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  1. ragemaster

    WWE Network... It's Here

    The scary thing for me was the talk about Eddie and him looking white in catering and having cardio problems in the ring. Lots of waring signs about his health, but the WWE did nothing and obviously no proper heath checks were being carried out. I can't believe for a second in any other sport a enlarged heart would be missed by a proper medical examination. I'm more surprised Vince even let this episode play on the network, will all the concussion talk. One of the best things I've seen in awhile, Austin may be the best interviewer, even if he did try to rain in Angle on some issues
  2. I would guess not all of those accusations against him were were true and those will be the one's he targets. Or those he knows there's no evidence against him. I'm in the UK, so don't understand the legal system in the USA. Surly if he's committed sexual crimes, he should be investigated by the police and if there's evidence to bring charges for the crimes his accused of? I'm not a fan of trial by twitter, as on the flip side you get cases like Trent Seven who did nothing wrong, but had his name dragged into the speaking out moment. By some crazy woman who basically tried to make herself into a hero by saying she had to sleep with him to stop him sleeping with some girls who were underage to drink. Which then turned out they were of age and were trying to get with Trent themselves. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying Joey innocent for one second, But I'm still of the believe that everyone should be held accountable by the courts and not social media. Unfortunately I am aware of the terrible jobs the legal system deal with rape cases in the UK and America. So I do understand that without the speak out moment these crimes would still be hidden and sexual predators would still be in the locker rooms. But I am at a loss why they not been investigated by the proper authorities, as you would think until Joey Ryan been found innocent he wouldn't be able to sue anyone, until his investigation is over. Or is no action being taken by the police, did they investigate and find no evidence on Joey Ryan?
  3. Grooming Behavior is to do when a child is involved, she's an adult. If they add in an element of him babysitting her when she was 12, I will agree with you. I don't at the moment see it comparable to any of the cases in the speaking out movement. People are just putting that spin onto it, because of the age difference. The cases of the talent reaching out was to underage children, should obviously be/been investigated by the police. But that is a different topic than this angle.
  4. Its an WWE Angle, just be thankful Aalyah not dating Dominik
  5. I don't see the big issue with the storyline on the age thing, both are adults. It's not illegal for then to date or have sex don't see what the issue is? From the UK and the age of consent is 16, but yes I would find it creepy and wrong for a 32 year old to date or sleep with a 16 year old. But I think if you can vote, join the army and drink, its hard to say to an 18 year old, your an adult but it's still wrong for you to date that person because of there age.
  6. ragemaster

    AJPW video quality

    Yes thank you for this, much appreciated
  7. ragemaster

    AJPW video quality

    I didn't think All japan owned the footage to the 90's stuff, Is this now on their streaming service?
  8. ragemaster

    Matches That Changed Wrestling

    Rey Mysterio vs Juventud Guerrera/Psicosis in ECW, was the next Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid.
  9. ragemaster

    AJPW video quality

    I suppose we spoilt with so much good stuff out there at the moment. I'm just surprised AJPW hasn't come to the market in upgraded quality yet. Shame the footage is owned by the TV station and not AJPW or it be on there streaming service. All ways wanted to see the Vader/Hansen match in full, to see where Vader said in a shoot interview Hansen hit him in the face with the cowbell at the start of the match. Plus when Hansen poked him in the eye which is what made the match famous in the first place.
  10. ragemaster

    AJPW video quality

    Cool I see if I can track them down
  11. ragemaster

    AJPW video quality

    After reading "My new year's revolution by Nintendo Logic", it got me in the mood to re watch some early All Japan. But the quality online varies greatly, is there somewhere which sells high quality video of All Japan matches. Hansen vs Kobashi July 29 1993 is a match I've always wanted to see in it's best quality, ever since I saw it back in the late 90's. Also does any know if the Tokyo Dome Vader vs Hansen exists uncut, as even on the NJPW network some of the beginning was edited out. Was it broadcast live at the time? Thanks for any info
  12. ragemaster

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Still have to watch the doc, but the noises Chavo may have heard was just the air/gases escaping the dead body. especially if he moved him to see if he was alive. Still going to mess with your head, as your not going to know the difference.
  13. ragemaster

    WrestleMania 36

    Just thinking, what about green screen around the ring with a crowd CGI'D onto it, with crowd noise playing to give the matches atmosphere. Or if any country's are still able to show it in bars like maybe Australia, show the fans reactions on the screens around the ring for atmosphere.
  14. ragemaster

    AJPW four pillars vs NJPW cornerstones

    Maybe this should have its thread, or moved to the Meltzer one.
  15. ragemaster

    AJPW four pillars vs NJPW cornerstones

    Meltzer entitled to make any comparison he wants on his radio show, or in his news letter. If you don't like what he says, don't listen or read it. I think from memory someone bought it up as a write in question to him. Meltzer has always analysed the wrestling in his newsletter and on his radio show's. At the end of the day both the letter and show would be rather short if he didn't do this. The whole point of his radio show is to talk about wrestling and give his opinion on it. Doesn't mean he's right or you have to agree with him. Who cares if his views aggravate people into arguments, that's on them for not being able to have a conversation like a sane adult. Everyone now gets so offended if you say anything that they don't personally agree with. If that's the way forward shut down the internet, because what other choice is there? I cant wait for the thread to start about him saying The Young Bucks vs Omega and Page is the best tag team match he's seen after re watching midnight express vs fantastic and Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi vs. Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue. For the record Misawa has the same stoic expression and charisma level as Okada does in his matches.