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  1. Hearing JR have to put over Daryl Jr's excursion was worth it's weight in gold... As for the topic at hand, what gets me in trouble is that I just let my subscription automatically renew and forget to cancel, even if I am not getting as much out of the subscription as I could due to real life getting in the way.
  2. cubbymark

    Wrestle Kingdom 12

    Kevin Kelly annoyed me at times, but I understood what was being said. As someone who speaks Spanish and watches a decent amount of lucha, even though I understand the commentary, it can be actively bad in CMLL and AAA at times. That's the other wrinkle when it comes to Japanese (sounds enthusiastic and "authentic" but if I knew what they were saying, I would hate it vs. Understanding everything and being annoyed because commentary can be badJericho with the carry job of the decade getting as good a match out of Omega as he did. The match had no business being as good as it was, but Jericho did all the heavy lifting in this one. He brought the intensity in the build-up, and he held his own athletically. The springboard dropkick counter was perfect. Kenny kept most of his bad habits to a minimum outside spraying his dick a la Joey Ryan. ***7/8 for me, match of the night. The rope break inconsistency to me hurts the match. One more thing, Kevin Kelly can go to hell for telling Omega critics to go to hell after that match, when from my perspective it was Jericho that dragged Kenny kicking and screaming to a really good match. Goto/Suzuki was really good. Suzuki is such a bad ass and has an aura almost no one else has. Goto held his own getting his ass whipped and was really sympathetic. The finish was neat and Suzuki coming back to shave his own head was cool. ***3/4. I feel like I am on an island, but I still do not get Kazuchika Okada. He actively made this match boring for me. His control segments were so Randy Orton inspired (or lack thereof) that this dragged. Naito tried to make me care, but that finish is so incomprehensible. If this finish were done for Roman Reigns going over someone, especially the hottest act in the world on Naito, the Internet would be imploding from the bitchfest about shoving Roman down our throats. But somehow Gedo gets a pass. That's bullshit. **, although I was tempted to give this a DUD for that finish. Second Worst match of the show. The worst match of this show without a doubt goes to the so-called Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Jay White. That match sucked. As someone who has found Tanahashi incredibly overrated over the years, this match has jusitified what I have felt about him for a long time. There was no reason for it to go as long as it did other than satiating Tanahashi ' s ego. There was no reason for Tanahashi to win if the plan is to make White a star. There was no reason to do both of those things outside of Tanahashi pulling a Hogan political job on White. Tanahashi was actively bad and did White no favors, making him look like a geek. DUD.
  3. cubbymark

    NXT Takeover: WarGames

    The kids and grandkids of that great crowd that were so great cheering for Mark Lewin's 1980 face turn. Granted, teenage me would have chanted ECW for hardcore spots when I was a teenager. During the ROH Chicago show with Kenny Omega, the ECW chants made me cringe. I did like Mauro's One Man Gang reference early in the show even though it did feel forced.
  4. cubbymark

    NXT Takeover: WarGames

    The fans were kind of ruining things with their stupid "Two... Sweet" bit every single fucking time there was a two count all night. First time seeing Velveteen, and he sure won me over. That match was amazing. Hero/Lars was every bit the hoss battle it needed to be. I'm so happy for Andrade, even if the match was a tad bit disappointing. Maybe Drew got hurt earlier in the match but fitted through until the finish where it became very noticeable.
  5. I can't stand Kazuchika Okada Rainmaker. Having seen it live at ROH'S Global Wars in Chicago, I can confirm it's just a shitty clothesline.
  6. cubbymark

    Current Lucha Talk

    I blame you for jinxing things. Or someone in the CMLL office is reading Rob Viper's tweets and doing the exact opposits.
  7. cubbymark

    Moves you really like

    Togi Makabe's King Kong knee drop. It even sounds awesome.
  8. cubbymark

    Current Lucha Talk

    Matt, that reminds me. A very subtle point that the commentators did make was that Casas wasn't quite able to get Hechicero in the Casita because they felt Casas got a cramp in his leg, and Casas shakes it enough that you could tell Hechicero's mat work had taken its toll on our hero.
  9. cubbymark

    Current Lucha Talk

    I'm going to echo the love for Casas/Hechicero. It's still amazing that Negro Casas can still put out these amazing performances in his mid-50s. His mat work was real good and he held his own with Hechicero, pulling off some neat holds and a gorgeous sharpshooter to win the second fall. He got some great elevation and impact with his silla to the floor in the 3rd fall. He took some pretty sick powerslams, and man alive, Casas has balls for taking that musclebuster towards the end of the match. Edit: Matt, what you could do is to bring your smartphone and take an extended "bathroom break" as the Clio with postmatch interviews runs 20 minutes.
  10. cubbymark

    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    As disappointed as I was that Casas finished as low as he did, I am tickled to death that Misterio beat out Kawada and Kobashi on this list.
  11. Will, any word on when you're going to re-record or post the GWE with El Boricua talking Puerto Rico? I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. cubbymark

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    This is true of my ballot, where Casas was my #1 and Bockwinkel was my #2, in no small part to Matt D's pitches and me binging on Bockwinkel footage when he passed away.
  13. cubbymark

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    I would have thought he'd be elbow dropping his jacket.
  14. cubbymark

    Predict the Top Ten

    And the generous guy who started it is giving the winner (if there is one) $10. The winner should get a comp set of their choice from the thread starter... Although I would suspect the topic starter would just give out Jerry Lawler comps to further prove his thesis that Lawler is the greatest ever. My predictions for the purpose of this contest, not how I want the Top Ten to shake out, since my #1 has already been revealed as finishing 22: 1. Flair 2. Hansen 3. Funk 4. Misawa 5. Daniel Bryan 6. Kobashi 7. Lawler 8. Liger 9. Mysterio 10. Kawada
  15. cubbymark

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    And he's better than Lance Storm.