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  1. Perfectly Straightedge

    AEW TV March 23/25 2022

    What a horrible segment though. I could care less about the line. I mean probably a big hit for the younger generation who thinks that’s a slam dunk but I just didn’t buy the line. I thought it was a big swing and a miss. I mean what a great way to build the prestige of the championship by ejaculating on it. I mean if we needed anymore reason to think Sammy was the worst TNT champion. The whole segment just seemed randomly tossed together. It didn’t accomplish anything and nobody got over from it. It’s getting clicks from Twitter but most are complaining about the legacy thing. Which I mean I get especially when AEW tries to portray themselves as the titles mean something here and yet you got a 2 time champ saying he ejaculated all over it. I mean yeah….totally puts the title over. The whole Sammy/Tay thing is a horrible combo on camera. Off camera I don’t give a shit what they do cause they are consenting adults but on camera. It’s just bad television. Sammy should just be a heel. He is a terrible baby face. I could never get myself to cheer for him just cause he comes across as a natural heel. Tay is whatever and just like there. I was hoping once Cody left that this whole couples on camera thing would be over but here we go again. Ugh! I already can’t wait for this story to be over.
  2. Perfectly Straightedge

    Building a Promotion Top 3 Picks By Year:

    1985 - Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan 1995 - Bret Hart, Sting, Steve Austin 2005 - Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, CM Punk 2015 - Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho 2025 - MJF, Darby Allin, Bron Breakker
  3. Perfectly Straightedge

    AEW TV March 9/11 - Post Revolution

    Wait people didn’t like this episode. This is mind boggling to me. They started new storylines and the whole show flew by. I mean I get it not being everyone’s cup of tea but I had no issues with this week. Thought it was a really solid episode. I greatly enjoyed it.
  4. Perfectly Straightedge

    The All Things Cody Thread

    I am glad we got rid of The Codyverse in AEW though. It got pretty cringe there at the end.
  5. Perfectly Straightedge

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Hey, that sounds like a win to me...I feel bad for Xavier's Youtube channel now. The whole gang is gone.
  6. Perfectly Straightedge

    AEW Dynamite - January 26, 2022 - Beach Break

    I have been a HUGE fan of Danhausen. So I am VERY happy to see him get into AEW. This is a great signing. He can do basically everything and get over. Interviewer...check....comedy...check...even in the ring he isn't bad. So this signing will for sure piss people off but I for one LOVE it. Plus, even Cornette didn't rip Danhausen and found him entertaining. Said he would never watch any of his matches but as a character, he even was won over. So this is a great signing in my eyes and I am VERY glad he gets a chance with AEW.
  7. Perfectly Straightedge


    I guess. They are both terrible. How they keep coming back I don’t understand. I guess some name recognition.
  8. Perfectly Straightedge


    I really hate Pete Rosenberg. That’s all that’s the message. He is the worst.
  9. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    12/22/21 Card for AEW Dynamite CM Punk Final Trial Wins he gets Kenny Omega/Lose he doesn't get the match Falls Count Anywhere CM Punk vs Terry Funk Dynamite Diamond Ring Finals Steel Cage Match MJF with The Pinnacle vs Ric Flair and The Horsemen TNT Championship Open Challenge Eddie Kingston(C) vs Open Challenge Participant FTW World Championship Ricky Starks (C) with HOOK vs Ricochet Bryan Danielson will be in action! PLUS We will hear from HHH and Roman Reigns We will hear from The Super Elite We will hear from Jim Cornette and FTR
  10. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Dark Announcers: Excalibur and Taz Date 12/20/21 Brodie Lee DESTROYS Marko Stunt Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard defeat Private Party Darby Allin defeats Danhausen Dustin Rhodes with Cody defeats Powerhouse Hobbs with Team Taz Main Event FTR defeat Jurassic Express (Jim Cornette makes debut and smashes Tennis Racket over the head of Jungle Boy to align himself with FTR) Segments {We get a replay of the debut of HHH and Roman's army!) {We get the segment announcing Christian Cage WILL NOT be cleared to compete! That is when the call is made that taking his place in the Main Event Steel Cage Match for the Dynamite Diamond Ring will be none other than "THE NATURE BOY" RIC FLAIR!
