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  1. FMKK

    AEW Dynamite - February 2, 2022

    I think the perfect time to do a rematch between these two is at All Out when MJF has the belt. That’s what I would book anyway. I know it’s a while away but they can make it work.
  2. It seems to clear to me that Heyman is turning on Roman so Lesnar wins the belt at Day 1. Then Roman is going to win the Rumble and do take four of the Wrestlemania Babyface Coronation attempts against Brock.
  3. FMKK

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Dave Meltzer calls him a big star and tried to argue that he makes a difference to ticked sales. And the likes of Fightful are always buttering him up as this mega star, saying shit like they're so happy for Big E to get to share the ring with him and such. That's the sort of thing that got Jesse to write the article in the first place.
  4. WWE is now playing second fiddle in their own back yard when it comes to selling tickets.
  5. FMKK

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The stupidest thing about the whole thing is that the Bucks wear the shit trainers for heel heat. Talk about people not getting it.
  6. FMKK

    AEW Dynamite - October 27, 2021

    Yeah, Cody knows what he's doing. He's deliberately trying to create that Cena dynamic for himself. He isn't the most over babyface, he isn't the most over heel and he isn't the best worker, so his way of standing out is to be polarising. The second he does a real turn, beats down Arn and cuts a promo on the fans is the second he gets cheered again because he's giving people what they want.
  7. FMKK

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    I've enjoyed both guys in different ways. Danielson obviously has the higher end stuff - who wouldn't if they're working Omega and Suzuki? - but I've really enjoyed how Punk has worked. People have mentioned Bret as a comparison, which I like, but I also think there's a bit of like WWECW Christian or something in there too. Just smart, well-worked television wrestling that doesn't go out of its way to be flashy. That's something AEW lacked for the first year or so but now has a decent roster of guys who can do that style. I really enjoyed Punk vs Darby, Garcia and Sydal (the Hobbs match was just ok) and I think the Bobby Fish match will be of similar competence. I think he's heading for an MJF feud and maybe comes to save Darby and Sting from a beatdown this week so hopefully we get a fun trios out of that and then a proper main event programme in the coming months.
  8. FMKK

    Current New Japan

    Okada needs to hit the rainmaker in the Dome and erase everything that has happened in the last two years
  9. FMKK

    Current New Japan

    Ibushi eating shit in that match is a metaphor for his horrendous last four months
  10. The version of that story I heard is that one of them criticised Izzy’s parents for letting her train at age 13 and they organised an anti-MSK contingent at the shows in response.
  11. Dave on WOR this morning was spectacular. His analogy for Vince was being like an alcoholic - they can’t stop drinking until they admit to themselves that they have a problem.
  12. Any Observer Hall of Fame case that Roman Reigns might have has died this week at the hands of The Bunny and the UBS Centre in Long Island. What a time to be alive.
  13. FMKK

    All Elite Wrestling

    That's part of the story, but also Smackdown was on from 8-10.30 while AEW was on from 10-11 so being on in the earlier slot helps too.
  14. FMKK

    Current New Japan

    That Ibushi vs Kenta match was so weird. I think I liked it. Well, I liked most of it. But then there were three egregiously bad spots which were meant to be key points in the match. 1) The count-out tease from the back, which I never bought because the ref was just going to stop counting until Ibushi got back in, 2) The table spot where the table fell over and Ibushi jumped anyway looked pretty weak, 3) There was a point where Kenta was meant to throw Ibushi into the exposed buckle, they completely whiffed it and then Kenta just did a headlock takeover for a nearfall. Very messy stuff. Honestly, I get why they put Kota in the final and I think the idea is to accentuate Okada's victory even further by putting him over 'Mr. G1' in the finals but I'm so uninterested in Ibushi right now. His booking for the last 12 months, in what should have been his high point in the company, has been absolutely horrible to the point where he has majorly regressed as a star in my opinion.
  15. FMKK

    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    Yeah, like two weeks ago.