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  1. slackermillionaire

    WWE Hall of Fame 2017

    They're a niche band in the metal scene with a cult following. More of a UK deal too. They are not a household name in the States. The Celebrity Wing so far is pretty much all mainstream household names, they wouldn't fit. Refrigerator Perry is the most obscure, but even he was a big deal in the mid 80s. Yeah, why not put JBL in, who probably got bumped off last year due to wanting to change the leaked list a bit. Gives SD a bragging point for having a HoFer on their announcer crew. Lol Motorhead is not a niche band with a cult following, but okay. The band/Lemmy still deserve to be in the HOF more than just about any other celeb in the HOF. They put Inoki and Fujinami in the real wing, and had a section devoted to Gotch and Hackenschmidt last year. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say Motorhead is more known to current WWE fans than George Hackenschmidt, Lou Thesz, Frank Gotch, and Antonio Inoki. I think you might be a little too much in the wrestling and/or metal bubble on this one. I never said only wrestling fans knew who Motorhead was, but they aren't a household name by any stretch. I think one of the reason why Lemmy/Motorhead might not get in, is how much of a draw is Motorhead going in to the hall of fame without Lemmy physically being able to be there. While all of WWE HOF is pretty much a PR move/ticket grab, the celebrity hall of fame is an even bigger one.
  2. slackermillionaire

    WWE TV 1/4/16-1/10/16

    I thought they would have at the very least had a Del Rio vs Cena US title match on Smackdown, they could have used Raw to hype it instead they didn't even mention Cena would be on the show.
  3. slackermillionaire

    NJPW workers going to WWE?

    I may be wrong but I took that report to mean that with NXT becoming a full time touring brand in 2016, Balor would be put in a position to work 15-20 min main events every night, putting more toll on his body after working the New Japan style for so long, all before he ever gets to taste the big bucks of working in the upper card/main event of the main roster. I
  4. slackermillionaire

    Wrestle Kingdom 10

    I thought Trent looked good in the junoir tag match, the way he bumps always stands out for me. If Romero is indeed NXT bound I really hope he has fun singles match at New Year's Dash to leave the company on a high (I am hoping for Liger or Gedo). The Never Title match was a WAR like it should have been I really loved AJ vs Nak, the pacing throughout the match was great. I think I heard someone say on We Don't Know Wrestling, that the match will be compared to the Ibushi match last WK but I think the pacing made it stand out on it's own. I understand people's grip about the knee selling in the main event and it stopped it from being a perfect match to me but it was a very engrossing ride.
  5. slackermillionaire

    Most unusual routes into the business

    In more recent times, Enzo Amore get signed to WWE, without any prior experience, based on a video audition tape that Triple H's personal trainer gave to Hunter.
  6. slackermillionaire

    Your Wrestling Pet Peeves/Utter Hatreds

    When looking at the success of AJ Styles and to a lesser extent Samoa Joe have had on the indie circuit drawing crowds, it certainly says a lot about TNA.
  7. slackermillionaire

    Prelude to Extreme Rules

    I agree I just think it will take a hell of lot to shake the "smart" crowd who already boo him, the hardcore WWE smart crowd booed the night after he had one of the best main events in Wrestlemania history. Once the know it all fans, get something stuck in there heads it is hard to shake, fans still think John Cena can't wrestle. This is exactly what happened last year after Wrestlemania, with the rise of Cesaro, Rusev, The Shield guys and Wyatt all at the same time, the company had to give up on Cesaro and put guys like Ambrose and Wyatt on the back burner.
  8. slackermillionaire

    Prelude to Extreme Rules

    I fear WWE "smart" fans will not change their minds on Reigns, they have it stuck in there head someone isnt a good worker and it is hard to shake, They could do something with Henry and Reigns stemming from the fact that Henry said he believed Reigns could beat Lesnar and failed. One of the greatest qualities of someone like Henry being on the roster it only takes a week or two of squashes and some promo time for him to feel somewhat relevant again.
  9. slackermillionaire

    Prelude to Extreme Rules

    I think the big problem coming out of Wrestlemania is there are too many guys on the roster right now who need wins, Rusev, Wyatt, Reigns, all need wins. I think they are going to run Big Show vs Reigns in the last man standing match which was the rumoured main event of Fastlane. I dont see Cena dropping back the belt soon because they have made merch for him and the USA Title which is a shame because I fear Rusev may suffer the same fate as Wyatt did last year. I really hope they do Ziggler vs Sheamus and Bryan vs Barrett instead of a 4 way, setting up Sheamus and Bryan for the next ppv, but I can see them doing the four way due to time constraints and than still running Bryan vs Sheamus on the next ppv. Lucha dragons vs Cesaro/Kidd could be a lot of fun and it is going to help Kalisto alot being paired up with a world class base like Cesaro to get over on the main roster, Who is there Wyatt to face? Ryback? I could see them perhaps going the Wyatt vs Reigns route but it is too early for that after both their losses coming out of Mania.
  10. slackermillionaire

    Turn Ambrose Heel?

    I have always thought that Ambrose would reach the next of level of being a true top baby face level star after a strong singles heel run. Look how over CM Punk and Daniel Bryan got off the backs of their strong heel runs. I think the world of Ambrose and believe that he could be a big star as a babyface, but as mentioned the face side of the roster is stacked with Cena, Reigns and Bryan, not to mention that Orton is coming back a face and according to this week's observer, the company feels he is so important, that they nixed his return at the Rumble because they felt it would be a bad move to have him lose in his first match back as a face. The heel side of things is so much lighter right now and I really think Ambrose could shine in that role for a year or two before turning face.
  11. slackermillionaire

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    Have always liked what I have seen out of Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. If the rumors are true of ROH contracted talent no longer being able to appear on PWG shows, this could be an interesting year for PWG and a chance to give a lot of exposure to new talent. And it looks like even without ROH contracted talent the card for the February PWG still looks stacked: Hero vs Gulak, Uha Nation/ Brian Cage vs The Young Bucks and Roderick Strong vs Trevor Lee
  12. slackermillionaire

    Wrestling Culture Episode 62

    Just finished listening to this, still my favourite wrestling podcast. Can't wait to hear more in 2015.
  13. slackermillionaire

    Who are the top 10 lower mid-carders in history?

    EDIT - didn't realize this why is Greatest Wrestler Ever board
  14. slackermillionaire

    Current WWE

    Cesaro deserves better but a Tyson Kidd/Cesaro team is C show wet dream material.
  15. slackermillionaire

    Current WWE

    I have high hopes for the Ziggler vs Harper IC Ladder match, Sheamus vs Morrison TLC 2010 is my favorite WWE ladder matches in the last 10 years and I think this one could be very similar. ,