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[1996-04-30-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction


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Taz shits on Devon Storm. Missy shits on Howard Stern. Tommy Dreamer bets Raven "has no..." cut to a shot of Kimona holding a cat. Dances With Dudley tearfully laments his wheelchair-boundness and D-Von channels Jules Wennfeld and debuts his first catchphrase. Blue Meanie charms Miss Patricia with his knowledge of Hamlet and armpit farts. New Jack threatens the Eliminators. Meanie wows Stevie by telling him he got to second base, presumably with Patricia. Stevie sulks. Bill Alfonso is NOT a used car salesman. New Jack gloats about vandalizing the Eliminators' locker room, and the poor cameraman is run over by guess-who. New Jack and Mustafa get jumped and get X's spraypainted on themselves.

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