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[1992-10-24-USWA-TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett


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Doug looks like he took quite a beating, but still managed to get the winning fall. With him out of action and the sides still uneven, Lawler and Jeff need someone else on their side. Gee, I wonder who'll step up. I heard somewhere that Doug has a brother who wrestles on occasion.......... :D


JYD must have left the territory by now. When did he show up next and where?


What belt was Champion carrying? I know they were trying to get him over as the next great heel, but an interview like this wasn't the time for him to do his schtick. Unless they were planning on him attacking Lawler or Jeff (which they clearly weren't), he should have stayed behind the desk with the camera completely ignoring him and focusing on Lawler. His bored mannerisms were needlessly distracting.

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Todd Champion became Unified Champion in a phantom title chage "in Cleveland" over Butch Reed. Reed had just won the belt from Dog and split over money. This part of the year was always known for droughts in the Memphis territory due to school, holidays, other sports, etc. So, the dwindling houses didnt pay well enough for Butch to stick around.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-24-USWA-TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett

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