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  1. everything about this was funny and goldberg vs flair being announced was somehow very underwhelming, but that's probably because the interaction between flair and goldberg was goofy as hell
  2. it's cool that nash was nice enough to publicly book nitro
  3. so we're all in agreement, this segment was about 11-12 minutes but warrior stretched time and made it 40 minutes
  4. raul

    WWE TV 1/16 - 1/22

    great start and great end to raw.
  5. raul

    WWE Hall of Fame 2017

    holy shit kurt angle is getting inducted
  6. fuck. this match was really good before the piledriver, super depressing. it was awful to see austin just laying there and the lull before the broken roll-up.
  7. really liked the ending stretch. rest of the cage match was alright, foley was killing himself and chyna helped. foley unmasking was an awesome moment as was the dude love transformation. great payoff/satisfaction stuff.
  8. raul

    2017 Wrestling Resolutions

    1. finish this monday night wars watch 2. start smw 3. track/rate whatever i can 4. i got a njpwworld acct, so ill be looking forward to using that a bunch too 5. gonna try and consume as much pre-1996 wrestling as well
  9. raul

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    typo or not, six stars is probably the funniest dave moment for me
  10. god this match was fuckin rad. tons of heat and nwo bumping around for kevin greene was great.
  11. raul

    WWE TV 11/21 - 11/27

  12. raul

    WWE TV 11/21 - 11/27

    yeah that was fuckin bullshit. bubba ray can go fuck himself.