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  1. Gutenberger

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    So, I'm not really into creating or downloading stuff that much. Is the game worth the money, anyway? Or is it too big a part of the game to get my money's worth without it?
  2. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    So, the new member fo LIJ has to be Enzo Amore, right?
  3. Gutenberger

    What are you watching?

    I finally subscribed to WxWnow today, and watched the first night of 16 Carat '06 today. Apart from Rocky Romero being in the opener, seeing Tommy End (Aleister Black) at 21 years old, being lean and not muscular and having no tattoos at all was a strange thing to behold. Apart from that, it took place in one of the clubs I used to visit almost weekly, was filmed with one cam that was a bit shaky from time to time, and it just seems... So rough and anarchic. Had a real good time watching it.
  4. Gutenberger

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    This is so f**ed up... I'm admittedely a huge HBK mark and always have been. I've been one of those guys sitting at hime and silently going along with the "One more match" chants. But not like this. You KNOW the match is gonna be all smoke and mirrors. That's not how I want Michaels to come back, especially if it's just one match. So many better routes. I'll probably find some way to watch it (not subscribing back to the Network for this) but I practically know already I'm gonna be disappointed. Screw WWE, it's like a genie where you get your wishes fullfilled but it always comes with the biggest of cruxes you can imagine.
  5. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    Great main event and even better post match! Really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. I could see an alliance between Tana, Okada and Yoshi-Hashi. That slip and subsequent gusher from Yoshi looked REALLY bad, though, even with what little there was to see of it.
  6. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    Yoshi-Hashi and Tanahashi is another thing that intrigues me, and I'm wondering if this could play into sunday's big match. The situaton in Chaos seems to be the main focus at the moment in general, at least from a storytelling perspective,
  7. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    I've been seeing Okada vs. Ibushi in the final pretty much from he beginning. But, the way it is now, I could actually see Tanahashi winning A Block. White winning against Evil and Okada losing against Tana would be the perfect jump start (kind of, they teased a bit already) to a Okada vs. White feud, which clearly is something they are playing with. On the other hand, if white loses, I'll have to go with Okada and his clear redemption story. Ibushi in B Block is a lock in my eyes. Omega winning his block just doesn't sit well with me for some reason, and with Nayto... I just don't think he'll win it 2 years in a row. But anyway, this G1 has been my real entry into NJPW and it's amazing from top to bottom. some of these matches are insane, with Omega vs. ishii being the latest example. Such a blast, although time consuming. I've been skipping the tag matches though, it's just not managable between work and family.
  8. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    Naito vs. Ishii and Omega vs. Goto were by far the best matches in the tournament so far. It was almost scary at times. And when Omega accidentally dropped the title after the match? My first thought was "Man, Vince would've had him lose the title asap and he'd be in shitty feuds for the next 6 months probably". Which, to be fair, isn't that far fetched...
  9. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    I hated Elgin in night 1. His arm got SO destroyed at the beginning, and by the end of it, all his selling was reduced to touching it a couple of time. This really took me otu of it for a while. Sadly, this is my biggest take away from the show. Other than liking Jay White, who I've seen two matches from (G1 Climax and this) and I like pretty much all about him, from looks to matches.
  10. Gutenberger

    NXT talk

    I think the ref warned him to not interfere again, or they'd be disqaulified when he ran in earlier. At least he held up a finger to him the last time he came in, which to me seems like "One more time, I'm warning you". And babyfaces rather lose their title honorably than get DQ'ed.
  11. Gutenberger

    NXT talk

    That tag match was absurdely great.
  12. Gutenberger

    G-1 Climax 2018

    Thanks for the advice. I'll keep it in mind as the tournament plays out,
  13. Gutenberger

    G-1 Climax 2018

    This will be my first G1. Could someone tell me how long the daily shows are? More like 2 or more like 3 hours in average? Any more things a newbie has to know?
  14. Gutenberger

    Current New Japan

    My first guess would be Okada vs. Ibushi in the finals, with ibushi winning. This could set up a really interesting story with the Lovers pitted against eacht other at WK. Assuming Kenny keepts the title 'til then, which I DO assume.
  15. Gutenberger

    WWE Money in the Bank

    I've said it some time ago. Braun should come out on Raw and demand Brock right then and there. Obviously that's not possible, so he should just go mental all the time until Brock decides to move his ass to a show. Fits Braun perfectly, makes Brock look even worse and uses MITB not in a screwy way, but rather as a means to get a chance.