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  1. Cornette's racket

    Dory Funk Jr on the Amarillo schedule - help needed

    Was St. Louis a territory in the traditional sense though ? It was one city and I know there were shows at the Kiel auditorium and the wrestling at the chase TV tapings so it was hardly a huge slog.
  2. Cornette's racket

    Dory Funk Jr on the Amarillo schedule - help needed

    World class in the 1980's ?
  3. Cornette's racket

    Dory Funk Jr on the Amarillo schedule - help needed

    I felt tired reading that description of the weekly loop of the Amarillo territory.
  4. Cornette's racket

    Dory Funk Jr on the Amarillo schedule - help needed

    Mid south didn't sound like it was much fun either.
  5. Cornette's racket

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Oh thank god it wasn't just me then. I've watched the first match and the wargames cage is above the scaffold for the scaffold match and the order shows the two matches back to back. I wondered how it would work.
  6. Cornette's racket

    WWE Hidden Gems

    We’ll according to Wikipedia it was assumed it wasn’t even recorded. Would this be the last event to even resemble AWA as we know it ? I know it officially shut down in 1991 but I’d assumed it was still going in name only for the last couple of years. That’s the impression I’d always had anyway.
  7. Cornette's racket

    WWE Hidden Gems

    The hidden gems for April 4th 2019 according to WWE network news are the full press conferences of wrestlemania 2,3,and 4. Also the superstar taping where lex Luger had the belt presented to him by vince McMahon prior to WM X.Also, razor Ramon asking roddy piper to make a match between him and goldust at WM 12. I mean those last two are certainly what I'd call hidden gems from the vault. Also, the dark match before WM 9 with Tito Santana vs papa shango with Jim Ross on commentary.
  8. Cornette's racket

    Best and Worst WrestleMania Builds

    I’d agree with the description of the mania V build between hogan and savage. It’s just done so well. As was said it’s not messy and it worked. I loved the comment from Ventura during the entrances where savage as champion comes out first about the champion normally coming out second. He also calls hulk “lust Hogan” which is great.
  9. Cornette's racket

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Was the randy savage interview with Vince where randy is all black on this march to wrestle mania ?
  10. Cornette's racket

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Were they really that stuck for a female inductee this year outside of Chyna ?
  11. Cornette's racket

    WWE Hidden Gems

    No it has sound on it and commentary.
  12. Cornette's racket

    WWE TV 02/18 - 02/24 Governmental Twitter Dirty Laundry-Washing

    Is it too harsh to say vince has become late 1980's Verne gagne ? Stuck in his ways and in a "it worked before so it'll work now" mode of thinking. The TV isn't working or not to the level it should be.
  13. Cornette's racket

    All Elite Wrestling

    I doubt vince and the WWE are that bothered about the star cast appearance as that's just a autograph singing. Yes I know that and the double or nothing are technically separate but there is enough cross over. The issue WWE would have(and be well within their rights to have it) is if taker appeared on the show and was presented as the undertaker. I'm guessing that because Cody Rhodes was asked could he use the Rhodes name when he left WWE and he said he couldn't on "anything televised" which is important.
  14. Cornette's racket

    RIP Pedro Morales

    He's the fifth longest combined WWE champion in terms of days as champion and he only had one reign. Cena has 13 and he's about on,y 200 days above morales. He's the longest combined IC champ by days as champion but that will probably be broken by the Miz at some point.
  15. Cornette's racket

    RIP Pedro Morales

    Thanks. I was genuinely asking was he. Gimmicks ? Like 1990's WWF over the top gimmicks ? I can see why a guy of his generation wouldn't be a fan. Yeah he was inducted in the WWE hall of fame in 1995 and then nothing. I mean I'm a student of history in wrestling so I knew who he was but how many modern fans would know him ? I think I'm right in saying with his death, billy graham and bob backlund are the only WWWF champions still alive.