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  1. FMKK

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    If the guy shoot spat on Cornette during a match and he was upset about it, I don't really see how you can turn around and get rid of Jim based on that. Having listened to his Double or Nothing review before all that 'scandal' kicked off, I think it was a storm in a teacup and a whole lot of nonsense either from people who wanted to defect his criticisms or already had heat with him in the first place. I'm not some hardcore Cornette mark but I don't think he's a hardcore homophobe, just a guy in an insular business who used terminology that's a few years out of date. Hardly a cardinal sin and something that could have been quietly explained to him if you wanted to actually move forward on the issue instead of creating a phoney scandal.
  2. FMKK

    Best Makeovers

    Probably the most dramatic makeover of a big star was Sting's and both the look and the angle behind it captured the imagination and for me still does. Got over big enough to pop the biggest WCW buyrate and also gave him a look he could carry on for the rest of his career without looking as dumb as the more colourful attire would have as he aged.
  3. Do Rollins vs Reigns feuding over which one is to blame for Ambrose leaving
  4. At this point I'm almost willing to just say fuck it, they should put the belt on Shane. He's the only person on the weekly TV who's actually seen as and booked like a star.
  5. Bryan vs Rollins is on for Raw, which should be good if they get some time. Bound to have a Corbin run-in though... I also saw some rumour that they we're going to tinker with the Stomping Grounds card to pop some interest following poor ticket sales. The show is this Sunday. Depending on how big any changed would be, this would be by my count their third reset of the year so far.
  6. FMKK

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    This is the Dallas card. I guess when it's clear that they weren't going to run Moxley on top there to pop a number then they kinda had to go with Okada vs Tanahashi on top. Not a blowaway card imo but Ibushi vs KENTA will be fascinating just to see how either of them are able to work.
  7. It seems bizarre and counterproductive for them to take the hump with Cena because at this point he's a lot more valuable to them than they are to him. If this ratings decline had been happening a few years earlier, I'd have expected Vince to hotshot the belt onto him. Even now, you'd think they'd want to try to get him in if just for a Summerslam programme. So if there's a genuine rift there it would be weird, especially given how few difference makers Vince has to call on.
  8. FMKK

    All Elite Wrestling

    The sell outs in some of those tougher markets depends on the success of the TV of course, but they could definitely sell out somewhere pretty big for the first TV at least because it's a historic show. And being able to show a 20k+ crowd on the television debut would go a long way to making them look big time enough for people in the lesser markets to perhaps give them a chance. I do agree that they should look to some smaller arenas and give us some different looks too. As long as they present something that's a less stale format than WWE television then I'll be relatively pleased.
  9. FMKK

    All Elite Wrestling

    Wild propaganda to claim that they sold out with impressive numbers when the facts show that they sold out with impressive numbers.
  10. FMKK

    All Elite Wrestling

    Dave was saying on WOR that they should have run a stadium. It'll be interesting, given the demand, where they run for their first TVs.
  11. FMKK

    All Elite Wrestling

    Tbf, I think it just makes WWE #2 promotion in Britain lol.
  12. FMKK

    NXT talk

    They've signed so many people that I'm almost worried that they've created a false economy of wrestlers. Like, are there actually too many guys now? Would they all still be able to make money if WWE cut back on the hoarding policy?
  13. In the long run, surely it looks good for WWE and Vince in their desire to be mainstream to have Rock, Cena and Batista in all the big action franchises. Being known as the place where the action movie stars of the future are all coming from isn't the worst way to draw some casual viewers. I know it's mainly about Vince's authoritarian control freak nature here rather than logic but still. How hilarious would it be btw if Vince decided to book all his top stars like shit to stop them getting too over but Reigns gets into movies already through his contacts with Rock? It's already begun.
  14. Nese was really just a warm body to put the belt on so they could move Buddy up to real TV, wasn't he? Not that Buddy has ever been seen since...
  15. Yeah, I think the singlet was better for him too. Let him have the pulling the straps down comeback bit if you wanna show off his abs. Dave was saying that the finish was unplanned and that there was a miscommunication that the ref called as a shoot. But I'm fine with it really because it's something different and gives them a reason to build something from it.