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  1. Mysterio was killing it in '97. His match with Guerrero at Halloween Havoc was the jewel in the crown.
  2. griff

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    I'm waiting out on the PC version. I've never been great at the Fire Pro games, but if it has the NJPW label on it then it will get my financial support! The almanac sounds like a nice idea for a freebie; you'll have to post your thoughts on it when it arrives. :-)
  3. ...and that should be a great mix of styles. I could see these two having an excellent match here.
  4. griff

    Is TNA the worst wrestling promotion in history?

    I totally agree. His character, for better or worse, was more rounded in TNA.
  5. griff

    Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig

    Great question, but I'd comfortably go with Hart. There's probably not much between them with in-ring ability, work rate or mic work, although Hart has had the more prolific matches. I think Hart just comes off as a bigger deal with that intangible 'star quality'. Also, Wrestlemania 13.
  6. griff

    What are you watching?

    Hello everyone (first post here). I've finally just finished watching the G1 Climax. I thought it was yet another great year for it, even if it was a little heavy on the Tongan interference!