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  1. urbanecowboy

    [1994-01-24-AJW] Aja Kong vs Yumiko Hotta

    Holy hell, this sucked to watch. Every second of this match I just wanted it to be over. These ladies really hate each other, professional wrestling is real and Aja Kong needs to go to jail for assault. I don’t think these two even knew there was a wrestling match going on until the last 5 minutes. A truly brutal spectacle. Aja was a sick, vile, malicious heel and Hotta was the fiery babyface that kept making these miraculous, but brief comebacks. There was a WWE Network exclusive match that happened in 2020 that claimed to “redefine violence”; a match that looks like kids stuff compared to this thing. The stiff kicks to the face, ugly head-butts, biting, blood-smeared all over the place, and horrendous high-angle drops on the neck. This was a horror film that I just wanted to be over and I hope I never see this again. Good goddamn.
  2. urbanecowboy

    AEW Dynamite - July 14, 2021

    I like when I watch a pro wrestling show and it feels like this.
  3. urbanecowboy

    Daniel Bryan

    I have found it curious that you were so high on that last match because It was on my lower end when I watched it. Still great, because I love watching those two work together. I look forward to revisiting the SD match at the end of the year.
  4. urbanecowboy

    Hulk Hogan

    Hogan’s AWA run and the fact that he’s Hulk Hogan make him a lock for my list. I really would like to watch more of his 84-86 period because that’s stuff I haven’t revisited since the tapes when I was a kid.
  5. urbanecowboy

    Daniel Bryan

    I would like to include Bryan being one of the most unaffected by the pandemic wrestlers WWE had. He had a pretty fantastic 2020. - Bryan v. Sami Zayn (Wrestlemania 36) Aside from the odd outside stuff and the fact This was booked like a Smackdown match this was pretty fantastic. Bryan welting Sami with chops and kicks. I’m unsure if it’s Bryan’s intensity or Sami’s channeling of Terry Funk that sells me so heavily on this match. He continued to have excellent empty arena matches with Cesaro, Sheamus, Gulak and AJ by not needing to feed off the crowd and having the ability to adapt. I think the weirdest thing WWE was making their talent do was playing to an empty arena as if there was a crowd there. Bryan still had to do his “yes” chants which was a little cringeworthy but you expect some cringe with WWE. After Bryan took the summer off he came back during the “Thunderdome” era which is still an empty arena but a tremendous visual and aural atrocity and distraction that just doesn’t work for me except for -Bryan v. Roman Reigns (Fastlane 3/21/2021) This was the best match of the last year and change for the company because Bryan was really able to use his natural charisma and the great chemistry he has with Roman to completely suck me in. I was somehow able to lose myself in the match even if it was in an environment I find nauseating. Bryan’s strength is his ability to adapt. Every situation he is in he makes the best of it and it comes across on television. Most of his peers couldn’t adapt the same way and that’s what shined an even bigger light on Bryan for me this last year and a half.
  6. urbanecowboy

    Brock Lesnar

    I am a strong Lesnar advocate and this is something I have definitely thought about, and I have pretty much decided to forgive it. Do I think that logically Brock should be expecting a low-blow and do more to prevent it? Yes. I think in most instances it has worked pretty well and Brock was reasonably distracted. Ideally, it won’t happen again but I don’t know how much it detracts for me. I need to go back and watch the Ambrose and Joe matches because I haven’t seen those since they were live but I think I feel the others are justified.
  7. urbanecowboy

    Masked Superstar/Demolition Ax

    He’s a guy I’d like to see more of, I’d tentatively put him in the bottom ten and just kinda hope he stays there because I really have a sentimental fondness for the man.
  8. urbanecowboy

    Brock Lesnar

    Brock’s highest highs (when he “gives a shit” as everyone likes to claim) are higher than any of his peers. Even his lesser matches feel important. A Brock Lesnar match is an event in itself and it took most of his peers many more years to reach that status and even then, I don’t think there’s anybody who’s matches Lesnar on that level. Add in the fact that he’s one of the few that truly understand how to sell at such a high level. I understand certain things about Brock rub folks the wrong way but this guy, is just such a special gift to pro-wrestling
  9. urbanecowboy

    Brock Lesnar

    If I only had his Pre-2012 return career to go off of I would not even really consider him for the list. I’m failing to understand your assertion that because Brock is booked strong (believably so) that he somehow only a sideshow act as opposed to a legitimate pro-wrestler.
  10. urbanecowboy

    Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

    Brock Lesnar gave McIntyre the perfect setup at Rumble 2020. Unfortunately the way things went down for Wrestlemania really didn’t do him any favors. That was the only time I ever cared about McIntyre, who I have nothing specifically against but I struggle to find him compelling especially when compared to somebody like Sheamus.
  11. urbanecowboy

    Brock Lesnar

    Brock is definitely a divisive figure. He’s interesting because many see his extremely limited output as a negative. To me it only Em chances who he is. I would be surprised if I’m not the high vote as it would be impossible for him not to be in my Top 10.
  12. urbanecowboy

    Brock Lesnar

    They’re not the same. Even so, the Bryan match was one that evoked real emotion and concern for Bryan’s safety. It’s a masterpiece that the AJ match could never hope to be.
  13. urbanecowboy

    AEW Double or Nothing 2021

    If I have a professional wrestling company, I want Mark Henry. A relic from the attitude era? Give me a break.
  14. urbanecowboy

    Current Top 10 Contenders GWE2026

    In no particular order my Top 8 - Bryan Danielson - Bull Nakano - Stan Hansen - Terry Funk -Bret Hart -Genichiro Tenryu -Jumbo Tsuruta - Ric Flair Lawler, Bockwinkel, Chigusa Nagayo, Shinobu Kandori and el Satanico are getting real consideration at the moment, though.
  15. There are few things that intrigue me less than a WWE triple threat match, let alone one at the main event of Wrestlemania, but I thought this story was told quite well beforehand even if they left out several elements that would seem naturally a fit for the narrative. I’m seeing people saying this doesn’t stack up with the other notable 3-ways and I find that interesting. In my opinion the meat of this match is better than WM30 but the whole of that match is above and beyond almost anything that happened in professional wrestling before or since. I also would have to put both matches quite ahead of WM20, a match that is overrated by some and I have no interest in going back and analyzing a match with 3 individuals who have done so much to ruin professional wrestling for me. This was a fantastically booked triple threat, that kept all elements of the story in line and most importantly kept me guessing. This match allowed the fans to feel like they’re getting worked a little. The finish was perfect spot, and in hindsight it seems Obvious that the face of the company would go over on two formerly retired veterans on the creative staff but I didn’t predict it. Beautiful visual with Roman pinning both guys. As with everything that Roman and Bryan do together this was nearly as perfect as something could be in these current WWE dark ages. ****1/4