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  1. spookysaku

    Greatest Royal Rumble?

    At this point I hope they don't cart out Noam Dar...
  2. spookysaku

    Post-Mania WWE TV (04/09 - 04/15)

    I wonder if we're getting Sasha vs. Mandy after this..
  3. spookysaku

    Post-Mania WWE TV (04/09 - 04/15)

    There is a leaked script out there which is 2/2 on NXT call ups so far, and its not like No Way Jose was a safe bet.
  4. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    I would argue the Taker angle killed the crowd. I'm looking forward to rewatching Styles/Nak eventually. Even when I was tired it seemed to be a very good modern WWE match on the wrong show. Lots of crisp offense, good sense of struggle, but absent of something to push it over the edge.
  5. spookysaku

    [2018-04-08-WWE-Wrestlemania XXXIV] John Cena vs The Undertaker

    I thought this match was garbage but I love that this thread exists. I look forward to watching these matches individually with a bit of separation. I like the idea of Taker and Cena working a quick sprint but the execution was awful, the 'moment' anticlimactic, and it took a lot of the energy out of the building. After a hot start the show went downhill exactly at this point for me.
  6. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    Obviously this show was too long, but as someone who doesn't watch WWE regularly at all what really took me out of this was the lack of crowd heat. I get the WM-specific reasons for that, but I noticed it at the Royal Rumble too. What's going on with crowds getting exhausted after one match on WWE shows? I don't think a lot of companies have that problem.
  7. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    People say Paige sounds drunk but honestly she sounds like half the British girls I've met. Wait a minute...
  8. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    I fucking dig that hair gimmick
  9. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    How long have they been calling titles "hardware"? Hah.
  10. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    Kane sucks the heat out of everything
  11. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    I've only got time to watch the Kickoff live but looking forward to this show! Set looks pretty spectacular. Kickoff with the cruiserweights and battle royals is on youtube for those without the network.
  12. spookysaku

    Wrestlemania 34

    Alice Cooper is a guitarist for Shinsuke's WM entrance...
  13. spookysaku

    AJPW 2018 Champions Carnival

    https://www.ajpw.tv/ 900 yen per month, which is good value for April with Champions Carnival at least.
  14. spookysaku

    UFC is a Solid Heel Territory Right Now

    It's interesting to me that people think a fight between Khabib and Conor will break records, I have no doubt it might be true but I wonder how much money you can make out of repugnant people before the well runs dry. Conor is an egotistical manchild let loose and Khabib is an apologist for brutal dictators and criminals. More and more UFC is becoming a money pit for assholes with no moral compass. The entire 'culture' of the UFC is so toxic and soulless I struggle to find a compelling angle for almost any of the fights they advertise. It's less a heel territory and more that the company is the heel. Who is the babyface?
  15. I am happy RIZIN exists but all my attention re: MMA is on QUINTET on the 11th. I hope it's a success because tag team/survivor series grappling sounds awesome.