  11. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    If Tony was smart he would just do what Vince does and get you somebody that will say those mean things for you. So nobody knows your true opinion. How many talent have been let go from WWE but go. Vince was great but it was “insert name here” that was an ass and cost me my job. TK will learn as time goes on hopefully. People call him thin skinned but I mean it’s not easy being on the spotlight 24/7 and having everything you ever say or do be on a magnifying glass. Where someone somewhere will either retweet or make a podcast about what you said or worse they take those words and take it in a whole other direction. So people can call him thin skinned but the problem is he just like all of us is human. Nobody likes criticism on something you are passionate about. That’s just facts. Look at Vince when Bob Costas called him out on stuff and mentioned the XFL. Vince almost beat him up on live tv and all it did was make him look bad and did the company no favors. It didn’t hurt Bob Costas any. So that’s what happen here of course people will take sides between TK/Swole but honestly it’s just getting blown out of proportion at this point. Also Twitter is the vocal minority on things. Cause if we went by Twitter then Tay/Sammy relationship would be up there with HHH/Steph heat. So always take Twitter opinions with a grain of salt is my way of life on social media.
  12. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    I guess he is going to retire again. This has blown completely out of proportion without a doubt. Swole was shitty. She never got any better and was an absolute bore to watch. There is a reason why Britt went to the top even after losing to Swole on a PPV. So it's not like Swole was used horribly. I guess Tony should have never said anything but hey Swole is shitty and needed to be called out on it. I actually like the comment but maybe not from a CEO of a company. TK should have just made a burner account as Kevin Durant did. Oh well, all the Twitter warriors will be on the prowl tonight and then by next week, they will move to the next story like always.
  13. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    4! 3! 2! 1! BOOM! It's Wednesday Night and you know what that means! It's time for AEW Dynamite! This one is special because it's a jam-packed edition and it's a special called... {Excalibur and Tony are on the call but tonight is even more special because the leader of Team Taz is doing special commentary as Taz joins the desk. So we have a special three-man announce group at the desk tonight. Taz is upset that all the titles are on the line tonight except for the FTW Championship. Taz mentions that the FTW Championship will be defended next week on Dynamite! So the news hits early already! We have big matches and it wastes no time as CM Punk comes down the ramp and it looks the Trial of Punk will open tonight!} The 3rd Trial CM Punk vs Mystery Opponent Referee: Aubrey Edwards {CM Punk is already in the ring he is posing on the buckles as the fans are speculating about who is going to be this mystery opponent for him. CM Punk is ready though but that is when out of the curtain walks Kenny Omega! CM Punk is yawning as Omega has a microphone in hand.} Kenny Omega: Punk, last week I gave you a free pass. I allowed you to beat that goofball Ryback which I never doubted that you would. So I admit that mistake but tonight I want you to have the best match you can which is why. I am making you face someone that I know will push you to your limit. In the next trial of CM Punk, you will be facing a man who is considered one of the best wrestlers on the planet and that is "WILL OSPREAY" {Will makes his entrance and the fans are loud for him! CM Punk looks ready now as he is psyching himself up. Will leaps into the ring and goes right into the face of CM Punk. These two men meet in the middle of the ring and a nice little change of pace as they shake hands. Will is showing CM Punk the respec...WAIT...Will Ospreay just spit right in the face of CM Punk! This causes Punk to quickly tackle him down to the mat where they sprawl around for a couple of seconds before Punk gets the upper hand and looks for The