. Bryan's ascent was the same he defeated Dustin Rhodes in a hard-fought first round and then defeated Eddie Kingston in the Semi-Finals. Brodie's run was also a hard-fought one. He defeated Jungle Boy in the first round and then defeated Orange Cassidy to get to the finals. These two are on a collision course and what a battle it will be.} CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston Darby Allin vs MJF Falls Count Anywhere Six Man Tag Match Adam Cole and The Young Bucks vs Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and a Mystery Partner {Luchasaurus was in this match but due to the attack on Dynamite. He was rendered unable to compete. Christian and Jungle Boy promise that they will have a replacement for him at Full Gear. The Superkliq doesn't care in the slightest and will meet them at Full Gear in this Falls Count Anywhere Six-Man Tag!} Tag Team Match The Rhodes Dynasty (Cody and Dustin) vs Malakhi Black and Andrade El Idolo with Chavo Guerrero Jr. {Black has made it his mission to destroy The Nightmare Family. Cody has been on the wrong side of these attacks and now Adrande has joined in on the attack as well. Black and Andrade are a team that not a lot of people would see together but they are allying to put an end to Cody. When all hope seemed lost. Cody's brother Dustin has joined his brother's side. The two men are now set to do battle with this new alliance being formed.} FTW Championship Match Ricky Starks with Taz vs Orange Cassidy {Ricky Starks has been on a tear after ridding AEW of Brian Cage who decided to leave the company due to creative differences. Starks has held onto this FTW Championship and now looks to put his title on the line against a man who honestly doesn't care...Orange Cassidy is the next challenger for the FTW Championship. Taz wants nothing more than to make sure his championship is as far away from Orange as it can be.} Coming Soon!
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    AEW Rampage - Nov 12 2021

    I just view it as they would probably have been on The Buy-In. So just put it on Rampage as a filler. Which I have no issue with. You have the big PPV the next night so no need to stack this Rampage plus they are following it up with a Road to Full Gear special. So no reason to completely stack this as well. I do wonder what's going on with Starks. I think his neck must still be having issues. Cause it's strange to me that he is on commentary and not doing anything. He must still be hurt.
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    AEW Full Gear - Nov 13 2021

    B/R is weird. I bought Double or Nothing and All Out and I still have both of them and was able to watch both and still can. So the three-day thing throws me off as well.
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    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    ^^^^ I agree 100 percent. I was actually going to type basically the same thing. So now I have no reason to. I just find it amusing we cancel SO many things but yet WWE somehow gets away with all they have done. Katie Vick, the VERY racist angle leading to the WM 19 Title Match as just 2 of many many examples. Just so much crap that I can't believe they haven't been canceled yet. It's so weird that in this cancel culture world they get a pass. Weird....
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    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    That's the way I remembered it as well. During the whole X-Factor gimmick. I love FTR updating their theme music.
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    AEW Status/Progress Report

