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  1. Me too. My brother and I would love going to the supermarket to see the magazine rack. Now there are very few stores that even stock magazines.
  2. Damn! Nice work! Yeah, that didn't seem right to me. The search continues!
  3. You know, it certainly could be. It's funny because when I first glanced at this cover, I thought it was two modern guys with all those tats. But I think this could be it. Thanks, friend.
  4. bkord123

    [2002-03-17-WWF-Wrestlemania X8] The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

    I just rewatched this match yesterday and man is it awesome. The crowd noise when Hogan kicks out of a move and Hulks up is off the charts. I get goosebumps. If I was in charge, and I heard that crowd going into the match, I would have put Hogan over with the leg. My god they badly wanted that.
  5. Hi friends. In either 1981 or 1982 I remember seeing a magazine article that I think was also on the cover where a guy was quoted as saying "If you think I look bad you should see my opponent!" Memory being what it is, I could be off somewhat. Any ideas? Brian
  6. bkord123

    Someone will know this. A ? about David Crockett.

    Here's the crazy thing. Ron was born in 1945, which means he was FORTY in 1985. Doesn't seem right, does it? So when Vince got him in '90, he probably looked at his age and jobbed him out. I'm following along with the Bryan and Vinny shows from NWA in 1987 and Ronnie beat the living shit out of jobbers every week. He brutalized them.
  7. bkord123

    Someone will know this. A ? about David Crockett.

    Unfortunately I forgot to post the link!
  8. bkord123

    Someone will know this. A ? about David Crockett.

    That's the one! Thank you, kind sir. If you're so inclined, here's the video, circa May 1986. Many many thanks.
  9. bkord123

    Someone will know this. A ? about David Crockett.

    Good god you're fast! And thank you. But it had to be in the mid-80s since I lived in NJ and only started getting NWA in like 1984. Can we agree that David's freakouts were a thing of beauty? I just watched a match from 1987 where he was cheering like mad for a Ron Garvin squash screaming for him to put the guy "in the sugar." haha. But back to the question. It wasn't Piper-Brisco based on the timeline.
  10. Hi, folks. There was a match that I think was a title change where the heel hit the baby with a handful of quarters, and our beloved David Crockett was screaming "Tommy!!!!!!!!!!! He used quarters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I've googled the hell out of this and can't find it. Anyone know offhand? Thanks. Brian
  11. I rarely post on here but Chad's tribute to that cat who passed away was really nice. Thanks, Chad.
  12. I've been a fan since probably 1980, and looking back, I'm thinking I was at least half retarded. I was the world's biggest mark for everything. I was 9 in 1982 and didn't realize how bad the Backlund acting was when he was crying about the belt. I was actually shocked and hooked. I bought everything hook line and sinker. Holy shit I'm an asshole.
  13. This is great. Thanks, boys. Johnny pointing out McHugh's rolling of the Rs is money. That fucking McHugh constantly getting himself over.
  14. I might have misunderstood Parv's point because I initially thought he was saying it wasn't believable that Angle to hang with Benoit toe to toe. Again, I could be wrong here.
  15. Hey Parv, could you elaborate on your Kurt Angle comment near the end? You said something about not liking him going toe-to-toe with Benoit. Not sure I totally understood.