Anaconda Vice but Will gets to the ropes though and stops the hold. Will takes a moment to go under the ropes to the floor to catch his breath as CM Punk is smiling and telling Ospreay he was "This" close to taking him out! CM Punk fakes doing a dive as Will Ospreay is starting to get upset. This gets us through a commercial break as these men are working at a breakneck speed and pace. These two are having a tremendous match as Ospreay is just showing out in this match and CM Punk isn't missing a beat and staying right there with him. We all their signature moves. Ospreay nails The Sasuke Special (Cartwheel Over the Top Rope Suicide Corkscrew Moonsault) Hidden Blade,(Back Elbow to the back of a kneeling opponent's head) The Pip Pip Cherio(Springboard Forearm Smash), and even The Iron Octopus (Octopus Hold), CM Punk though not be outdone breaks out his signatures as well. The running knee/bulldog combo, Top Rope Elbow Drop, Springboard Clothesline...These fans are glued as they have gone 18 minutes and they are going ALL OUT! CM Punk somehow catches a Superkick attempt of Ospreay and gets him on his shoulders the fans explode when CM Punk nails GTS! Punk falls right on top of Will Ospreay out of exhaustion 1....2...3!!! Your Winner - CM PUNK {CM Punk wins this hard-hitting affair! Excalibur, Tony, and even Taz have nothing but positive reviews of this match. Kenny Omega has seen at the top of the ramp just speechless that CM Punk was able to win this match. Omega demands a microphone!} Kenny Omega: THAT'S ENOUGH! Next week is the FINAL TRIAL CM PUNK! I am going to make sure that you wish you never even started this trial. I will say that I have been impressed with what I have seen but next week will be no small task. Because next week you are going to face a man that I KNOW FOR A FACT I CAN'T CONTROL! Next week at The Holiday Bash! CM Punk will face...well look behind you!} WHAM! {Oh my God! It's TERRY FUNK! CM Punk was just drilled in the back of the head with a steel chair! Terry Funk is relentless on this attack as he begins whipping CM Punk with a big piece of rope that he brought with him. Funk is whipping away at CM Punk before finally taking the rope and placing it around the neck of CM Punk! Funk throws Punk over the top rope and begins HANGING CM PUNK! Terry Funk is just relentless on this attack and the whole time Kenny Omega is just watching with a sick grin on his face! Will CM Punk even be able to withstand The Final Trial!} {We head to the back now where we see a promo featuring Eddie Kingston/Brodie Lee!} Brodie Lee: Eddie, you have been a pain in the side of The Dark Order for WAY too long. You have now caused the wolf to leave the den in Brodie Lee. I am sick and tired of you making The Dark Order look like a mockery but you know Eddie. I shouldn't cast the blame on you. I actually should place the blame on the four men that have FAILED ME. I gave them all simple tasks and YET they all FAILED! From this day forward you can consider The Dark Order FIRED! That's right! Eddie congrats you have KILLED The Dark Order but now what you have done though is you have allowed The Exalted One to go out on his own. The Dark Order is NO MORE! You, Eddie, will have to pay the price for killing the thing I helped build. You Eddie will have to bow the knee to me! You say you would rather die in that ring than to even bow down to anyone. Well tonight, we are going to see if you are a man of your word! Eddie: Yo, I am actually tired of talking. I know that's a shocker coming from me, but I am though. I am tired of the week in and week out of getting my camera time and speaking on things. Brodie Lee, you know how I feel about you but this person you have become. That isn't you. What's worse is that you know it as well Brodie. I have to ask though. Where is the guy that when we were coming up would have split appetizers at Applebee's just so we could both eat...Where is that guy? Cause, the guy I look at now. That isn't Brodie Lee. That is a guy who sold his soul for material things. The very things we used to make fun of other wrestlers doing cause we said they were going corporate on us. See, Brodie we are cut from the same cloth. We are New York boys who made it to the big time but