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[1995-01-13-NWC] Cactus Jack vs Sabu (Cage)


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Cactus fires off another awesome promo before this match, and within Disc 1 has showed up in three promotions. Impressive.


This is my first exposure to NWC. It's pretty well-produced for an indy.


The ring announcer takes forever running down all the weapons that are in each corner of the cage.


Cactus' entrance music is Snap's "The Power"! Pretty hilarious. The announcers also love to mention that Sabu is bleeding "profushely" ...


I think it's funny in a match like this when the fans are clearly expecting craziness and they spend the first few minutes of the match working traditionally. The weapons shots start about five minutes in and the heat picks way up at that point. This sort of thing was still novel at the time, so you can see why people liked this stuff. But really ... it's pretty bad. Cactus/Funk was still compelling garbage wrestling years later. But this doesn't hold up well.

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Sabu is just not cut out for cage matches--he's a guy who needs to be flying all over the place in and out of the ring and the cage restricts that too much. He also gets visibly frustrated a few times when things don't go right--an attempted triple jump moonsault with a plastic trash can (yeah, right) and an attempted Arabian Facebuster with too big of a table. Actually, the "too restricting" thing applies to Cactus as well. Not really that bad but nowhere close to the earlier matches between these two. And I agree with everything said about the announcing, Doc! Doc Doc Doc Doc Doc!

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