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  1. MarcMadness

    Summerslam 2016

    And here's the suspension angle...see ya in February Brock.
  2. MarcMadness

    Summerslam 2016

    So the last 2 matches are a non-start and a non-finish? The New Era is so fresh!
  3. MarcMadness

    Summerslam 2016

    Ok, that spear was pretty sweet. Didn't they already do "Roman loses it!" Vs HHH 9 moths ago? And then almost immediately reverted back to smiling cheesy douche?
  4. MarcMadness

    Summerslam 2016

    What in the name of Jack Briscoe was that? First it seemed like the start to walk it be a really awesome Hoss brawl, and then it became an excuse just to not have a match.
  5. MarcMadness

    Summerslam 2016

    I agree with everyone the finisher spamming is predictable and a tired formula, but man, AJ going over clean as a sheet. He'll be Smackdown champion within the next few months I would imagine.
  6. MarcMadness

    Summerslam 2016

    I enjoyed this match quite a bit, though it wasn't exactly a classic I really like the finish and it shows that Sasha can't necessarily rely on the bank statement because now she has found someone who used it against her. This will probably lead to Bailey chasing Charlotte as pointed out above, but I'm thinking we may get another Charlotte Sasha match first, possibly an iron woman or two out of three falls and I'm perfectly fine with that. I had an idea of them pulling a double turn with Balor and Rollins, using the club to help with Balor and beat down Seth. I don't think it's likely but at they have a least acknowledged the Balor/ Club connection now so it seems more likely that it was a day ago.
  7. MarcMadness

    Watching wrestling under the influence

    "However, I don't drink very often so I don't have much to say about this. Maybe when the finalization of legalization of marijuana in Canada is completed I might use it to get through Raw." Wait, in Canada, people wait for weed to be legal to smoke it? I watch most wrestling under the influence of a little 420 nowadays, but that's mostly because I do everything under the influence of a little 420. I suppose I'd have to watch sober to compare the two, and that sounds scary. Always got shit faced on alcohol live at the last 2 manias and it was ridiculous each time. Definitely had the same reactor to Rusevs tank.
  8. MarcMadness

    WrestleMania 32

    That's the $500 question, at least according to my ticket price for Jerrys World. At this point the only,thing they can realistically do to spice things up is being up Balor, Joe and Zayn in the next month or two. I'm hard pressed to,put together a show with this,roster - Brock/Reigns and Cen/Undertaker seem like,the on,y,possible matchups for those top guys, unless we get a Reigns or Ambrose turn or a bigger push for Owens.
  9. MarcMadness

    WWE TV from November 15th to 21th

    If nothing else. Reigns-Cesaro should be a really good match. I'm curious to see how heavily in favor of Cesaro over Reigns the crowd is.
  10. MarcMadness

    WWE TV from November 8th to 14th of 2015

    Accidentally watched Smackdown! since Hulu kept playing after RAW ended, and I actually enjoyed Ryback-Kalisto quite a bit. I almost hope they give Kalisto a win over Del Rio and make him the true underdog story, but I just don't see them doing a Kalisto/Reigns semi-final at Survivor Series. How on Earth could Reigns garner crowd sympathy against Kalisto? Then again, maybe that's not their plan is, especially since they are pairing him with Cesaro on RAW... Could they intentionally be pitting Reigns against guys the crowd will almost surely cheer over him towards the end to justify his last second decision to take Trips up on his offer? If he faces Cesaro, Kalisto and Ambrose in the last 3 matches he will surely get boo'd in every match, and they have to know that.
  11. MarcMadness

    WWE TV from November 8th to 14th of 2015

    So we've seen Undertaker defeat Bray Wyatt clean at Mania, and now we've seen Taker and Kane destroy the whole Wyatt Family on RAW. Why exactly would I care about seeing Taker and Kane vs. any 2 Wyatts in a straight up tag match at Survivor Series? It's clear they are just trying to milk the feud to do something at TLC - in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they called it "Tables, Ladders, and Caskets" and added a casket match. This is obviously just meant to keep them on TV until whatever send off they get at Mania. Also, it looks like no Survivor Series matches at all will happen, though it wouldn't shock me if they tossed all over mid carders into a "traditional Survivor Series" match on the pre-show.
  12. Hopefully they do Round 1 on RAW and have an 8 man tourney on the PPV so we don't just get a million rushed matches. I'd make the final 8 Reigns, Cesaro, Ziggler, Ambrose, Owens, Del Rio, Sheamus, and um....Big Show? Rusev if he can come back by then and they've forgiven him for #LANAGATE
  13. MarcMadness

    Sting v Luger - So few matches?

    Re-watching Nitros had me wonder the same thing. He turned heel on Hogan and Savage at Havoc, then he came to whisper in Stings ear to get him to break his Scorpion death lock on Nitro, then they played Sting and Luger as friends while Luger was heel with everyone else for a while, had him handcuffed to Jimmy Hart (who he was aligned with?) to watch Stings back in his title match vs Giant, and then the whole thing eventually gets dropped for the nWo angle like you said. I would say they probably had some plan with it but then again....WCW.
  14. Just watched Abby/ Shiek vs the Funks -'crazy ! The violence was just sick and loved how they made he effort to meticulously use the spike to destroy Terry's arm while being sure to have it at just the right angle so the ref didn't see it. I love how Abby,is,the workhorse of his team. The finish when Terry comes back with the taped arm and fist is just great. What a wild, violent brawl. I must see more 70s abdullAh. I also want the full list ! I'd love to try to watch every match you,guys mentioned eventually.
  15. MarcMadness

    2015 MOTY contenders

    I'm going to go ahead and add Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch for consideration. I could see it making my Top 25. Just great all around work and selling like you rarely if ever see on the main roster, especially from the ladies. I almost don't want these two to make up top out of fear it would ruin them. But as far as I'm concerned these two along with Charlotte and Bailey belong on the Big Stage.