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  1. Happ Hazzard

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Is this going to be the swan song for you guys or are you going to be doing something else after World Cast is over?
  2. Happ Hazzard

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Great show as usual guys, but I think you should have used "Heaven Needed a Champion" as the outro music. (I couldn't find the original version with the woman singing so here's the legendary Glen Goza's rendition which I had never heard before today).
  3. Happ Hazzard

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    The context for workers isn't going to be good for long if AEW keep doing the things they have been doing. The whole "wrestling as a performance art" schtick is going to absolutely die a death when it's put in front of the average Joe Sixpack watching TBS. People will see something like "the librarians" click the channel over and not come back... ever.
  4. Happ Hazzard

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Are there any new shows planned?
  5. Happ Hazzard

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Are you guys going to review the new GAB 86 shows they put up? I enjoy these shows more than the regular World Cast shows (and I really love the regular shows!)
  6. Happ Hazzard

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    The Road Warriors music wasn't the "WrestleRock Rumble" (they weren't part of that song) it was this song from Memphis. I didn't mind the song, as far as early 80s Memphis wrestling music videos go, there were far worse. But it really doesn't work as entrance music at all.
  7. Happ Hazzard

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    They definitely need to go back to having the short clips on Youtube again. I always thought they should have just the "Jim Cornette Talking Sense" guy on the payroll and just moved all the existing clips onto the official Cornette Youtube channel and put him in charge of editing clips off new shows and doing the amusing pictures for them.
  8. Happ Hazzard

    RIP Rene Lasartesse

    Is this the guy that Jericho mentioned in his first book?
  9. Happ Hazzard

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    This was a great show!
  10. Happ Hazzard

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Keep pressing Prazak for more information because I have a feeling that something is afoot here.
  11. Happ Hazzard

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I think it was a simple as Brad walking to his car and Juvi not paying attention and running into him in the parking lot. The story I heard that Juvi was ribbing Armstrong by nearly running him over but actually did run him over by mistake.
  12. Happ Hazzard

    Greatest championship reigns

    I'm always amazed by the fact that the AWA had ONE world title change from 1968 to 1980. Gagne held it from 68-75 and Bockwinkel from 75-80. And strangely enough the title was a total hot potato upto 1968 (Gagne's title win that year was the 24th change in 8 years).
  13. I second the appreciation for these podcasts, don't understand why they don't get more prominence on the PTBN site. At times on this one Johnny seems to be speaking in fast forward.
  14. The Midnight Rider music video is on Youtube. It's certainly Bill Watts in the footage of him driving but not Watts in the other parts.