yet you sold out bro. I don't blame you though I mean if I had four men doing my dirty work and the whole time all I had to do was count the money. I might just do the same thing but tonight you say that you are going to see if I am a man of my word...That's awful funny because you know for a fact that I am THAT GUY! Brodie, I love you but sometimes we must hurt the ones we love. This is why tonight I am going to hurt you and I am going to take away the one thing I know you love and that's the TNT Championship! Brodie, remember it's not how you start the fight but it's how you finish it! TNT Championship Match Brodie Lee(c) vs Eddie Kingston Referee - Logan Boggs {Eddie Kingston comes down the ramp first and what a reaction he gets from this crowd. Eddie is focused and hungry here! Eddie is pacing back and forth as he is waiting. Brodie Lee comes next to new theme music as he makes NO MENTION of The Dark Order! Brodie heads down the ramp with the TNT Championship around his waist. Brodie heads the title to Logan who is the referee tonight. He holds the title in the air but that is when EDDIE SNATCHES THE TITLE! Eddie proceeds to hold up the championship and the CROWD GOES CRAZY! Eddie then throws the title out of the ring as Brodie attacks! This match is not a wrestling match by any stretch! Eddie has turned this match into a straight-up brawl! These two men are throwing haymakers and just fighting all around the ringside area! Logan is giving warnings but Brodie and Eddie both chastise him every time he threatens them till finally Logan says SCREW IT! Logan is letting them fight it out! This match which is supposed to have a count out applied is no longer being enforced due to the safety of the official. Brodie and Eddie are beating the hell out of each other and these fans LOVE IT! They fight through a commercial and get into the ring finally. Eddie goes for a crossbody but Brodie is able to counter into the Spinning Bossman Slam! This gets a long 2 count! Brodie is upset about the count before he grabs Eddie and throws him into the corner. Brodie comes charging and sends a stiff clothesline into the neck of Eddie! Brodie hits the ropes and hits the Sliding Big Boot! Eddie is completely laid out as Brodie makes another cover 1....2...shoulder up! Brodie is starting to get even more upset that Eddie REFUSES to stay down. Brodie picks up Eddie off the mat and stands him up. Brodie is going for the Discus Lariat but Eddie counters and grabs Brodie and drops him with a T-Bone Suplex! Eddie is starting to get his second wind here! Eddie picks up Brodie and SPINNING BACKHAND! Eddie lays out Brodie in the center of the ring 1.....2....kickout by Brodie! Eddie looks heartbroken as he thought he finally was going to put away The champion! Eddie pulls down the straps now as he lets out a primal yell. Eddie grabs Brodie and throws him into the ropes! Eddie with a splash into the corner! Eddie starts CHOPPING THE HELL OUT OF BRODIE! These are STIFF! Eddie nails about three of the stiffest chops you will see before finally picking up the pace and nailing these chops at 100 MPH! Eddie finally stops hits the ropes where BRODIE CATCHES EDDIE WITH THE DISCUS LARIAT! Brodie lays out Eddie in the middle of the ring! Brodie though isn't finished as he picks up Eddie onto his knees and warns him to stay down or Brodie will END HIM! Eddie looks up at Brodie and you can tell Eddie is out of it! The fans are trying to get Eddie back into the match but that is when Eddie FLIPS OFF BRODIE LEE! Brodie looks around obviously pissed off at the defiant Eddie Kingston! Brodie picks up Eddie and DISCUS LARIAT...NOOOO...Eddie fell down! Brodie is pissed off as he grabs Eddie SCHOOL BOY! 1....2....3!!! YOUR WINNER AND NEW TNT CHAMPION - EDDIE KINGSTON! {Eddie has DONE IT! MY GOD! NEW CHAMPION! Brodie is PISSED! Eddie though escapes with The TNT Championship as the fans are GOING CRAZY! Brodie is screaming at Logan about a fast count but it doesn't matter the official is FINAL! Eddie Kingston is the new TNT Champion! Eddie has the title in his hands and he is about to cry as he goes to the top of the ramp and holds the title high in the air! Brodie is seething at the ropes! This is FAR from over but Eddie Kingston just outsmarted Brodie Lee and took away the TNT Championship in the process!