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[1992-10-24-USWA-TV] The Moondogs and Jerry Lawler and Eddie Gilbert


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This would be the second King Killer, I believe--the first was Jerry Lawler in disguise. Eddie Gilbert makes a surprise run-in alongside Lawler and Jarrett to run the Moondogs off after a squash. I think this is yet another return to the territory for Gilbert after walking out. Eddie & Doug seem like fresh opponents for the 'dogs, as it's been awhile since Lawler has been in the Unified title picture.

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Moondogs & Lee out for a brawl in the ring with a couple jobbers before Eddie Gilbert, Lawler & Jarrett are out to attack Moondogs and a masked man. Adding Gilbert to the mix certainly freshens it up a bit. Eddie Marlin says Gilbert will now be in 6 man tags with Lawler & Jarrett. Then a tag match w/ Lawler/Jarrett vs. Scorpion & someone. Moondogs attack right away, and Eddie is out for the save with a fire extinguisher.

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I like Eddie fighting the Dogs as much as anyone, but after Lawler and Jeff made Eric Embry jump through hoops to prove how trustworthy he was, they should have at least looked at Eddie a little sideways. Maybe they figured that not even Eddie would turn on them after they promised to help him avenge Doug's injury, but it wouldn't have been out of the realm of possibility for Eddie and Lee to be working together to get rid of Lawler and Jeff and for Doug's injury to be a ruse. I'll bet a lot of savvy fans were thinking along those lines at the time, which makes it even more of a surprise that they apparently went ahead with a Gilberts-Moondogs feud.


I'm guessing that Todd is now the Unified champion, because I can't think of another reason why he'd be trash talking Lawler at this point. I loved Lawler spraying the fire extinguisher in his direction; unfortunately, Todd had already taken off his suit.


I didn't mention this in the last thread, but Eddie's promo after making the first save for Lawler and Jeff was absolutely tremendous, just what you'd expect from an avenging brother. He didn't ignore his past with Lawler and Jeff, but he certainly seems to have put it behind him in order to enlist their help.


This has nothing to do with the segment we're discussing, but Eddie mentioned in a promo not too long ago that Sgt. Slaughter had come to Memphis to challenge him for the Unified title. Is this true? If it is, I wish a match or promo from Sarge would have made the set just to see how he was received in Memphis.

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