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  1. FMKK

    All Elite Wrestling

    All she had to do was say she was struggling to get the words right or whatever. I kind of dislike the pressuring celebrities into making public statements like this though, if only because it makes it into an empty PR exercise when they figure out that they need a well worded social media post in good time.
  2. FMKK

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    There's an irony to all this. More and more of Cornette's show has been taken up by AEW and more and more of his AEW commentary has become frothing at the mouth. How many times has he threatened to stop watching it? Really, Jim has become a podcasting spot monkey.
  3. FMKK

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    For all that people say about Corny on these shows, I think Last is the absolute dirt worst
  4. FMKK

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    Can't wait for nerds to be demanding the #WindhamCut of the Firefly Funhouse
  5. FMKK

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Who's to say they didn't make a play for them and they just didn't accept the offers?
  6. FMKK

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    There are still a few psychopaths online who think Bray Wyatt is an artistic genius so God only knows. That's why I hope they do it to see if there's any ridiculous outrage online! Edge had a bit of a hissy fit online after people buried his shitty match so this branding is either a rib on him or a rib on the audience. Or both.
  7. FMKK

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    Booking an entire PPV around a bait and switch isn't going to get heat on Randy Orton. It's just going to confirm to fans why they should never put any trust in WWE to deliver on anything. That said, it would be funny if they do it.
  8. FMKK

    Current New Japan

    Yeah, the tag league is a rest tour for the big stars anyway. But they've been resting for three months already and probably one or two more before we see proper shows.
  9. FMKK

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    On a brighter note, Nia must have laid in some decent strikes because Meltzer and others are reporting that she's hurt Kairi Sane yet again. This time, a deep head cut during a taped match for an upcoming Raw. Maybe Nia ought to get her ass back to the performance centre to learn how to work before she gets a TV push.
  10. FMKK

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    This was pretty amusing but the choice quote for me was Dave saying "Edge is kind of a genius." Everyone in the world should aspire to find love like the love Dave has for Edge.
  11. FMKK

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    They pulled that before with Cena vs Orton doing a singles match right after a TLC. The crowd shit on it. But at least they won't have that problem again unless some of the PC dorks get brave.
  12. FMKK

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    HHH should really make beard vs beard matches the signature blow off gimmick for shows in his orbit.
  13. FMKK

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    That is true and that's the curse of the monopoly. If people going back and forth between WWE and AEW becomes normalised, I think that'll be a good thing. I can't imagine Vince accepting that however. Some sort of off-season and a distinct identity between their brands would have done a lot for someone like Orton. If you only see him for 8 months of the year and him switching to a different show would have major implications for how he would be presented, that would have kept him fresh for longer. As well as smaller things like changing up his gear and his music every few years. And his signature spots. I think there's probably still a way for them to bring in people like a Nakamura or a Matt Riddle and shoot them to the top instead of wasting time in NXT, which has become as much of a curse as it was a blessing. That would give the main roster a bit more buzz without necessarily having to push 20 year olds who are green. But yeah, more male sex symbols who are acknowledged as such would help for sure. I remember a good few months back Dave suggesting that they should operate their multitude of brands like a super fluid territory system where Undisputed Era could go up to Raw to work a three month storyline and then go back to NXT once it's blown off etc. That would be quite interesting but it would take more organisational skills and attention to detail than they're capable of. Honestly, WWE is broken on such a fundamental level that all of these things are just triage.
  14. FMKK

    AEW Double or Nothing 2020

    I dislike how cinematic is being used with regards to this match tbh. Other than one or two minutes of Matt Hardy bs, the match was filmed like any other wrestling brawl would be filmed. To me, that makes it distinct from the highly stylised production of the Boneyard and the Funhouse at Mania.
  15. To me, that was a choice to cool off a potential megastar so they could have two nice little WWE stars instead. Of course, the rot had already set in with the Becky push when it became all about Stephanie McMahon and HHH and then Vince and a worked injury and getting arrested etc. instead of building up to the match that was naturally over with the fans.