} {The scene goes right into a promo with The Pinnacle! We see MJF, Wardlow in his suit, and FTR. The Pinnacle are all standing together as they as a unit will all have to face obstacles tonight. FTR defends their Tag Team Championships against Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa and MJF faces Christian Cage for the Dynamite Diamond Ring and a chance to challenge for The AEW World Championship!} Dax: Let's just cut right to the chase tonight is the night that as a professional wrestler you fight for. These are those special nights where you have the opportunity to make yourself a legend. The Pinnacle is not going to allow anyone to stand in our way of achieving that. Cash and I all we care about are three things, Faith, Family, and Professional Wrestling. It's all that we eat, sleep and dream about is this business. So Hell yeah, I get upset when someone walks into this sport and tries to take away the very thing I use to feed my family. Gargano and Ciampa you two have been no strangers to us. We have torn the house down wherever we have been. I don't think tonight will be any different but tonight I promise you the Pinnacle will show you why when you are the Pinnacle you are always on top! MJF: Christian Cage, I shouldn't be too surprised that you are the man I have to face tonight but I have to be honest with you because I owe it to myself. The only reason you are in this match is that my good friend Wardlow didn't get the job finished like he was PAID TO DO! {Wardlow takes exception and stands up and gets into the face of MJF!} MJF: That's alright though cause mistakes happen. So I am not going to hold that simple mistake against him. Now, as for you Christian. You call yourself captain charisma but yet the entire time you have been here all you have made people want to do is change the channel. I mean hell, Tony Khan even tried sending you to that piece of shit company Impact Wrestling and you couldn't even hold onto your championship there against such great talent such as Matt "don't call me Zach" Cardona and Heath Slater. I mean it's almost laughable that you even think you stand a chance tonight because I am going to beat your brains in. I am going to destroy your in-ring career and I am going to make you wish that you STAYED RETIRED! Christian, you are not even on the same level as me. For me to even get on your level. I would have to shovel dirt and get in the hole in the ground where you belong! Christian, you will NOT stop my destiny. In fact, NOBODY in this whole company is going to stop MJF from getting next in line for the AEW World Championship. So Christian if I were you. I would go into that ring and just lay down cause you already know how this match is going to end with my hand raised and then I will be presented with my THIRD Dynamite Diamond Ring! Cause I am better than you and YOU KNOW IT!} AEW World Tag Team Championship FTR(C) vs DIY Referee - Paul Turner {FTR comes out first and they are showing off the AEW World Tag Team Titles! They are playing up the crowd the entire time and just playing great heels the whole time. Dax even almost gets into a fight with a fan they are getting so worked up. As FTR finally gets to the ring that is when "Rebel Heart" blasts and here comes Gargano and Ciampa! Collectively known as DIY! They make their entrance and these fans are loud for them. These two teams are no strangers to one another as they just take these fans on one hell of a ride. They are pulling out all the stops tonight. This is a beautifully crafted and executed tag team match. They provide drama, excitement, and intrigue as all four men get a chance to shine and all four men are just giving it all they have! They go about 12 minutes of just a pure rollercoaster type feel. The finish though comes hot and heavy with all men getting their licks in! Gargano is able to trap Cash right into The Gargano Escape! Gargano is pulling on the neck of Cash trying to force the tap out but that is when Dax rolls into the ring with The AEW Tag Title! Ciampa though is able to tackle Dax out of the ring! The fans are going crazy as Cash is going to tap out but that is when MJF