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[1992-12-19-SMW-TV] Interview: Stud Stable & Dutch Mantell


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Fuller questions Dutch as he said things were going to turn around, that they were going to get a title match and that he was going to see to it personally but nothing has happened and they are still in the same boat? Golden claims that they're afraid to give them a title shot as they know what will happen. Dutch says that there is some political manoeuvring, some back stabbing, some insider stuff going on! He doesn't quite understand it, but his investigation is continuing. Fuller then says that he doesn't care who they wrestle and that they should be the champions now, but as soon as they get that title shot that is exactly what they will be.


I'm enjoying this group a lot and while I haven't been sold on much of the in ring action of the Stud Stable, they have brought it every time in interview segments and this was no different.

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This was too short to really get into much, but if I was Fuller and Golden looking for who the insider was giving them trouble, I'd look no further than the fat twerp with the glasses and tennis racquet.


I like the idea of the Studs ignoring Bob and treating Dutch, their supposed good friend, like a hired hand. There's a ruthlessness about that which even Corny can't match. Dutch seems to be slightly concerned for his well-being as the Studs leave, which only adds to the mix, even if we already know that there won't be a turn.


It's interesting that Rock 'n' Roll haven't commented on any of this yet. Then again, why should they lift a finger? They're the champions, and their two top contenders are threatening to tear each other apart. They're just sitting back, watching how things play out, and waiting to see who survives, if anyone.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-12-19-SMW-TV] Interview: Stud Stable & Dutch Mantell

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