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  1. jiraffejustin

    Translating Puro/Joshi Promos

    I'll probably watch this later, but I just wanted to stop by and say how awesome it is that was even done. Kudos.
  2. I agree that I could be reaching and it will ultimately not lead to anything anyway. But I thought it could just be a reference to the Saudi match that got shit on by everyone. Probably just a knee jerk reaction from me anyway.
  3. I hope that's what he meant, but I don't think it's as obvious as you do.
  4. Ziggler taking a shot at Goldberg even though Goldberg's only match this year is better than anything Ziggler has been apart of in maybe forever is something.
  5. Surfboard pin attempt looked cool, but the match just drags on and on. And it makes Naomi and Natalya look dumb as hell to just allow Bliss to stay out of the match like that.
  6. Did the WWE spoil this with their youtube page? Maybe just awkward phrasing, but I thought I had missed something.
  7. jiraffejustin

    Extreme Rules 2019

    Has there been anything in the women's division worth a damn since Ronda left?
  8. As was stated many times before, this is a total smoke and mirrors show. But it's a really fun one that gave the crowd everything they wanted with this one and sent them home happy. Sure, Big Show looks dumb for waiting so long and then throwing out Austin to victory, but just about everything before that was played out pretty smartly. Austin's hubris couldn't let him just win, no, he has to break Vince's will. And Vince's hubris couldn't let his ass-kicking end, he apparently had to stall for PAUL WIGHT who was taking his sweet-ass time. That bump was really nasty, so kudos to Vince for taking it. I can't say that this is a great match, but it's a good popcorn match that pleased the fans that night. The crowd was hot for everything.
  9. jiraffejustin

    [2000-01-03-WWF-Raw] Jeff Hardy vs Al Snow (Cage)

    So, this match really sucked a lot. Terri is a terrible fit for the Hardy Boys and it also makes no sense to even have her involved inside the cage. Al Snow doesn't really come off as being scary enough for her to be terrified and she is awful at acting like she is terrified anyway. Then it screws with the psychology because how in the world is babyface Jeff supposed to just climb out and leave her behind in the cage with this "lunatic" Al Snow? Matt comes in after the match while the door is still chained, so why didn't he just do that during the actual match? And why did Terri wait for Jeff to leave the cage before she tried to climb out? This whole thing was dumb and crowd did not care about it at all. The only things in this match worth looking at was the weird cutter move from the top of the cage and the cool escape from Jeff with the flip over the top that I haven't seen before.
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  11. I like the structure of this match. It's not rocket science and it feels kind of rushed, but you probably don't want these guys going very long. Jeff going over early let Matt get the MVP of the match, because he looks great being thrown into the cage. Jeff was at his best when he was on the outside of the cage not being able to help his brother. E&C playing border control on Jeff was a good way to make this match stand-out. I think his Whisper in the Wind from the top really didn't look great, but the spots where he tried to climb the cage only to splat on the floor all did. That Whisper in the Wind was probably the worse thing in this match other than Michael Cole. With these two teams in a gimmick match on a PPV, you know they are also going to give you a handful of nutty bumps. I already mentioned Jeff's leap off the top, and while it didn't look good, it's certainly a nutty bump that pleased the crowd. Personally I prefer Matt getting superplexed, Christian's bump off the ladder from Lita's rana, and Edge taking the con-chair-to. The camera missed the set-up, but Christian flying into Matt while he was between the cage and the ropes looked really cool too. The cage setting made Edge look better than his usual shitty self too. A lot of the offense was centered around throwing Matt into the cage and the cage obstructed the view of Edge's shitty punches a little bit.
  12. jiraffejustin

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    That pinfall definitely broke kayfabe. Ronda shouldn't have a problem with that.
  13. jiraffejustin

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    Brock losing means he's definitely going to fight D.C. or Jon Jones, right?
  14. TV ratings are a terrible indicator of popularity in today's world. And I would think the audience for SNL is probably too "cool" to want to watch WWE to see those two dudes. I highly doubt they are pushing any kind of numbers.
  15. What was the point of the beat the clock challenge? Was there any reward for winning? The Riot Squad didn't have anything going for them before, but it's just burying them a little deeper. Ronda had a good line when she was at the top of the stage "you didn't win anything." Exactly my thoughts. Gimmicks like beat the clock make no sense when there are no stakes.