appears and demands Warldow down the ramp! Wardlow leaps on the ring apron to distract referee Paul Turner! MJF is trying to slide into the ring but there is Christian Cage to stop MJF! CASH IS TAPPING! Christian Cage chases MJF up the ramp and they are going to face NEXT! MJF is gone through the ramp as Cage is standing on the rampway! Wardlow drops off the apron at the same time it's SHAWN SPEARS! {Spears drives The Steel Chair across the back of Gargano! Paul Turner is so distracted he has NO IDEA! Gargano is laid out in a bad way. As Spears is chased through the crowd by Ciampa! Gargano is out on his feet as Cash crawls to a tag! They grab Gargano and SPIKE PILEDRIVER! 1....2...3!! Your Winners and Still AEW World Tag Team Champions - FTR! {By hook or by crook, but FTR retains the AEW World Tag Team Titles! They celebrate with their championships as they head up the ramp as Ciampa is back in the ring checking on Gargano!} {Standing in the back with we get a promo package between Bryan Danielson and Adam Page! We get the history of this rivalry we see Bryan's sudden turn on the fans and condemning Adam Page as AEW World Champion. We get clips of what all Adam Page has gone through. His ups and downs in AEW till it climaxes with him as AEW World Champion. We get clips of all damage Bryan has done since coming to AEW. His epic match with Kenny Omega his clashes with The Elite and much more. We do get a promo from each man where they hype up this epic Main Event!} {The scene goes from there to the broadcast booth where Taz is at the desk and is flanked by the other members of Team Taz! HOOK, Hobbs, and Starks are all standing there as Taz is cutting a heated promo on the locker room and brings up AGAIN how the FTW Championship wasn't defended tonight. That is when Starks is handing the microphone to speak!} Ricky Starks: Look, Team Taz DEMANDS competition. I should be defending this gold right here but since this championship isn't recognized by AEW. The powers that be decided to put a stop to the defense of this championship. So tonight, I am issuing an open challenge next week for anyone in the back who thinks they can stand up to not only myself but Team Taz as a whole. So this contract here only needs a signature. So I am going to hang this at the back and good luck to whoever is stupid enough to si..... {HALF-MAN! Half-Amazing! The fans are going CRAZY! Ricochet comes from the tunnel and never says a word. He just walks straight up to the contract and signs it before walking away! The fans are going crazy as Ricochet is not only ALL ELITE! but he is also challenging Ricky Starks next week for the FTW World Championship!} Dynamite Diamond Ring MJF vs Christian Cage Referee - Bryce Remsberg {Christian Cage wastes no time heading to the ring as he just had a run in with MJF already. Christian is waiting in the ring but when MJF's music hits! CHRISTIAN IS NAILED FROM BEHIND BY WARDLOW! Christian is trying to fight back but this machine is just too much. Wardlow picks up Cage and just press slams him from the ring to the floor. The entire time MJF is just taking his sweet time getting to the ring. Wardlow is beating the hell out of Christian Cage and MJF is just allowing it! After Cage is put through a table with a powerbomb HERE COMES THE JURASSIC EXPRESS! Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus chase Wardlow out of the scene but the damage is already done! MJF rolls into the ring but referee Bryce won't start the match till both competitors can compete. MJF is not happy as Cage has no way of competing. MJF is starting the panic as he leaves the ring but Christian is a rag doll at this point. MJF carries Cage into the ring and slides him in. MJF is screaming for the bell to ring but Bryce won't call for the bell till Christian gives him the okay. MJF is trying to figure out what to do as Cage isn't moving and selling this attack. That is when we hear the voice of Tony Schavonie} Tony: This news has just been signed off by Tony Khan. Due to the attack by Wardlow. Tony Khan wants me to announce that this Dynamite Diamond Ring Finals will be postponed till next week! To make sure that no interference happens. Next Week the Dynamite Diamond Ring Finals will take place inside of a STEEL CAGE and if Christian Cage is not able to compete then a replacement will be found. We will have the official status of Christian Cage on AEW Dark next week. Now MJF you are to leave the arena or you will be suspended for 90 days! {MJF is upset as he is being taken up the ramp by security! Christian Cage is in a very bad way as he is getting helped to the back by the medical staff!