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[1996-04-02-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction


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Some podiatrist is with the Blue Meanie talking about Raven's foot. Sounds thrilling, huh.


Also, Missy Hyatt continues to act as skanky as possible.


Phillip Anthony from 'The City' on ABC sends a message to the Bubba Ray Dudley.


I guess the JT Smith quote is the best part: "Hey Hack Myers, #1, you smell bad. #2, your mother dresses you funny. #3, your breath smells." -- JT Smith

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Tommy Dreamer and a Rangers goalie team up to punk out that abominable New York Islanders Gorton's Fisherman mascot--Dreamer just became NYC's favorite wrestler. Dr. Mark Allen, who I think would show up again, talks about Raven's foot, setting up an old-school orthopedic boot angle. Taz calls out Brian Pillman, something I have no recollection of. The Pitbulls speak and this time they've added threats to the Gangstas and Sandman/Scorpio to their weekly promo on the Eliminators. Sandman ogles Missy's tits...oh, nope, it was a beercan. Dr. Allen interacts with the Meanie in a funny scene. Some guy from ABC cuts a promo on the Headhunters for hurting DW Dudley. JT Smith sings "Fly Me to the Moon" again, with some altered lyrics. The Eliminators hit New Jack with Total Elimination while he's sandwiched between tables. Shane Douglas wants Raven's title.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-04-02-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction

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