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  1. https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2021/05/07/question-62/#disqus_thread He's at it again when it comes to Dark Side of the Ring
  2. https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2016/01/07/david-mcclane/#disqus_thread This is all he said recently about McClane.
  3. He believes everything he's ever read and then repeats it as gospel. Probably not the best idea when writing about professonal wrestling
  4. Scott's blog generally has pretty good discussions . As others have said, it's more of a place for people to gather to talk wrestling or BS about life. Scott gets called out on his falsehoods and bad opinions all the time. Usually he just ignores it.
  5. There are also AEW fans who freak out too. It goes both ways
  6. Hello! Apologies for my recent forays into overly dark humor and crankiness, I’ve got stuff going on in my life and sometimes your judgement gets clouded until people point out that you’re being an asshole. Moreso than usual. Message received, and I will try to do better, faithful readers. He still hasn't edited it out
  7. He was sharing polticial e-mails all the time because he knows it leads to MAGAs coming to his blog and fighting to break out. He also enjoys starting AEW-WWE slapfights. His attempts at a Patreon didn't really take off
  8. Sasha is Latina because she loves Eddie Guerrero is as tone deaf as it gets. Too many of the discussions at his blog are clearly him trying to gin up hits. He must be hard up for cash
  9. Scott is getting criticized by his readers for this: Meanwhile, Paige is mysterious and she’s not here to be a Diva, she’s here to be a FIGHTER. Yeah, just ask Alberto Del Rio.
  10. Never seen him make that definitive claim.
  11. When did he ever claim this? https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2020/09/08/flairs-belt-in-the-wwf/ Hasn't Scott been saying the exact opposite for years?
  12. He reviewed the show again and gave it ****1/4
  13. tigerpride

    Comments and Current WWE threads

    This is where I disagree. I thought PWO had the perfect balance. It allowed megathreads but kept them in their folder, while still encouraging discussion. Many boards become hypocritical in this regard. Administrators speak out against megathreads, but it turns out to be megathreads they don't like, but other megathreads are just fine. The WWE Network thread is 136 pages. Should the megathreads about Ric Flair, JR (which has become a catch all JR thread instead of a how horrible he is thread), Meltzer and Keller be closed? That was the post-WM RAW which is traditionally the biggest RAW of the year. Of course it deserves its own thread, but when WWE goes back into its lulls, a catch-all thread to discuss WWE is more than appropriate. It's much more convenient to read one thread than wading through topic after topic, and that's what the site has turned into since you closed the thread. That I agree with. I like topics too but you can absolutely overload a main page with topics, and that seems to be what's happening here. I, and a lot of other posters apparently, like having a bullshit thread where they can post their random thoughts and move on for the day. Not everyone is you and likes creating topics and seeing new topics. Sometimes a one-off comment is all it takes. That seems to be the sentiment in this thread. I was one of those people. It felt like spamming at one point and it was annoying how each thread seemed to have its own parameters of what we could and couldn't discuss. I just want to talk Mania, I don't feel like going into five different threads to discuss it in. There should be a balance obviously and before the megathreads were struck down, I thought PWO was doing a perfect job of maintaining that balance. Now...not so much. I completely disagree with this. As a new member, I enjoy seeing big catch all threads, especially ones about Flair or JR or others. For a comments thread, I think you know what it is on the outset and can jump right in. Same with Current WWE. It says what you're supposed to discuss right on the title. And while it's your board and of course you do what you want, in an ideal world, moderators and administrators should be working to make the board better for its members. I DON'T LIKE THESE TWO THREADS AND I WILL CLOSE THEM I HAVE SPOKEN is not that. So you're closing one megathread to create another megathread. Disagree. It's a perfect one-off comment for a bullshit thoughts thread. Not everyone likes starting threads, which is why comments threads are a nice balance. All four of those topics you proposed are basically megathreads. Goofy questions thread...also megathread. So, no you didn't. What would've been the harm in starting a thread in feedback saying me and Loss are thinking of closing Comments and Current WWE thread and here's why and let posters discuss and debate it. The reaction to this been almost all negative, which shows that you aren't listening to what people prefer. No, it's what random thoughts threads like those comments threads are for. Creating too many topics leads to the same thing.