} AEW World Championship Champion - Adam Page vs Challenger - Bryan Danielson Referee - Bryce Remsberg {Bryan Danielson makes his entrance first for being the challenger. Bryan is playing the heel as well as he can. Bryan is waiting in the corner of the ring as his opponent comes out next and it's The Champion Adam Page! Cowboy Shit is in full effect as Hangman comes down the ramp and he is ready to fight! Page enters the ring and holds up the AEW Championship as Bryan is staring right through him! These two are not friends and they know it's all because of the AEW World Championship. Bryan and Hangman put on a clinic in the early going. Bryan the technical master is being tested at every turn by the power of Hangman who is no slouch of his own. Hangman impresses the crowd by being able to keep up with Bryan who is getting upset that he can't seem to keep Hangman down. Bryan is in complete control of this contest in the early going as he begins systematically breaking down The Hangman! Bryan is working over the back and he knows that if he breaks the back down. Hangman won't be able to hit his finisher! Bryan is just relentless as he begins unloading with stiff kicks on Hangman and just working him over. Hangman gets blasted with a nasty German Suplex! Bryan kips up to his feet and is already looking to end this title match within the first 10 minutes! Bryan is in the corner and looking for the Running Knee Strike but Hangman ducks under and Bryan hits the turnbuckle! Bryan is caught up in the corner as Hangman holding his back picks up Bryan and BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX From the top rope! Both men crash to the mat below! Hangman is using the ropes to get to his feet as is Bryan! Hangman sees his chance hits the ropes and a HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Bryan does a flip as Hangman is starting to stir now. We go through a commercial break as Hangman is in the driver's seat now! We get back and forth and many near falls! Both men are hitting their signature moves throughout! Bryan hits The Tiger Suplex, German Suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, Corner Dropkick, Diving Headbutt, and even The Indian Deathlock! Hangman though is able to kick out of every move and even escapes The Deathlock! Hangman though got his signatures in as he hit Deadeye (Kneeling Back to Belly Piledriver), Cracker Barrell (Cradle Tombstone) Discus Forearm followed up by Moonsault Fallaway Slam, Sitout Powerbomb! The challenger Bryan Danielson also kicks out of all of it as well! These men have gone 30 minutes and they are just beating the hell out of each other! They are giving it all they got and only very few men can keep up with this pace! These men are giving all they have as Bryan is looking to put away Hangman for good. Bryan places Hangman on the top rope and begins unloading with very stiff elbows that actually BUST HANGMAN WIDE OPEN! Bryan nails them at a very fast pace till he finally ends the assault with a Hurricanrana from the top rope! Hangman nails the mat with authority as Bryan is playing the crowd by signaling he is going to KICK THE HEAD IN OF HANGMAN! Bryan walks over and grabs both arms of Hangman. Bryan hushes the crowd as he begins stomping away at the skull of Hangman! Bryan nails about five stiff stomps on the skull and neck area as Hangman is in some serious trouble. Bryan drops the arms and lifts his in the air in almost rejoicing at the carnage he has caused! Bryan goes to the corner and is signaling for the Running Knee Strike! Hangman is slow to get up as Bryan charging at almost 100 MPH! Bryan HITS IT! Hangman is OUT COLD! Bryan makes the cover 1....2....KICKOUT WITH AUTHORITY! Bryan is almost in shock as he covers again 1.....2...KICKOUT WITH AUTHORITY AGAIN! Bryan can't believe it! Hangman is showing the