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  1. Rock_Of_Jericho

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It was really, really good. Is it 5 stars? I don't think so, but at least 4, maybe more. As previously mentioned, they had a great with Arn and Tully, too, which I liked just as much, if not more. Hard to compare, though, because they're different types of matches. I love the Fantastics during the 80's. I actually feel they were maybe the best team out there at that point, but never get the credit they deserve.
  2. Seeing the full version of the match finally, I liked the intensity between the two teams. They seemed to have some good chemistry in there. The Fantastics are in my top 5 favorite teams to watch and seeing Arn and Tully go down for the upset had to have been a surprise at that time. Tommy Rogers was so underrated. As for the match itself, I felt it was going extremely well, but ended too soon after the hot tag to Rogers. Would've liked to have seen more of these two teams together. Still, a really fun match.
  3. Rock_Of_Jericho

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I'm only into the second round right, but I dug the Fantastics/Fabulous Ones match. I'm not sure I'll get through this all in one sitting, but I am so glad to see it (mostly) uncut after all these years. I'm sad the first 5 matches are missing, but glad we got what we got.
  4. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Phil Hickerson

    I've been watching Memphis lately from 1980 on and I'm at the end of 1985 right now. I have not watched some of this stuff since my childhood, so guys like Austin Idol, Dutch Mantel, etc. remained a distant memory until I rediscovered them recently. But, I didn't remember much about Phil Hickerson at all, to be honest, but he has been a huge revelation for me and I feel like he was probably one of the most unappreciated talents of that era. So entertaining.
  5. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Most unjustified examples of WrestleCrap type of stuff

    That was the first one that came to mind for me, too. In fact, I prefer Papa Shango over The Godfather. On another note, I feel like Doink the Clown often gets painted in a negative light. I loved the heel version when Matt Bourne was Doink, but he's often discarded as typical Wrestlecrap. I loved that guy.
  6. I guess I was saying that, in terms of his career, where he won so many titles and had longevity, his accomplishments are greater than his talent. Still a talented and solid wrestler, but 6 world titles and winning almost every title in two different companies, I feel was surprising for a man who's just "good".
  7. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Rebooking the WWF in 1991

    1991 was one of their best years. There's not a whole lot I would change, to be honest, especially towards the end of the year. I probably wouldn't have done the Gulf War thing with Slaughter, but can't really think of a better alternative as opponents to feed to Hogan weren't all the abundant...at least with guys he hadn't already beat. I might've just had Hogan beat Mr. Perfect at Wrestlemania 7. The one thing I would definitely change is their misuse of Ricky Steamboat during this time period. I would've had at least one Steamboat-Flair match at some point and would've pushed him higher on the card to keep him on the roster. A short feud with Ted DiBiase or Mr. Perfect might've been a good warmup until the Piper-Flair feud was done. I probably would've had Sid come in as a heel from the beginning, maybe with Flair as a nod to their Horsemen days. Savage and Roberts feud was excellent and wouldn't change a thing, except maybe to have a longer and more brutal blowoff at Wrestlemania 8, but that goes into '92, so basically just build to that as I thought the feud still had legs when it ended abruptly. Hogan-Flair would've headlined Wrestlemania 8, so their feud would've continued into the next year with Sid as Flair's backup. Maybe a Steamboat-Sid feud. If anyone could get a decent match out of Sid, it would be Steamboat. But then, I would've loved to have seen Steamboat-Michaels at least once, too. Warrior-Undertaker would've feuded into the next year. So, basically, 1991 would've been leading into Wrestlemania 8 for the next year. As it is, they had a great roster at that time, but I feel like they dropped the ball in '92 after a great 91 setup.
  8. Booker T comes to mind for me. He's good at pretty much everything, but great at nothing, really.
  9. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Guys who didnt "fit in"

    The Oddities in 1998 WWF...mostly just because they didn't do anything that impacted...anything. King Kong Bundy in '94 WWF Bob Backlund in the 90's never seemed right to me Bret Hart in WCW Barry Windham anywhere after 1993...
  10. Rock_Of_Jericho

    When did Jericho become a tool?

    I am a huge Jericho fan, and for the most part, he seemed like a decent guy throughout his first two books. But, when I read the third, it just came off as a guy who name-dropped every celebrity he ever met, thought more of his musical success than he should, and just started to sound a bit like a self-absorbed asshole. Still love the character, but I've seen him slowly come off as more and more douchey the older he gets.
  11. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Worst Professional Wrestler Ever?

    El Gigante was pretty bad, but David Flair is worse. Actually, there was a guy in the dying days of the AWA called The Russian Brute who was probably the worst wrestler I've ever seen...
  12. Right when I was thinking what an annoying scumbag Jason Hervey sounded like, Jim Ross point blank asks him, "Do your fellow cast mates like you...you know, as a person?", which made me lol. Hervey was too distracting for me to even enjoy the match all that much. I'm not even sure Hervey was acting like a heel as much as much as he was being himself. What a tool. Decent match, but not good enough to sit through and be tortured by Hervey.
  13. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Puerto Rico Wrestling

    I've been watching some of this WWC stuff the past few days and I've enjoyed a lot of the Carlos Colon stuff myself. The guy doesn't have a massive moveset, but he knows how to keep the audience into the match. His matches with Hansen and the fire match with Ayala were some of my favorite things ever...
  14. Rock_Of_Jericho

    Current WWE

    I loved that tag match on RAW and for the first time in years, during a live broadcast, I found myself openly cheering for the Rhodes boys. As for The Shield, I seriously hope they don't mess up a good thing and break them up just yet. Eventually, that's unavoidable, but they're hot right now and I hope they don't ruin it. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed WWE programming and they still work to do with the undercard, but I'm loving the Corporation 2.0. While I think Rollins is probably the best wrestler of the group, I think Reigns will be a bigger star in the long run because he has that "it" factor and is not a bad wrestler himself, not to mention his family roots. He's got a bright future in the company as long as he doesn't mess things up.
  15. Throw me into the underwhelmed viewers of this match as well. Maybe knowing something about these guys might have helped, but I think it's more the lucha style that I don't care for...having only viewed the 90/91 yearbooks, I've been unenthusiastic about a lot of the lucha after viewing. I have to admit that I enjoyed the Octagon-Fuerza match the most, to be honest. To me, this was a bunch of sloppy brawling with a bunch of guys I could have cared less about...a shame, because I really wanted to like this, but couldn't.