    How do you feel about the commentary in AEW? Jim Ross & Excalibur specifically. I feel Jim Ross sometimes phones it in but at the same time the man is getting up there with age and brings name relevance to the promotion so I get why he is there. He makes the networks happy and keeps AEW present in the mind of people that watched while he was announcing. He does stumble on his words, he does sometimes struggle but at the end of the day he is a legend and it would be hard replacing a legend like that. I do really enjoy Excalibur. I have zero issues with him. He is growing each week and a solid play by play guy. I have no issues with any of it. I feel commentary teams move around so much that you can never grow chemistry because it changes so often. So AEW actually having a team that doesn't change often I enjoy. So I have no issues with either of them. I will probably be alone in that but it is what it is. How do you feel about the ring style or the look of the show/arena? This one is kinda tricky to answer because of the pandemic. I mean the stage and arena looked fine and felt like a big show coming at you when they ran arenas. I really loved the ramp and everything from AEW Double or Nothing. I think their ring style and looks are just fine. They look like a big promotion and not a small rinky dink. What are your thoughts about the talent that AEW has been bringing in like Jake Hager, Shawn Spears or more recently, Mark Henry & Paul Wight? Absolutely NO issues whatsoever. I mean these guys are talented, they have been at the top and can teach the newer guys. Spears is someone that I feel they never really gave a chance to. I mean they gave him the Cody match but after that he was kinda forgot about. He had a very forgettable run with Scorpio Sky. I will say that he has a nice look and gimmick. So him being in the Pinnacle is a really good thing for him. He is perfect in the role of being in the stable but not the lead of the stable. Big Show, Mark Henry...I have no issues with they give the networks names to work with and they will be great in the long run. Henry has proven to be an excellent scout and Big Show has the name appeal that the sponsors love. Hagar has had some solid matches and promo work with The Inner Circle so I have no issues with any of these guys being brought in. I feel wrestling twitter ruins a lot of things. So I stay away from anything negative. Like oh this is a WWE guy or here we again another WCW. So I feel bringing in guys with name value and can help build the brand does nothing to hurt it as long as you don't bring in guys with a shady past. None of these guys have that stigma attached to them. So what's it hurt. Do you think that AEW relies too heavily on comedy? That's a hard question to answer cause at the end of the day it's an entertainment show. I mean what's exactly comedy? This is a question that will be asked for eons. What I consider amusing others may not. So in short answer no. I don't feel they have relied too much on comedy cause at the end of the day it's an entertainment and you have to try and grab as many as people as possible. So you can only be so serious for so long before people get bored. What about their abundance of factions/stables? I mean The Attitude Era had a TON of factions. It's a staple in wrestling. So grouping guys together to get everyone TV time. I have no issues with. I mean if you were to break off every single stable in AEW. I mean how can you jam pack that show with all the talent they have and guys they want to build. So I have no issues with it. Even back in the 80's you had a slew of stables. So I don't have any issues cause it gives people things to do and if you can get guys on tv or over with a stable then I don't see the big deal. Managers/Valets? Managers are something that has been missing in recent years. You need managers, valets, enforcers. You need people that can speak for someone that can't speak for themselves. Look at Team Taz. I love the addition of giving him guys like Hobbs, Cage and even Ricky who they do let speak because he can. Then others like Matt Hardy for Private Party, Vikki for Nyla. Tully for Spears. I mean it brings that credibility to the person. I LOVE that Tully is back in wrestling. A very good speaker and putting him with someone like Spears made him actually feel special and the connection with FTR was just smart booking in my opinion. Managers are something that has been missing in WWE. So I am very glad that AEW realizes how valuable that is in wrestling. How do you feel about the decisions Tony Khan has taken, or how Dave Meltzer seems to give AEW the constant benefit of the doubt where as Jim Cornette will barely acknowledge when something is good? It's social media. NOTHING will ever be praised 100 percent. I take people's opinions on social media with a grain of salt. Cause at the end of the day. Everyone is selling something to someone. Jim Cornette is a carny. He knows it. I mean if you hate the product so much and everything why comment on it ALL THE TIME. It's like some weird type of torture. I hate pickles with a passion but I don't go around eating all types of pickles then blast it on twitter and say pickles suck. Like everyone gets it you don't like pickles. So you move on. Dave Meltzer, I don't honestly care in the slightest about. He is entitled to his opinion like everyone else. This whole notion that everybody is going to agree on everything is stupid. People like what they like in the end. So trying to get everyone on the same page is next to impossible. Are AEW presenting the women well? How about the tag team division? I mean that's a hard question to answer. I mean they don't have them parade in bra and panties matches. They don't have them on the cover of Playboy and trying to sell them as objects to look at. So I mean in that sense yeah. I mean they give the women a lot of time in their matches and give them a proper showcase of PPVs. I mean women's wrestling is actually being taken serious. I don't care about it but I mean I don't think they are doing a bad job with it by any means. I mean they got Britt Baker over into arguably their most over star on TV. So I think they are doing just fine with it. Is AEW relying too much on gimmick/stipulation matches? Compared to what exactly? I mean a gimmick match is something you use to sell your show next week. I have no issues. it's not like where WWE has made the hell in a cell a complete joke and destroyed whatever made it special by dedicating a PPV to it and putting people in the match that just don't make sense like this PPV where we get Roman/Rey in a Hell in a Cell. Like wtf...anyways this isn't a WWE bashing thing even though I could do that all day cause the thing is terrible but anyways I don't feel they do cause I mean who can really say when the right time to use a stipulation is. Like it's just to pop a rating. I mean how many cage matches have we had in AEW? Ladder Matches? Street Fights? I mean the thing I can give them is when they use the stipulation of something along those lines at least they have a story to kinda make it make sense. So relying isn't the best word I would use cause it makes it feel that they use it every week but they really don't. I also want to add that something I LOVE that AEW does. Is they give some episodes a theme to them. I think that is something that needs to be praised. It's something different. I mean doing the same show every single week isn't good long term business and doing something different that what others are doing is never a bad thing. So I just wanted to add that anyways those are just my opinions. I am by no means an expert or whatever. I just think AEW is doing a find job in making their place in the business and we honestly haven't seen a promotion get this much steam that isn't WWE in a while. So I am a fan and will keep supporting the product.
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    AEW Dynamite - June 11, 2021 - Friday Night Edition v.3

    What a great signing. Andrade is going to be something special in AEW.