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[1996-07-16-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction


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New Jack and Mustafa talk in their best old South voices about how Jimmy Cornette is an undercover racist who still owes them money, all while holding up nooses around their necks.


Mustafa: "He still owes me a hundred dollars!"


The Samoan Gangstas end up being them up during one of their segments.

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Alfonso rants more about massage parlors and ties it into Taz's training methods...er, somehow. The Taz/Sabu hype is now on.


New Jack affects an Amos 'n Andy-type voice while holding up a noose, as he mocks undercover racist Jim Cornette, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and monies still owed. "Pay da hoes!" This is such a monumental deal that even Mustafa speaks. Joey Styles hawks Heat Wave '96 on home video before he's interrupted by the Eliminators. The Eliminators cut their usual promo in hype of a Four-Way Dance. Stevie Richards talks of his own painful childhood...and adulthood. Brian Lee owes Raven his soul. Bluedust shows concern for Stevie's cut. Then he and Miss Patricia do stuff. Shane Douglas cuts the most concise promo of his life. The Gangstas call out the Bruise Brothers, Eliminators, and Samoan Gangsta Party, but their attention is drawn by a honking car. They gawk at the car like a deer in the headlights, allowing the Samoans to jump them. New Jack eats a brainbuster on the street pavement.

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Taz hasn't been displayed too much but Alfonso goes nuts over him. The Gangstas do entertain me on promos so overall this was another win for Pulp Fiction. Also, it is striking watching 1993 and 1996 how much Brian Lee changed his look and demeanor in three years.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-07-16-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction

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