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  1. Terrance Garvin is such an annoying shit and not in the good way! Massive pop from me when Jarret finally got his hands on him. Post-match was better than the match. Great little beatdown with Lawler using the chain to choke out Dundee followed by a cracking couple of piledrivers. Travis is such a scummy cornball and I can't get enough of it.
  2. Badlittlekitten

    [1990-02-02-NWA-Power Hour] Ric Flair vs Tom Zenk

    I always enjoy the novelty of watching Ric Flair as a babyface. He'd seem to mix it up a bit more. Flair formula I'm all good with but watching him try different approaches as a babyface is much more interesting at this point. This was a mid card baby vs baby match, so you didn't get the fired up Flair, on the front foot, like the Sawyer/Muta/Funk matches. The Flair there's all too little of. Instead it starts off dry on the mat. And they work slow. Cornette's great on commentary telling us Flair is fooling around with Zenk, luring him in, although Flair doesn't wrestle like that at all early-on. They come to a stalemate. Flair slaps Zenk in frustration, Flair goes heel and we're off to the races. He lays in enough stiff chops to slice Zenk's chest open. This was good. Functional, solid and a gentlemanly good. A solid, mid card, three star and a bit match. It might have been more exciting if Sexiest Man in WCW Tom Zenk had any charisma and if it wasn't structured around booing Flair. Cheeky roll up with the tights! Weak finish for Flair. Zenk didn't feel up to the level of the rub.
  3. Badlittlekitten

    [1990-01-31-NJPW] Jushin Liger vs Naoki Sano

    That's more like it! Liger's slap wasted no time in getting me into this one. As soon as Sano started ripping at Liger's mask I remembered I'd seen this one before. Certainly one of the best NJ junior's matches I've seen with it's hate and bloody violence. Liger's last grasp shooting star press was a awesome way to finish the match. Didn't hit like a classic for me, still a bit too much switching into deflating ways to fill time. Sano wasn't always engaging on top and his punches are fairly bad. But a good match none the less and a legendary Liger performance. Looking forward to watching more Jushin Liger.
  4. Badlittlekitten

    [1990-02-10-NJPW vs AJPW] Larry Zbyszko vs Masa Saito

    A nice surprise and a pleasure to watch this match. It's an awesome mid-card level match and a great curio. Larry in 1990 looks like someone still in his prime and I immediately feel like going back and watching some other Larry Z stuff. Crispness, smarts and struggle and a fun babyface performance from Mr Saito.
  5. Badlittlekitten

    [1990-01-30-NJPW] Jushin Liger vs Owen Hart

    This didn't do it for me. New Japan Junior's I've always struggled with for some reason, more than any other genre. I often feel like I'm watching modern New Japan in that it's several minutes of aimless time-fill and stuff happening before anything of substance grabs you in. It was cool to see a young Owen. His flip over the ropes and the flying dropkick were a thing of beauty. But the ebb and flow of this stuff is awkward to me, every time some electricity builds the rug gets pulled out for more noodling.
  6. Warrior and Hogan getting right into each others faces, nose to nose, is such a classic image. The most striking thing about the scene is how quite the crowd is. It's like they're still trying to figure out how to react to two superhero babyfaces colliding and there's just a strange muted reaction to it. The match itself was pretty fun with Curt doing a solid job working over Hogan before he and Genius go crazy with the bumps. Watching Hennig pinball around the ring is even more fun in 2121 where everyone pretty much does the same thing.
  7. Badlittlekitten

    WWE TV 04/01 - 10/01 Steph Curry is sensational

    I think they'll just have Goldberg beat Drew and do a rematch at Mania. They've done fairly well with Roman so far, pairing him with Goldberg would be a first major misstep. It will essentially force him back into a babyface role. Seems like poor Drew might be stuck with the people they're protecting Roman from, like Berg and The Fiend.
  8. I find it increasingly hard to rate modern WWE workers in GOAT terms because the machine is so absolutely fucking rotten it sucks away all their upside and positives. Even focusing on 'great matches' is a struggle because they're often meaningless, heatless and spoiled by stupid finishes. So yeah, Bryan probably has a lot more great matches but Bret had more matches I actually cared about. Plus 1997 Bret >>>>>> everything.
  9. Badlittlekitten

    WWE TV 12/7-12/13 Congrats to Becky and Seth

    Charlotte being put in the main event did cool Becky off somewhat but it was Seth Rollins that killed her heat. . . . Charlotte?
  10. Badlittlekitten

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    Was a disappointing show overall that halted some of the momentum they seemed to have got going. Think I'm gonna drop modern wrestling for a while and go back to watching old footage again. It's a constant let down.
  11. Badlittlekitten

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    I enjoyed Omega/Callis. I might grow to hate it but Omega has the new car smell on him at the minute.
  12. Badlittlekitten

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    Is Abadon The Fiend minus character development.
  13. Badlittlekitten

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    I hope that was a Lance Archer babyface turn but who the hell bloody knows.
  14. Badlittlekitten

    WWE TV 12/7-12/13 Congrats to Becky and Seth

    It was a perfect storm but beating someone with the credibility of Charlotte over and over undoubtedly played a massive part.
  15. Badlittlekitten

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    What the hell is Jake wearing lol.