Cowboy fighting spirit as he stands up and Bryan is kicking the chest of Hangman who is standing there and BEGGING FOR MORE! Bryan looks worried as he SLAPS Hangman across the jaw! This just makes Hangman mad as he unloads with right hand after right hand! Hangman whips Bryan off the ropes! Hangman is going for a back body drop but Bryan goes to leap over but HANGMAN CATCHES BRYAN AND NAILS THE DEADEYE! Bryan is holding his neck as Hangman is setting up for BUCKSHOT LARIAT AND IT CONNECTS! Bryan does awesome at selling it 1......2......3!!!! Your Winner and STILL AEW WORLD CHAMPION - Hangman Adam Page! {Hangman has done it! The Cowboy has slain The American Dragon! Hangman is holding up The AEW World Championship as the crowd is going crazy! Hangman is leaning over the top ropes as Bryan has rolled out of the ring to give Hangman his moment. Hangman is staring up the ramp and that is when A FIGURE emerges from the tunnel which makes the crowd go WTF!!!} {AEW is going WTF! As Triple H is that figure and he looks like he is coming down the ramp to the ring. Hangman drops the title and looks ready to fight but that is when Hangman is jumped from behind by these men!} KEVIN OWENS SAMI ZAYN SETH ROLLINS KEITH LEE {These four men are causing a riot tonight! As HHH is directing the traffic! Even Bryan Danielson tries to get involved but is mowed down quickly by a POUNCE BY KEITH LEE! These five men are destroying The AEW World Champion and Bryan Danielson but here come some reinforcements from AEW in Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Eddie Kingston, and even Adam Cole All of these men are being destroyed by this army led by HHH but that is when something happens. Triple H demands Sami and Kevin hold the bloody AEW World Champion in the middle of the ring! HHH looks up the ramp and does the Scott Hall point up the ramp and from the tunnel comes The Tribal Chief! ROMAN REIGNS! {Roman heads down the ramp with his cousins behind him. Roman and The Usos walk down the ramp as the bodies are lying. Cody is actually on the ramp trying to get to his feet but Roman just smiles as Jey Uso with a SUPERKICK TO CODY! The Bucks are also on the outside but Kevin Owens from the ring apron takes them out with a SENTON CANNONBALL! Bryan is trying to get to Roman but a Keith Lee Pounce sends Bryan into the CROWD! Eddie Kingston is trying to also get to Roman but SETH ROLLINS WITH A CURB STOMP ON EDDIE! Dustin Rhodes is somehow to his feet but SAMI ZAYN WITH A HELLUVA KICK! Adam Cole though is still standing and is given the choice to join or leave. Cole looks around and FLIPS OFF TRIPLE H! Cole is then nailed from behind by Jimmy Uso with a Superkick which then leads to a Pedigree by Triple H! The AEW men are out cold as Roman finally enters the ring where The AEW World Champion is tied up in the ropes now! HHH hands Roman the AEW World Title as Roman grabs the title and BASHES PAGE ACROSS THE SKULL WITH IT! Roman then hits the ropes and SUPERMAN PUNCH TO HANGMAN! Roman throws Hangman in the middle of the ring and places his foot on his chest! Roman then proceeds to grab The AEW World Title and HOLD IT IN THE AIR! The scene fades with Roman Reigns holding up The AEW World Title in the air and with Keith Lee, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, The Usos, and Triple H right behind him! {Make no mistake about it! WINTER IS COMING TO AEW!}
  14. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW DYNAMITE PRESENTS WINTER IS COMING! AEW World Heavyweight Championship "Hangman" Adam Page (c) vs Bryan Danielson The Third Trial of Punk CM Punk vs Mystery Opponent AEW World Tag Team Championship FTR(C) vs Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa AEW TNT Championship Brodie Lee (C) vs Eddie Kingston Dynamite Diamond Ring Christian Cage vs MJF with Wardlow
  15. Perfectly Straightedge

    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Dark Announcers: Excalibur and Taz Date 12/13/21 Johnny Gargano and Ciampa defeat Private Party Eddie Kingston defeats Matt Lee Adam Cole and The Young Bucks defeat Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta) Samoa Joe defeats QT Marshall Ricky Starks with Taz defeats Brian Cage Main Event FTR defeats The Varisty Blondes