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[1996-11-02-USWA-TV] Wolfie D and Brian Christopher


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USWA tag champs Wolfie D and Brian Christopher have been having problems and Wolfie brings Brian out to apologize and says he has something for him but needs to go in the back and get it. He comes back and knocks him out with a chair and calls him garbage. He then brings out a bag full of garbage, takes every piece of garbage out and starts slapping him around with it. This is great, but of course it's Memphis and sometimes there are too many turns. Wolfie does a great job with this turn and even has the studio crowd chanting "Wolfie sucks", but it's hard to see the guy who was going to get my retroactive Best Babyface award for the year turn heel. But I shouldn't sell this short because it's really great. The Dundees come out to join him. PG-13 is reunited and now Dundee is with them too. Lots of potential for fun there.

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Agree that as a standalone segment this was really fun and a great beatdown but in the greater confines of USWA in 1996, it feels cheap that Wolfie turned so quickly and that him and Bill are all of a sudden buddies after their legit near death feud on each other.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-11-02-USWA-TV] Wolfie D and Brian Christopher

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