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  1. This is a time period ofindy wrestling that is all new to me, so I'm not sure I've ever seen a Ric Blade match before. But this is a straight up late 90s guy -- Johnny Cage meets club boy look, girl with a Joey haircut and midriff shirt at his side, Kid Rock entrance music. He reminds me of a kid hanging out in front of a Sinclair station trying to offer you a $20 if you get him a case of Keystone Ice. This was a totally nothing match that I'm totally glad I watched. I'm not going to seek out more Ric Blade or anything, but as a novelty it was worth the 15 minutes.
  2. I spent almost the entire decade of the 2000s as a radio DJ. Every day, people would call up and complain that they were sick and tired of hearing the same fucking Matchbox Twenty song, and that they were never going to listen to us again as long as we kept playing the same thing. Every quarter, we'd get data from the ratings companies on listener behavior. Every month, we'd get focus group data from our playlist consultants on listener behavior. And every quarter, and every month, we'd hear the same thing from the ratings companies and the playlist consultants -- people want to hear the hits. They say they never want to hear "3 A.M." again, but every time they hear the clear and powerful voice of Rob Thomas, they crank it up and sing along. The Rock knows his role here, and the people are rapturous. It's just good business, even if it is just business as usual.
  3. Maybe it was just me, but I picked up on a "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was" vibe from this match. This had the feel of two slightly past their prime fighters throwing everything they still had at each other, which may explain why it felt like they really didn't do too much. This was early 90s Nolan Ryan throwing to early 90s Dave Winfield -- not quite up to the level of what they were, but still worth the price of a ticket.
  4. fishbaugh


    Dave is legitimately one of my 5 favorite wrestlers ever. I stopped watching wrestling entirely with the WCW buyout, and didn't watch again until the episode of RAW where Batista came back to collect the bounty on Shawn Michaels. From that point up until he retired, Batista provided my friends and I with more entertainment on a weekly basis than any wrestler ever. We loved everything about him -- his age-inappropriate clothing and horrible tattoos from a more ironic point of view, but his ability to react with such emotion and expressiveness to the nonsense happening around him was really special. Great Batista moments (personal list): - During the Evolution run, there were so many moments where everyone else in the crew were in suits, but Dave was in his skives, all greased up and ready to work. It was such a surreal wrestling moment to see him run out into a public street in his shorts while HHH, Flair, and Orton were in suits. - A promo for some SummerSlam where all the wrestlers were doing summer Olympic event stuff, and someone does a long jump only to run into a gigantic Dave slam, followed by that weird little dance he'd do after planting someone. Again, everyone else was in different gear, but Dave was greased up and in his tights. - The lead up to his leaving Evolution was the angle that made me a hardcore fan again -- I was 1000% bought in on that turn, and they realized that reacting to others was what made Batista so over. - Dave and Eddie, with Eddie thinking he was outsmarting his partner by being a heel behind his back. But you aren't getting anything over on Dave! - Turning on Rey Rey and wearing really horrible turtleneck sweaters and embroidered jeans while acting like a cock on Smackdown. - I was at the No Way Out 2009 show in Seattle with my friends, and there was a little kid sitting next to me. He was only there for 2 reasons -- to see Rey (who put on a fucking show) and Big Dave. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Batista was hurt and wouldn't be there. - "Spotlight" Dave, best remembered by me as him wearing jeans and a leather vest with no shirt on, telling Cena that while he was "kissing babies and hugging fat girls" that he was "winning championships". Even his retirement angle in the wheelchair was awesome. - Batista Likes Fishsticks - I was also at the Rumble when people turned on him, sitting down on the floor. I got into surprisingly heated exchanges with people, as I was not going to let them boo my dude for being a fucking star and rocking skinny jeans. All that said, it wasn't like he was a great worker or anything (though he was never bad), but I had to give him the ceremonial #100 on my GWE ballot.
  5. Not quite as high on this match as everyone else in the thread, but that's only because I don't think MMA vs Pro Wrestling is a story that has aged well at all. That being said, this was a hot match with an electric crowd, and that made for a very exciting and entertaining 20+ minutes. Murakami was the glue in this, with the Ogawa vs Hash confrontations sustaining the heat. I'm closer to an 8.5 on this one, but that's still firmly in great match territory.
  6. That was...unexpected. Liger vs Kanemoto is a match I always enjoy, so I was a little pissed at what we got here. That being said, I kind of agree with Stro -- Liger always beats Kanemoto, so if they keep running the same match, eventually Liger is just going to put him down. This is one worth watching, if only for the novelty factor of Koji being jobbed out hard.
  7. fishbaugh

    [2000-01-04-AJW] Manami Toyota vs Yumiko Hotta

    Hotta shows up looking fly as hell here with the slicked back hair and the badass white leather jacket. Every time I watch a Toyota match I hope this is the one where she scales it back a bit, and every time I'm at least a bit disappointed. Up until Toyota kicked out of the top rope backdrop suplex, I was WAY into this. From there to the finish it felt like they kind of shrugged off everything that they had built, but even with that criticism, it is still the best match in the set so far.
  8. fishbaugh

    [2000-01-04-AJW] Kumiko Maekawa vs Miho Wakizawa

    As I was watching this, I kept thinking "are these trainees?" Looks like I was at least close to the mark -- this was a bit sloppy and nothing really clicked. It feels like if you could jump forward a year or so you'd have something here, but at this point it was an entirely forgettable match.
  9. fishbaugh

    [2000-01-03-WWF-Raw] HHH vs Big Show

    I'm one of the people who was outed as a HHH voter in the GWE poll -- I had him at 99. He's a personal favorite, and someone I honestly think is better than some people give him credit for. He's by no means the worst main eventer of his generation, and he does have some areas where he shines. He's always willing to bump big (even if it doesn't make his opponent look great), he looks the part, and he carries himself like he is a big deal. All that said, this was a pretty boring match with not much going for it. HHH did do a nice flat back bump on the toss over the barricade to the floor, but beyond that nothing stood out to me. This isn't the match I'd point to as a case for HHH as being anything beyond a capable hand.
  10. My joshi experience stops at the 96 Yearbook, so this was fresh to me. Totally brutal beatdown, and since I haven't been burned out by watching this structure over and over again (as it sounds like others have), I thought the finish was surprising and great.
  11. fishbaugh

    [2000-01-01-CMLL] Tarzan Boy vs Rey Bucanero

    That was a great, bloody brawl that had everything I love about wrestling -- dastardly villains, old ladies in the crowd losing their shit, chaotic and barely controlled violence. My plan was to finish this match then go to bed, but it got me all amped up and now I'll probably watch another hour of footage before crashing.
  12. I'm a sucker for matches where things feel a bit out of control (something that can be accomplished in many different ways), so I really loved the third fall. Have to echo everyone else and say that Zumbido bumping around like a maniac and Mr. Mexico flopping on his dive were the highlights. With a couple more minutes, this could have gone beyond fun into something really good, but I enjoyed what we did get.
  13. Spanky has always jumped off the screen. Loved the use of Britney as entrance music and the huge dive -- fun TV match and a really cool snapshot of two future stars (though I agree with Loss that just going from this match, only one of them looked like it).
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  15. fishbaugh

    Letters from Kayfabe

    10 year old Fishbaugh's 3 least favorite things of 1990: 1. Divorce of parents 2. Matt Bahr's field goal to beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship 3. The Brother Love show The gap between 2 and 3 isn't as large as you might think.