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[1996-11-26-UWFi] Nobuhiko Takada & Naoki Sano vs Yoji Anjo & Gerard Gordeau


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I'm nearly done with my 7th '90s Yearbook, a monumental undertaking and the most fun I've had watching wrestling since the Monday Night Wars. I've watched and discussed more wrestling due to this tremendous project than I ever have since that time.


So I don't want to come off as bitchy when I say that I'm not sure I've been more baffled as to any match's inclusion on any Yearbook as I am with this one. Even other, shittier matches are worth watching for some reason or another. Is there some significance here that I missed? Gordeau sucked, the rest of the guys all work like they're trying not to break a nail, and the rules made no sense (Gordeau taps out at one point, the bell rings, but the ref just shoos him out of the ring and Anjo comes in). The ending is a total anticlimax, which is good for "realism" but UWFI has never concerned itself with realistic finishes. This promotion had a tremendous run, but let it die already.

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Agree with Pete. I threw this on at 4;45 AM after a bottle feeding and was clinging to life to stay awake. Grodeau was awful and the match seemed to revolve around him inviting Sano and Takada into his personal grappling station. Sano and Anjo had a near ***** match but none of that fire was shown here and yeah the finish of the kick right to the gut, blah. **

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-11-26-UWFi] Nobuhiko Takada & Naoki Sano vs Yoji Anjo & Gerard Gordeau

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