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  1. SpecialK

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    If only Ultimate Warrior was still around for the hometown pop.
  2. SpecialK

    Who is more historically important?

    I chose Bryan over Hardy because I feel if Hardy never existed WWE would still be the same. I think Bryan along with Punk changed how WWE viewed "indie guys" and you wouldn't have AJ, Owens, Zayn, Joe, Valor etc. pushed on the main roster and NXT in it's current form wouldn't exist.
  3. SpecialK

    Great Big Men Working Right Now

    My overriding thought while watching the recent WALTER vs. Devlin match was that it was like a 2018 version of Vader vs. Sting.
  4. Don't get this at all. NJPW feels completely different to PROGRESS as to CMLL as to Impact as to EVOLVE as to DG as to Stardom as to wXw as to OTT as to AJPW as to BJW....
  5. SpecialK

    Current New Japan

    I'm really not a big Omega fan - I feel like I'm the only person on earth who actively disliked the Dominion match, but FUCK that Omega/Ishii match was awesome.
  6. SpecialK

    Current New Japan

    How is Gedo's booking baffling? I don't like a lot of his choices, but it's all completely logical.
  7. SpecialK

    Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

    Thanks, just listened to this today - a really fun show.
  8. SpecialK

    Current New Japan

    Have any of the folks clamouring for women in NJPW bothered to ask any of NJPW's female fans if they want to see joshi matches?
  9. SpecialK

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    "We keep having to add extra seats!" - President Okamoto's speech at Kobe World every year.
  10. SpecialK

    Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

    Giant vs. Hogan sumo monster truck challenge and subsequent match from 1995, please.
  11. And does it change week by week, according to circumstances? Do you have blocked parts of the week for watching, or do you just try to watch when you can? Is it difficult to fit in with your work/family/social responsibilities? At the moment, I'm on about 10-15 hours a week with an hour or so a day, and a 2-3 hours a day at weekends.
  12. SpecialK

    All Star Wrestling on the Network

    Watching some random episodes - amazing that someone heard Antonino Rocca speak and thought "THAT guy should be a colour commentator!"
  13. SpecialK

    WWE Network... It's Here

    As an ex-subscriber I was recently offered 3 months for one dollar, anyone else offered this? I don't give a shit about current WWE but seemed too good to turn down.
  14. SpecialK

    General Chat topic

    I'm an ESL teacher too, after 10+ years in Japan I returned to the UK last year, and moved to Ireland a few months ago