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[1996-03-12-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction


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Chef Pillman spits in a salad, Shane Douglas hangs out with some actress from One Life To Live at a carnival, Missy Hyatt acts skanky with Sandman ("Mommy loves the way you dish out pain"), JT Smith acts Italian while the backdrop falls on his head and Raven does another lousy promo

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Lance Wright joins us--the ECW Fan of the Week is...Gary Juster. He wins a meal cooked by Brian Pillman, who burns and spits in his food.


Shane Douglas flirts with a chick from One Life to Live. "WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN TAZ?" Missy and Sandman cut another BDSM-tinged promo. Damien Kane and the Headhunters growl at us. JT Smith is not clumsy--he's one smart Italiano. The Eliminators lament that Francine wasn't pregnant like Beulah when they eliminated her, because they could have "gotten two for one." Yikes. The Gangstas are coming to Atlanta. Raven sulks. The ECW backdrop falls on JT Smith's head, and he admits that while he may not be clumsy, he may be unlucky. Pillman "breaks character" to show what a nice guy he is, while stabbing himself with a fork.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-03-12-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction

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